If Anything At All, It’s Certainly Just A Minor Incident Of No Consequence That Was Like, Totally Unintentional And, You Know, Maybe ‘Our Bad’, You Know

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Reuters: Russia, U.S. tensions spill over at U.N. Security Council meeting Saturday night after apparent ‘mistaken’ US airstrike on Syrian Army forces

CENTCOM Press Release: Coalition halts airstrike in progress against possible Syrian military position



37 responses to “If Anything At All, It’s Certainly Just A Minor Incident Of No Consequence That Was Like, Totally Unintentional And, You Know, Maybe ‘Our Bad’, You Know

  1. It was done on fucking purpose in support of an IS attack on SAA. There are only two possibilities about this. Stupid or malice. USAF targeting is not stupid. Anybody who believes, “Oops,” is an imbecile.

    Why is the US so furious about the Syrians, Russians, Iranians, and Hezbollah butchering the US mercenary armies AQ and IS and myriad “moderates?” Because the Jewcons are furious about it.

    It is now time for Russia to start shooting down any and all “US Coalition” aircraft in Syrian airspace.


    • Barry,

      “It is now time for Russia to start shooting

      I find myself in agreement with you more and more.

    • We just need to leave!! They will take care of each other nicely without us.

    • Ya im thinking the docs without borders a while back is in same column.
      Mistakes happen but its increasingly likely that these are bear pokes. When a bear decides to charge you have seconds. Here we are….,

    • SFC, seems you brought this up a day or two ago not long after it happened. Yes the Taliban, AQ and ISIS all creations of your favorite folk in DC. I remember when ISIS was being developed in Iraq. They changed the name by a word to have deniability. What a tangled web of bullshit. When I asked my CO in Afghanistan why the green on blue attack numbers were being advertised in the US as 1/3 to 1/2 of actual events and causalities, he replied that it was so the American people would not realize how bad the Muslims were. Our potentates, oligarchs and traitors (politicians) and those who hold their chains continue to work their poisonous evil.

    • anotherusualsuspect

      I do not understand your comment about mercenary armies in the political context. Perhaps you might suggest solid references for further study.

  2. Yet another provocation by obama. What is most surprising is the lack of response, militarily that is?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      If it’s a provocation by Obama, the best Russian response is ride it out and work at taking down Hillary. Putin’s no fool – risking a war that could seriously damage the Rodina for Syria is a stupid move. Trump does not appear to harbor much intent for stepping on Russian toes, so why not just wait and help him.

  3. Yup, Samantha cuts a real intimidating figure there…

  4. This was no mistake. It is just one more of a series of escalating provocations of Russia. Obama/Hillary want a war with Russia and they are pushing hard to get it. NATO, Ukraine, Syria, all the relentless blaming Russia for everything – if you stick your finger in the eye of the bear enough, he is going to react. Heaven help us all when that happens.

    • Exactly. A “limited” NWO War is essential for the Bankster Elites to cover their Economic Defaults, imo. The Potus of the USSA is “scripted” to surrender quickly to limit world wide damage, and usher in UN-NWO sanctions on the USSA, thus ensuring Economic Equality by redistributing the “excess” wealth of the USSA worldwide. Immigration invasions will now be mandated for the USSA by the UN. The DC Elitists will of course be favorable, and any semblance of a Constitution will be abandoned.


      Word. We will be in a shoot-out with the Russians soon. TPTB will probably provoke something even BEFORE the election to show that The Donald is not capable of: “making a deal with Putin”. Russia is standing firm against these Islamic rat bastards both in Syria, and on the immigration thing. This causes the Hungarians, Poles, and other Eastern Bloc countries to slowly gravitate into the orbit of the Bear.
      Make no mistake. The Zionist-Globalist-Bankster-Illuminati-Wall Street cabal need to take out Putin just like they took our Saddam and Ghadaffi.
      Russia and its material wealth are a stumbling block to One World Government.

      • Hard to believe we’ve come to this. Both you and GenEarly make plausible scenarios in our upside down world. Scary that I find Putin more honorable than current POTUS and his designated replacement.

  5. Syria and the East Coast. Timing is just a coincidence.

  6. War = Obama for 4 More and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

  7. thesouthwasrght

    And people are still more concerned with da Foosball and neckcar as the nation hurtles towards an unwinnable WW3, a needless and completely provoked WW3 btw.

    After Brexit the globalists have pushed agitprop into ludicrous speed. And still the children of the white middle class will answer that patriotic call that is in reality little more than a siren’s song on the road to perdition. Oh, and let’s up the flood of muslim filth here stateside to really help things along.

  8. Order out of chaos?
    One world order out of chaos.
    There, I fixed it.

  9. ALCON,

    Myself, I have no problem with Putin and Russia. Instead of fUSA’s concern and emphasis on the Middle East why aren’t TPTB securing the borders ?

    Russia is not taking your few remaining Freedoms. Russia is not signing over Internet control to the U.N. Russia is not sending Amerikan jobs to the Chinks, the Gooks, the Slopes and others. Russia is not telling me/you/us that we do not have the right to Keep & Bear Arms. Russia is not spending our tax dollars on incessant wars.

    Fuck D.C. and soetoro-obama.

    Go Vlad

    Go Mr. T.

    Never give up your guns.

    • Cui bono. Possibly Vlad and Mr. T.

      Doesn’t matter who really ends up in office here. Might be a world war or more domestic repression. Either way the globalists still come out ahead.

  10. I’m guessing that the pizza and vodka from last week’s peace party were just a big waste of money.

  11. What happened to “KNOW YOUR TARGET?” If you study history you will find two sides. History as it is written ( the government side ) and what actually happened. Americans have been lied to since before the revolt against the British. When you discover the truth you will find Zionist bankers. They want war and need war to grab more control from us. They finance both sides so they cannot lose.

  12. It’s not Obozo or Hillarity pushing this – it’s the Rothschilds. Putin was finally able to kick them out, after paying all the debts, and banned them from ever coming back.

  13. basically, Isramerica has all along been fighting ISIS-in-Iraq (because it threatens the Baghdad petrodollar regime), while supporting ISIS-in-Syria: because it and the other Sunni terrorist groups operating there are attempting to break the Shi’a Crescent which threatens Israel. It’s fortunate that the ‘Kwa’s flyboys killed no Russians at Dayr al Zawr…if these Zio-globalist provocations and atrocities continue, as they likely will, Putin will eventually react with calculated violence, though possibly somewhere else on the map; maybe a seizure of the eastern Ukraine. Or just shoot down the ‘Murkan planes, in which case matters will escalate rapidly.

  14. wealthy farmer

    Eastern Syria/Western Iraq was decreed by the almighty CFR about 10 years ago to be the heartland of a proposed ‘SALAFIST PRINCIPALITY’, which would be a permanent terrorist/islamic extremist state, sitting like a tumor on the underside of the Russian Federation, from which the globalists would launch all sorts of mayhem and extreme violence, and through which would transit a natural gas pipeline, bringing Quatari gas to Europe, thereby diminishing Russia’s energy leverage over Washington’s ever-grateful european vassals.
    You need to understand how the neocons have infiltrated the brain of the giant american battle robot, like a pale creepy parasitic little worm, to the extent that certain service chiefs will openly defy administrative elements like the US STATE DEPARTMENT. EVERYTHING about IS REEKS of american complicity! It is really fucking disgusting.

    The good news is that IS is really on the ropes. Who knows how many billions have been spent nurturing this monster. Post Trump election we REALLY need a top-to-bottom PURGE of our government AND military…

  15. And they ( establishment Democrats and Republicans) say Trump is dangerous to suggest having a good relationship with Putin and Russia. Just before Obama was set to take office, the old globalist foreign policy guru, Henry Kisdinger, extolled him because of his “extraordinary reception around the world”. Then it was good, but with Trump, it’s bad? I want a return to the foreign policy attitude of our founders which was expressed well by Jefferson, “peace, commerce and friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”

  16. I’m certainly reassured that our international military posture is being dictated by a gaggle of Ivy League sorority girls at Foggy Bottom.

    There’s something obscene about this State Department sorority, to include Her Thighness, strutting around like conquerors when they don’t know the first thing about the realities of war. I imagine them all attempting to use the stand-up urinals when they get really worked up.

  17. It is further evidence that the people running our country are enemies of our country.

    There is no effort to defeat ISIS/ISIL. If there was an honest effort, it could be wrapped up in a few weeks. The “Coalition” is making war on Syria just as they made war on Lybia.

    They are begging for WW III, and they will likely get it.

    God have mercy on us.

  18. When I saw that the US and Russia had agreed on a ceasefire, I didn’t believe it. The war in Syria is to deny Russia some of it’s natural gas sales to Europe by displacing them with gas from either Saudi Arabia or Qatar. Surely the US hadn’t given up on that. The loss of revenue from gas sales to Europe is part of the plan to collapse Russia. Russian natural resources are the big prize. Our politicians will loot Russia. The Canadian company chaired by ret. Gen. Wesley Clark, Evidity, has just been awarded access to one third of the Kosovo coal fields. It pays to have an Army behind you when the looting starts. Governments are nothing but gangs with tanks.

  19. ible, farcical & pathetic. Of course it was intentional. The US is the Poopy Pants child TYRANT in the room. A political ponerology & Pathocracy ruining & running the planet currently. If the American people collectively would have stood up to or demanded a real investigation of JFK we wouldn’t be in this mess. 9-11 is another example. Obozo & his minions don’t want to leave the WH or cede any power & are willing to start WW lll at any cost including provocations – Crisis Initiation – False Flags – Black – Grey Swans events any or all of it to risk the safety & welfare of Americans. Hope that sinks in because it hasn’t so far to many Americans. The 1934 COUP attempt that Smedley Butler blew the whistle on was at least thwarted before they got this far. This is what happens when you don’t hold the people accountable the first go around & proving thus again what is wrong is we don’t drink from the Skulls of our enemies anymore. The ignorant & consciously stupid folk still haven’t figure out the US had a Corporate Fascistocracy COUP yet. So now what we are supposed to remain hostage in our own country for a Rogue dictatorship that won’t follow ROL.
    What a disgrace & epic fail.

  20. Thanks to Putin for standing up to Zionist owned FUSA. A Texas/Russia pact against D.C. would be cool. Take Putin out for some bbq and Shiner and a hog hunt.

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