This Is Nihilism, Not Liberalism

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  1. We now see a ‘muslim-refugee curtain’ being erected where the old ‘iron curtain’ was once. Western Europe is pushing the old eastern bloc away, toward Putin. Putin doesn’t have to pull at all. Austria is about to go ‘Alt-right’ with their election next month. The insanity of drunken Junker and Merkel is astounding. They have blown the EU to bits in the space of a year and a half. Sweden, France, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, and Germany could be facing horrific civil wars in the next year if they don’t stop importing refugees. The citizens don’t want it and didn’t vote for it. Calais could be the starting point of the whole collapse. No matter how bad things get, Junker and Merkel continue to keep pouring gasoline on a raging fire. This ‘Tet 2’ collapse predicted by Bracken is just delayed by 6 months or so. There is no saving Western Europe from horrific violence in the next year. Trump may just be sworn in to see the world explode around him and there is nothing he can do about it except from keeping it from our shores. The financial fallout will slam us, though. I feel as if we are enjoying the last days of summer in August of 1939. Enjoy it while you can.

  2. Completely OT but something to watch. Colonial pipeline shut down very far down the line Fri, Alabama i think. Could be some shortages showing up in spurs as you move up the eastern seaboard. The problem will be logistical and storage oriented but its potentially a big psin in the ass for places along that line GA, sC, NC, MD VA. Theres prob couple 10days built into the system but you can assume rack prices will b reflecting it. by today/tomorrow. Current estimate is one week but initial damage problem estimated are usually heavy bs.

    • I remember when Katrina shut down the refineries in LA and TX, that pipeline had shortages and in my part of NC most stations were empty in a day or two. People lined up for hours at the few places that still had fuel. And that was in a relatively isolated event involving a single natural disaster. A broader artificial disaster will be much worse.

      This is why I maintain a minimum of 20 gallons in NATO fuel cans. At the very least that’s enough to completely fill a vehicle.

    • I’ve already seen stations out of gas in GA. Last night.

  3. A voice of sanity in the madness of the EU. Orban might be the savior of Europe, despite itself.

  4. Here in my home state there is a movement by some to import Syrians into an area that is already occupied with huge heroin addiction issues and has 20 percent living below the “federal poverty level”. It has nothing to do with charity or love of neighbor etc, our own people are suffering and we’re trying to bring in others to add to the problem? When someone pisses on your back and tells you it’s raining you should shove rusty rebar into their eye sockets.

  5. This is off-topic yet timely.
    Today is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.
    Here is a prayer

    Dear God of our Christian forefathers, the unseen yet all-powerful Creator of our Union and the Director of its destiny, who has revealed yourself through your sacred Scriptures as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in one essence:

    Before we would come before your holy face, we must sorrow over our numerous sins, confess their guilt, realize their damnableness, and cleanse ourselves from them with Jesus’ blood and righteousness before we ever could get a hearing with you.

    On this day our federal government commemorates the formation of and the signing of our national Constitution, and also recognizes the efforts and the responsibilities of its citizens.

    While we lift up our hearts today in rejoicing over the high gift of our national Constitution which you gave to our citizens at the birth of our Union; a form of government freer perhaps than any other society ever has known, remind us that as with all of your gifts, this one was not to be used shortsightedly, that is, for this life only, but to bring our neighbors and ourselves into that greater citizenship in heaven!

    Though numerous American Christians in the past dutifully did this, starting in the last century many citizens began to use their freedoms, along with your blessing of peace and prosperity, merely for their own worldly purposes. As a result they ignored willfully the consequence that any people who would reject your gospel pledge, will become immoral, and hence slaves of their own evil desires, producing governmental leaders with the same bent.

    Therefore, Constitution Day and Week should be canceled because, for all practical purposes, this document is dead: our federal government no longer has the will to abide by its provisions, unless it would be to their own advantage. Likewise some citizens only wish to retain the Bill of Rights so that they could pursue their “Me first!” attitude, not to use it to serve you or your church in the saving of souls for heaven.

    Thus we apologize for our national guilt in the destruction of your gift: a constitutional republic.

    Now that our land no longer is a Christian nation, you biblically have threatened to punish. Show our citizens that it is their biblical duty to pray for the peace of our land (Jeremiah 29:7); that is, they are to confess our national sins, to plead to you for their forgiveness, and thereby to act as a firewall between your destroying fury and this guilty, God-defiant land (Ezekiel 22:30)!

    Scatter those citizens who are quick to hate and to retaliate, preaching violence against fellow citizens and elected officials in order to solve our nationally moral problems!

    Admonish the hot heads in our society that if treacherous tyrants in our government would need to be toppled, you will strike them down yourself in your due time, after you have used them first to punish the lesser, “Me first!” tyrants that abound in our citizenry!

    Thus protect us in these precarious times, not merely from political enemies foreign and domestic, but especially from domestic, spiritual traitors to you who are obsessed with hatred, with retaliation, and with being “Me first”!

    Direct America’s heart to Christ so that willingly our citizens regard him as their Savior from damnation, humbly confess their sins, submit to the Holy Spirit’s biblical guidance for righteous behavior that only could bring peace and harmony to this land, while they wait for heaven. Amen!

    Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press

    * * *

    Lewis Cass, the Secretary of State under President Buchanan (1857-1860), once observed, “I believe the fate of a republican government is indissolubly bound up with the fate of the Christian religion; and that a people who reject its holy faith will find themselves the slaves of their own evil passions and of arbitrary power.”

    “Liberty has not existed outside of Christianity” (Lord Acton).

    “If we would preserve our liberty as a nation, we must educate our youth religiously” (George Washington).

    “Nobody knows how to teach morality effectually without religion. Exclude religion from education, and you have no foundation upon which to build moral character” (Charles Eliot of Harvard).

  6. ” We have to help each other. Nobody else will.”
    Yahuah will. His seal is treasure to seek. Rev.9:4, & 7:3
    For Yahuah has put it in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh and burn her with fire.
    His will shall be done. Can we find peace in these Truths?

  7. The world very much so seems once again to be asking and providing for kings.
    i resist this urge, this pull. i have my King.

  8. Music. The arts, the culture the “Theater.” We can see this. We can see how they use this. This is how the invasion occurs, and as much as i too like and enjoy certain music, we must keep our guard up.
    Danial warns repeatedly. This can be found several times through out the Bible, but Danial in particular gives much warning. Danial 3
    This warning, goes out too the churches and to the world.

  9. Jan III Sobieski, 2.0? from the “Other Sept. 11”, of 1683 at the Gates of Vienna?

  10. Orban – and the “Visagrad 4” – still trying to have it both ways: you can keep sucking on the (((Central Bank)))-EU debt-tit, or you can have a nation with borders. Not both. That’s how the Universalist Tikkun Olas rule: debt-bombing and money-creation. Naturally, the same holds true for America. Trump too (says) he wants borders, but he also clearly intends to to keep debt-financing the welfare-warfare state. Will. Not. Work.

    still waiting on Bracken’s “Tet 2”. Actually, so long as the (((Central Bankers))) continue to rule America and most of Europe, the Muslims and other ethnic invasives need do no such thing. They’ll just keep on coming.