WeaponsMan: The Listening/Security Halt



Read, print, and re-read.

Then practice.

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  1. Great post, thank you!

    Go hunt. Hunting will teach you to be quiet, conceal yourself and move quietly.

    Tenderloin bonus for those who do it right. Bow season starts in 2 weeks. Git some.

    • So going in Guns blazing and then sorting it out later is not the ideal approach….?

    • That’s if you don’t just sit in a tree from dawn till dusk.

      Hunting off yer hind legs teaches this stuff although tree stands do require stillness and patience… and bladder control!

  2. Eyes? Two. Ears? Two. Mouth? One. Use them according to ratio…..

  3. If only these SF/SEAL guys could face the truth about 9-11…
    Until then, just glean what you can from them.

  4. wealthy farmer

    I have often noticed while out hiking or skiing that american women have a complete inability to fucking stop talking! While most of the guys you see in the great outdoors are there precisely to seek relief from the yammer, two or more women will turn any excursion into a blithering nonstop gabfest. Women from other cultures don’t seem to do this-they retain enough survival instinct to zip it. Maybe it’s because here in the USA we have no memory of danger; we’ve never been invaded, occupied hunted or chased on our own territory, so like foolish Dodo birds we strut around defying the reality of this predatory world.

  5. Jump up and down. Check your kit. Make sure it doesn’t make noise when you move. Some patrols sounded like a herd of elephants coming through the bush. Some of our guys would stand close to a fire before patrol. They claimed it would confuse the terrs dogs. It makes you smell like the terrs.

  6. And if time permits; have “eyes and ears” on your Objective, Link-Up site, Cache, or Named Area of Interest no less than 24 hours in advance.

  7. Marlo Stanfield

    List of tent cities in the United States – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia When I was in Seattle I noticed that some of the homeless men were fake. The high dollar Gore-Tex boots, pants and jackets pretty much gave it away. That and getting out of nice SUVs. Thought crosses my mind why  not do the same? Set up fake camps as a early warning posts. Placed in the right location and manned by the right males would give one a serious leg up on early warning. Most people ignore the homeless, unless they do something that draws attention to themselves. I notice here in North Carolina that as the sun goes down in the larger cities, the males with the backpacks pop up out of no where. Some go to the local Starbucks who give them free food and coffee, plus the free internet. Where I live you can get three meals a day for free at various locations. Just thinking out loud.  

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  8. time permitting, every recon patrol should take a knee and spend 5″ of active listening for every 5″ in motion. It’s amazing the things you can hear this way. That proximate clink of metal-on-metal that you wouldn’t otherwise hear, or a distant-but-approaching helicopter that wouldn’t otherwise have been detected until too late.