WNBC-TV: 29 Injured In Manhattan Neighborhood Dumpster Explosion; NYPD May Have Second Device Located



25 responses to “#MoveAlongNoIEDsToSeeHereAllIsWell

  1. Obama and Hillary want to bring in even more terrorists . . . I mean “refugees.”

    What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Fundamental Transformation Loading, This make take a few moments……

  3. It’s New York City. Who gives a fuck?

  4. Problem. Reaction.


    And the murkins fell for it again…

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    What a fucking farce, and the masses fall for it…….again.
    Had the same thought as you too Pete.

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  7. ALCON,

    Watching the lesser of MSM evils, FAUX News, one of their invited talking heads is saying how there are cameras “on almost every street corner in NYC.” “THAT’S A GOOD THING” he exclaims ! More infringment on your G-D given rights to travel freely.

    The people have accepted the invasion of .gov into every facet of their lives. And this clown and FAUX News are right there telling you how good it feels.

  8. thesouthwasrght

    Soooooo…..the “if it saves only one life” meme works for gun control initiatives but is not applicable nor germane to the topic of importing hordes of hostile savages. Got it.

  9. Thus far we are talking FF or ragheads with to much time on their hands.

    Um ya, when white guys make bombs this is what’s left:

    Ya’all jiggy statists gun grabbing commies may want to study history a bit. It won’t be your friend.

  10. ALCON,

    Bring MORE moslems in, courtesy of soetoro-obama.

    More NWO courtesy TPP and traitor John “AWB” Kasich and the people of Ohio.

    Verify your zero.

    Check your kit.

    Put a mag load downrange this weekend.

    Never give up your guns.

  11. Mennonites, no doubt

    Or Lithuanians

    Could never be Muzzscum, or their prison-pop converts from the race-which-may-never-be-held-accountable

    Solgoode … it’s not like we have a Muslim Marxist Halfrican polydrug using dicksmoker in the Executive, with an admin overrun with CAIR infiltraitors, or have a candidate for Preezy whose bodygrrrl is a Muzz plant

    Relax. Chill

    • Ohioguy,

      Chill ? Fuck you, chill.

      You have a treasonous, lying, fucking weasel by the name of John Richard Kasick sitting as your governor who in 1994 as a Republican Ohio congressman, voted for and supported Bill Clinton’s “Assault Weapons Ban” by giving the scoundrel Clinton his Republican vote to attack the Constitution he swore to defend. He voted to deny your right to Keep & Bear Arms.

      Now years later he promised to support the Republican nominee for POTUS while campaigning for the POTUS nomination. Well, John-boy’s establishment weasel didn’t get the ‘pub nod. So, he refuses to endorse the nominee. Can we say your boy Kasich is a fucking liar ?

      Now, this piece of garbage Kasich goes to the Oval Office to sit with the Usurper soetoro-obama to rub elbows with felllow globalists like Bloomberg and others. Why ? Because Kasich’s NWO mentality was requested by Barry to have Kasuck appear to show Republiscam support for this Trans Pacific Partnership trade scam. TPP, the final nail in the coffin of the once sovereign and now former United States of America. And your boy, the Marxist-in-disguise John Richard Kasich, supports the total destruction of what’s left of this nation. And YOU tell me to “chill” ? Go fuck yourself.

      Ohioguy, people like you are the people who have sold Liberty, Freedom and national Sovereignty down the crapper. It is loyalists such as yourself who will endure the wrath of the Deplorables.

      Fuck Kasich. Fuck the Kasich supporters. And fuck you !

  12. Centurion_Cornelius

    …’effing $5,000,000,000,000.00 spent and our freedoms shredded to “stamp out terror”, and we still have piss-ant pipe bombs?

    Lawdy, at these prices—we should have the guys who not only placed the devices, threaded the pipe, the execs at the seamless tube pipe factory, the explosive makers, and all those who sold the parts at retail locked up, tried, executed, and placed in unmarked graves by now, eh? Otherwise: WHY PAY THIS PREMIUM RETAIL PRICE IF WE’RE GETTIN’ SECOND-HAND, BLEMS, AND REJECT RESULTS?

    C’mon! I was born at night–BUT NOT LAST NIGHT!

  13. Tra,La,La. Everything is fine. Those human chunks splattered all over you are not a bad thing. No terrorist connection. You hive dwelling believers of establishment bullshit are being fed into the soylent grinder. Proceed in an orderly fashion to the grinder chutes. Fucking idiots.


    “We’ll take Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island too. It’s lovely going to, the zoo.” My apologies to the songwriter. Qui bono? I would think that these incidents will send more folks into The Donald’s orbit. Maybe Barry, the Hildabeest and all their ORCS, minions, and useful idiots have created a situation they cannot get out in front of and exploit. Unless, of course, the “second device” recovered in New Yawk has Cyrillic writing on the side with some missive such as: “greetings from Vlad.”
    We need to start thinking about the Gleiwitz radio station attack, Operation Gladio, and other false flags too numerous to document. Others posting comments at this site have correctly opined that the Jackass Party-Dead Elephant Party insiders and their useful idiots are getting very antsy over the unthinkable prospect of a Trump presidency. And, they have no problem with sacrificing innocent lives anywhere in the world(including Amerika) to hold on to power.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “We’ll take Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island too. ”

      Puerto Rican national anthem?

      I keed, I keed.

  15. Thank goodness the halfrican just last week extended the national emergency war powers of 2001.

  16. Please don’t anyone say it’s moslems. They might start bombing, shooting, stabbing and be-heading us.
    Don’t make ’em mad.

  17. There is a 5k race scheduled to take place in Doylestown,PA next Sunday(9/11 Heroes Run.) Doylestown is also the hometown of the namesake of the organization that puts on this race,and others like it around the country, the Travis Manion Foundation. I wonder what the odds are of an explosion happening there?

  18. My usual rant when these things occur and will continue to occur and will continue to get worse … get out of the cities, get away from the lines of drift, get close to family and friends. Build community and tribe. Train and then do some more training with your folk. Did I mention to get out of the cities? Now that I got that off my chest we are first off to the gym and then out to the range.

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  21. DO not let the NYC Bombing over shadow the US attack on Syria!
    ‘US is defending ISIS’: Russia convenes UNSC meeting after US coalition strike on Syrian army

    we see it and the world sees it.


    this story is disappearing fast…..many links from last night…gone…..

    this is a main event….not that over gown firework in NYC!