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  1. In 1787, for the first time in history, a form of government was scribbled on foolscap by atheists.

    And here we are.


    • Wrong! The founders, with rare exception, were devoutly Christian and that shows loud and clear through a myriad of examples in US history.
      To say the founders were atheists is insulting to God and frankly, shows your own ignorance.

    • Previous to this first time event, governance was worked out by the biggest low-life around killing everyone he had to in order to get everyone to give up and proclaim him king. And passing it on to his inbred younguns.
      I’ll take 1787 for $500 Alex.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Pirates had been doing it with regularity before 1787.

    • MichiganderJim

      It may have been scribbled on on foolscap, but you can be damn sure it wasn’t done by atheists. If it had been, we’d be nowhere near here now. It takes faith for a society (so to speak) to become this mad…faith in crazy stuff. What are liberalism and progressivism if not “crazy stuff”?

      Yet everyone still thinks that just the right faith will get the whole thing done. I mean that’s the theory across the spectrum—from the wildest ISIS fuckwit, to the straightest and most distinguished American.

      And people wonder why it never works over the long haul. Anyway, it should be obvious that atheists could have never brought us here.

      “The Apotheosis of Washington depicts George Washington sitting amongst the heavens in an exalted manner, or in literal terms, ascending and becoming a god (apotheosis). “

  2. And at the secret proceedings of the convention that year, the whole enchilada was betrayed anyway. Easy come, easy go. Then we got Shays’s Rebellion and the Whiskey Rebellion, both put down almost immediately by Federal troops.

  3. Benji should have been shown 156 years ago, pictures of Lincoln and Douglas instead.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Amen. It seems more people are awakening to that reality everyday.

      The true experiment powered largely by Jeffersonian Democracy died at Appomattox.

  4. It’s been lost there for a while there mr. Franklin.

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  6. The “Constitution” was a dead corpse before the ink was dry. Just most of us never saw it. It is the nature of administrative tyranny. It grows steadily and insidiously, till it eats out the deplorable’s existence. It was a good run while it lasted. There are many lessons to learn, good and bad, from the unmitigated disaster that attempt at administrative dictatorship has become.
    I think Jefferson and Henry where always right about agrarian culture and legacy. But like all things you got to take the good with the bad, do your intelligence estimate, and move on. And in some ways the great awakening underway is pretty much that in a nut shell.
    The question remains, where do we, as dirt people, Deplorable’s, go from here. Time is short, so the luxury and options of time leave few choices. And that is what the hard thing will be, choice, what hard choices you can see past, and how you choose to conduct your activities. There will be no other choices like in the past, it is do or die time, and killing time too, you can sense it on the wind.
    This nation state we live under now, it’s regime of tyranny, is going to thrash and flay itself to death, it’s actors are going to be very dangerous as desperado’s on the run. Expediency is coming to rule it’s imperatives, desperation as survival. The money is all gone, the blue sky fiat has come to it’s end, they have squandered the seed corn. In amongst this diabolical leviathan there runs an undercurrent of ultimate entitlement class of actors and another of ideologues with an agenda of destruction upon which it feeds it’s greed and avarice, a truly nasty contradictions in terms, with a special interest faction that is calling in it’s markers. Such a monstrosity can live on for quite sometime even if it’s heart stops pumping the blood of fiat and cultural marxism, it’s enertia of a sort.
    But right now it is extremely vulnerable. It is like a water empire, it has grown accustomed to having Carte Blanc, it is a dried up barren vagina, it knows no other power that is existential to it but one. It is it’s opposite, where this tyranny has blossomed from the top down inside out, it’s demise is coming from the bottom up outside in, and like a water empire, it is vulnerable and entirely incapable of stopping such an existential threat.
    That outside in bottom up threat is the Deplorable’s, the dirt people. It is a power that is impossible to stop. It will be hard at first as this thing takes time gain momentum, and as all empires have a death grip on the levers of power, once that grasp is loosened, they collapse very quickly, as there is nothing else for the state actors power to fall back on. Sure it can employ brutal crackdowns employing force and violence, but in a nation this large, with the phenomenal quantity of guns and ammo in the hands on the Deplorable’s, and the natural support for that plurality that is growing on a logarithmic scale among dirt people, we are talking an Army equipped with small infantry combat arms the envy of any state military worth it’s salt as a fighting force. The ramifications of the potential scale and scope of guerrilla and 4th Generation warfare here is unequaled in any history of the human race. It simply has no equal. And if you give it a good common sense think, both sides aren’t arming themselves to the teeth to not end up using them against each other. These things don’t work any other way. There is gonna be a fight if those running things don’t cut the crap.

    But what to do after? That is the question. It is a great one, worthy of every consideration possible.
    Me, I think the answer is there is no answer. I’m not being glib or fatalistic, I’m thinking I’m being a realist here. Because of a few things. Nobody has ever been in this situation before. It’s not like the founding of this republic, they started what we must finish, or perish. This time belongs to us, this is a legacy thing, not the birth of liberty, but the next logical stage in freedom and liberty from those beginnings. This foul state facing us is unlike any before it. It is a monster, if not in girth, in it’s nature, it scale of corruption, the scope of it’s tentacles, it reaches into every facet of the sphere of our activity, it is insidious as insidious can be.
    And thats just it. We are Americans first thing. For all our foibles, we are an independent people at our core. There are millions and millions of us who know our own business. We know how to fend for ourselves, help thy neighbor, be self sufficient, self determining, WE DO NOT NEED a state sticking it’s bloody nose in our lives thank you very little. In fact, fuck you very little. Look, to a man, you all know who you are, we know what needs be done in conducting our lives and our tribes and villages. The problem is not what is next, the problem next is this state needs to be done with, utterly completely, so we can determine what we want, not what somebody tries to shove up our ass. And that right there is the whole kitten-caboodle.
    For those afraid, who say we need a little state power, to go without some authority to protect them or hold their hand is madness, well motherfuckers, you got what you wished for, and it really really sucks ass. Let me ask you, is a little bit of slavery OK? Is robbing somebody of only half their money at gun point OK?
    Nope, the answer is it All Begins With Each of Us. There is no other “after”, or we all end up in the same pickle we got ourselves into to begin with because it doesn’t all begin with each of us.
    Call it what you want: Secession, Abolition of Government, Anarchy, (the good kind), but it is all liberty, true liberty lived. It is not only possible, it is out there for the taking, it already exists, the crazy idea somehow living without the leviathan breathing down our throats is possible, is happening, by onesies and twosies, families, individuals, who reject the status quo, they join the honorable resistance, grow their own food, learn a practical and useful trade, makes things, live off grid, they carry weapons to defend themselves family and property, they find and have faith, and what is really surprising, they have melted away or disappeared in a puff of smoke because they reject and defy the powers that be. No they don’t, they thrive and live contented satisfying lives, full of accomplishments, all on their own and or in concert and constitution with others who think, and act, in similar fashion. Imagine that, people just get along and co-operate without a higher authority but God. Wow! Holy Shit!

    • Very well said, Sir! Any future confederation will be an amalgamation of and compromise with other small, local villages. Too many groups and too much compromise however, will land the future in the same predicament that WE are in now. Perhaps the ‘boundaries’ of a future state would be the distance a person could walk in one day, starting from the center off the ‘area’ which has a specific town in the center of the terrain. So, any one sate will only be a 2-day walk in area.

      • Well thanks. We are all in this together. Gonna take a lot of hard work and choices where there are no easy answers. Some places and people will never find shelter from this storm. It will be rough and ugly in the beginning. But like a glacier, liberty is coming, nothing can stop it. It will ebb and flow, fail and sprout again.
        Good thing is it begins with each of us. Kith and Kin. That is where tremendous power of self determination and consent lies. Consent is the most powerful weapon ever devised.
        If anything, small nation states, very small in structure and mandate. Narrowly and explicitly define. It has to be legacy based on Family and tribe.

        There is movement towards this. It is doable. It was done and the actualities of small confederations was working. Everyone involved got suckered into signing and ratifying that instrument of administrative oligarchy, much to our present misfortune. But pre constitution it bared fruit. The South, it’s federation of states and culture, and it’s secessions legitimate proof abolition of the state and its slavery works.

        I’m a believer in Liberty is evolutionary in nature. That it has much to be discovered, much to be learnt. We are only at the beginnings of Liberty. That while revolution may be required, it is not possible without an evolution in thinking, of winning hearts and minds, and hearts and minds winning, triumphing over tyranny in all its forms. That evolution has a power all it’s own, unique in all human activity. Once liberty was born, it can never be extinguished, that it is diametrically empowered on a logarithmic scale by the degree of repression and tyranny thrown against it’s flourishing. It is the nature of such freedom.
        Inherent manifest power all outside it’s diminutive seeming size. Self determination of the individual has a tendency to wreck the best laid plans of tyrants, consistently. It is insurgency at it’s best, open source resistance and defience. Resistance is never futile in this.

  7. A house built upon sand…. as SFC Barry said, here we are.

    • Specialist Filth Classless Barry has sand in his head top to bottom, front to back, and side to side.

  8. One of ’em’s gonna be POTUS.
    Do the best you can.
    Not like we have had any decent choices since… ?
    Still better than a king but maybe not by much.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Well, Frank the Cripple aside, at least their reigns are fairly limited.

    • You gotta think bigger Brother. POTUS is small potatoes next to the individual and his self determination. Understand the crux of that you grok the the red meat of liberty. It is how you join the honorable resistance.

  9. Do not fly the flag of the betrayers.
    Fly your state flag as your state is your AO, it is your home, it is your country. Fly it at your home, at your business and put it on your vehicles. If you don’t like the state you live in either move or fly the flag of where you want to live.

    Pick your local warlord carefully. But chose you must. There will be a fight whether you believe in it or not. There is no united we stand any longer. The lines have been drawn. The seeds of our destruction have been sown.
    Hide if you can, but at some point you must defend all in which you believe in. May God have mercy. The Republic is dead, long live the Republic.

    • MichiganderJim

      “Pick your local warlord carefully. But chose you must. There will be a fight whether you believe in it or not.”

      Wow. I sure agree with that last, and even most of the comment…but none of that necessitates choosing a warlord.

      • warlord … leader … teams will form. groups and gangs what have you. Someone will lead. The establishment and media will refer to them in many ways. Once some turf is carved out they will continue to diminish liberty leadership by all the bad names. racists, militias, gangsters, warlord what have you.