Brushbeater: Pressure Bursts Pipes


NCScout shares his POV on very recent events.


Frisky, with at least a 50% chance of occasional spiciness by first snow accumulation.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Every event tied to terrorist acts adds to Trump’s election totals. Every event that is not defined as terrorism adds to Trump’s total as well. As a species we, when lacking information wander to the worst scenario as a survival instinct. The present bombing is driving the press nuts. Calling it a bombing would drive up viewership but they dare not without driving the populace into the Trump camp. Leftist policy vs profit, what to do? (My suggestion is that they all end up in a bread line.)

  3. I’m ready to call bullshit on this ‘accidental catastrophic breech’ of a pipeline in Alabama. Someone could ‘degrade’ the pipe system without blowing it up. Hack a computer, damage a valve; Terrorism isn’t just bombings and bullets.
    I was briefed on terrorism at my job recently. I was told the FBI is horrified and is getting no sleep. Between what is already here and what is being imported by Obama every month, the FBI simply cannot protect us. Having working transportation along with keeping at least two thirds of a tank of gas at all times is one of the top 2 or 3 things a Patriot should do. I keep blankets, several gallons of water and several cans of food in my rig at all times along with a hobo stove. This minute I can get in my rig and drive for a couple hundred miles and camp out for a few days without stopping anywhere. We keep underestimating the enemy. Very few smart terrorists can cause epic amounts of damage. Two dumbshit terrorists, the T brothers in Boston, caused tens of millions of dollars of damage and caused the 4th ammedment to the constitution to be set aside till they caught the kids. Know every back road outa town.

    • Simpler answer is deferred maintenance and age. First sections were laid way back in 1963-4.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Terrorism isn’t just bombings and bullets.”

      True, it’s not. But it is dependent upon generating headlines, and that pretty much requires flames and bodies. While taking out critical infrastructure might be strategically sound (in terms of hurting the target), it doesn’t really accomplish what terror groups need accomplished – it isn’t dramatic.

      • Failure to deliver what people are used to reduces legitimacy of the current ruling-class.
        Remember the good old days when X was UberCommander, and there was water in pipes, the lights stayed on, potholes were fixed, criminals got swift justice, women were safe walking alone at night, stores/bars were closed on Sunday?
        It’s not terrorism always, but a vulnerable or auto-crumbling infrastructure adds to the effect that terrorists can have or take credit/blame for.
        Cities run on high-pressure, high-voltage, concentrated BTU’s, frequently running together in the same right-of-way or conduit. A cross-section of a city like NYC would show 300+ years of cut&fill that few/wrong records older than the current “old guys” exist for. Even a low-rise 19th century city like Portland Oregon has sewer maps from the 1930’s that are hole locations with sketch-estimates between, unless a dig-up has happened since the 1990’s (but can anyone read a 5.5″ Kaypro floppy disk?). Mapping/inventory efforts are not popular like feral cat catch & release or the outdoor human equivalent.
        “terr-org” worth anything has a multi-pronged approach to making the current rulers look incompetent with “monkeywrenching” or “midnight maintenance” (which SHOULD look like neglect, “settling”, or defective manufacture/install), along with spectacular fire and booms against undefendable targets (in the City of London) that are given evacuation warnings just before (since masses of civilians are the prize, not the target). Failure to deliver what people are used to reduces legitimacy of the current ruling-class.

        Every time is different, but people are the same.

  4. Great advice, great article. Local, local and local.

  5. Yes indeedy! Things could get right sporty!

    You don’t have enough ammo.

    Semper Paratus

    • How much is enough, I’m betting I’m dam close.


      • MichiganderJim

        Pretty sure there’s no such thing as “enough” until after.

        I remember thinking it was big deal to have “a lifetime of ammo.” Now I realize that in a bad scenario, that’s exactly how much every guy has.

  6. NCScout is working on his firewood in mid-September? I (and any survival/preppers) hope not. Otherwise it would be like driving around on an empty gas tank.

    • What do you mean you hope not?

      It was cut last summer and fall. It needed to be hauled from one farm to another and the weekend was the first chance we’ve had to do it.

      Glad you’re so concerned.

  7. A 55 gallon drum of diesel is about $350 delivered. Or it was last time I checked. You’ll need a hand pump rated for petroleum distillates, but those are cheap enough and can be had anywhere there’s an auto parts store.

    Don’t forget a suitable wrench and anti-fungal if it’s for long-term storage. If you treat it and don’t mess with it (unless you have to) expect about 15 years of viability.

    Gasoline does not keep well. Maybe 18 months with treatment and proper storage. Higher you go on the fractional distillate scale, the less time the fuel is viable.

    If you have the time and inclination, you can go around both – get an old carburetted truck and either build and install a gassifier (it’s not difficult. It’s tech older than most of us. The Germans actually built factory vehicles with gassifiers already installed during WWII due to fuel shortages)… plans and procedure are easily found online, but I’ll start your footwork for you:

    Obviously, trucks will be at an advantage when it comes to this kind of conversion…

    …OR you can convert the whole thing to burning ethanol. Again, not difficult – they already build dragsters running on ethanol – but you’ll get a lot of water due to combustion, which means you have to replace a good number of parts to keep them from rotting out or corroding. Probably need to add an ignition improver, like glycol, but not much.

    Ethanol combustion: C2H5OH + 3O2 → 2CO2 + 3H2O + heat

    Parts that will need to be replaced with suitably corrosion/rot resistance: fuel tanks, fuel tank electrical wiring, fuel pumps, fuel filters, fuel lines, filler tubes, fuel level sensors, fuel injectors, seals, fuel rails, fuel pressure regulators, valve seats and inlet valves, exhaust headers, exhaust pipes… if you have a carburetted vehicle, you can delete “fuel injectors” and substitute all new seals for that, proper jets, etc…

    The good news is that ethanol has an octane rating north of 100… like, 110 or something like that. Bad news is that it’s a waste of damn fine sippin’ whiskey…

    In case y’all are wondering how I know all this, it’s because I already went down this road (hah!) and am slowly buying the replacement parts for full ethanol conversion and stockpiling them…

    You can always source another vehicle for the conversion. There’s another truck same as mine in a guy’s field a few miles from here – I haven’t seen it move since I first noticed it 6 years ago. It has the 460 while mine has the 390 (I asked). It’s a rust-bucket. A sh!tbox. But then, so what? Same year, same model, same everything except displacement, and it’s in one piece… so long as the important stuff is good to hook, who cares what the body looks like? Might be time for a project vehicle.

    Good luck, y’all…