Breaking: Dumpster Fire Reported In Chappaqua NY


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  2. Good one. Think I can get some shuteye now.
    Been rough, but as the verse goes, “Be of good cheer”

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”
    (No matter what we have left, more to seek, and shall find)

  3. Sheetz is a jobber (petroleum marketer non refiner), a large one.

    <—–imagine a world in which a valuable commodity like gasoline was controlled by the .gov so that you couldn't tell how valuable it was right up until it was gone. Worry not joe consumer, it was done "for your safety". You're either with us or your with the terrorists.

    All these wonderful "non price gouging" laws are doing something alright, they're preventing Joe Six Pack from understanding the well (tank farm) is running dry. It bought them a few days but once folks realize this is not gonna change (and SE Regionally it's not for a good while) they are gonna smell the coffee and things will get sporty fast. We are now day 10 of missing 1.3 million barrels per day of pipeline supply to Southeast markets.

    Northern FL, PA and NJ will begin to see traveler gas customers from other markets shortly. That's what happened after Sandy shut down NY Harbor, they all drove to CT to fill up. By then I already had an extra two tankfuls in my garage storage so when our stations ran out (the system is normally balanced but this wasn't a normal time) and the cops were managing the lines to prevent fistfights etc, I was GTG. Those markets are also going to tighten up because they are on the bubble and their racks will be doing overtime to keep up with the line of trucks. Heck the entire eastern seaboard will tighten up. As we speak an armada of gasoline is probably headed to FL and NY harbor, etc but the problem is not lack of product, it's lack of distribution capacity.

    Let me say again, this regional volume CAN NOT BE REPLACED due to logistical constraints built into the distribution system. If you are in this AO (GA,NC, SC, VA & WV) you should be hunkering down and hopefully save your gas for when you truly need it, things are about to get a bit weird down there.

    • There was a couple of movies about a world where gas was controlled until it was gone… was called The Road Warrior.

    • We are now day 10 of missing 1.3 million barrels per day of pipeline supply to Southeast markets.

      We are lucky enough to have Ashland Oil here in the Bluegrass, even though the refinery isn’t owned by Ashland anymore (Marathon owns it), everyone still calls it “Ashland Oil”… least we can make what we need. Better than nothing, I suppose…

      But, as a sidenote: How many of you all have extra fuel stashed?

      You DO have extra fuel, don’t you? As well as spare engine oil, gear lube, tubes of grease for your grease gun, etc?

      That stuff goes away, you’ll be hard pressed to find a substitute.

  4. The first part of the story is accurate, Asheville is running out of gas, the rest of it not so much. Tammy from AAA thinks it will all be fine. Gas buddy says look prices aren’t crazy (why “gouge” when your tanks empty?). The socialism is deep in this one. Market based pricing which formerly ran on supply/demand is now considered gouging and may induce “panic” so it’s not allowed.

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    It seems that nobody cares, however what if people from the LGBTQ+ community started lashing out in response to the violence and oppression we face with violence and possibly oppression?

    Once again CA ahead of the curve on this breaking development in the story.

  7. Hat tip to Mr. Bishop who shared this linky yesterday:

    Supply update is very cloudy with a good chance of sportiness but god bless them cause this has to suck bad.

    -Gas line is um still down but the bypass is being built

    -Distillate line has been re designated gas/distillate line

    -Product (gasoline) is sent up this line and then pushed back down stub lines to get gasoline to dry market locations

    Gotta say, it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye but that isn’t saying much.

    Secondary impact = distillates (think big trucks that carry JIT inventory to Wally World and other sheeple pens).

  8. I have a sense of foreboding here … Yes, the ‘reports’ of the fuel leak/situation has been put out but not a lot of traction by the major media. Now imagine if you will, the supplies on hand start to run thin and Friday gets here. Suddenly there is no gas to be had on most of the eastern seaboard. People from Virgina north, especially DC, and the major cities start screaming about “no gas” and “why weren’t we notified?” Those urban Yankees could care less about the Southern folk as they are just deplorable dirt people anyway, so cut off stocks going south and divert it all up to DC and north. Hysteria rises. Prices start going up as stocks go down. Everyone descends on the banks & ATMs to get more money for fuel (as credit cards are already maxed) which triggers a ‘bank holiday’ over the weekend. Consider; the bombings over the past weekend, Syria/Russia/et al, Shitlery losing ground with minority voters, polls tanking, Trump rising, and Barry saying he would take it as a personal insult to his ‘legacy’ if the minorities don’t vote for Shitlery.
    I have a really bad feeling about this…

    • FrozenPatriot

      …or they get the pipeline fixed overnight tonight and the spice is flowing by morning. Everyone tightens their belts for a dew days while the buffers refill and things are back to normal by deer opener.

      That’s what happened a couple years back when a propane pipeline blew. It was dipping well below zero overnight with single-digit highs. Prices went from $0.89 to $5.00 overnight. People turned their thermostats down, kept the fireplace going, and within a few weeks, prices were under two bucks again. Big bad news almost always feels like TEOTWAWKI eve, but it almost never is…

  9. Classic! I really enjoy the cartoons and political jokes on WRS, I spit my coffee up with this one.