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  1. A graphic is worth a thousand words

  2. succinct

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Checking in as a smart guy today. I cannot carry a gun to work because it’s illegal to have one in my jeep in the parking garage and I’m going to jail for a while if caught with one, but knives just put me in a very long meeting with HR.
    For quite a while, I have been carrying TWO knives everywhere except in airports. If I were in that Minnesota mall, I’d have that muzzie with the knife, outknifed and I would have enjoyed it. I have seen those muzzies torture and kill dogs and horses, the two most noble and loyal animals God every gave man; a religion that harms them(and women) gets no mercy if it encounters me.

    • If you can’t park your Jeep with a gun in it without fear of being “caught”, then you might be best off carrying on your person. Discreetly of course, following Big Boy rules.

    • Does HR search your person, your car or your bags on a regular basis? And if you kept quiet about it, would they have a reason to? Are there metal detectors at the entrances?

      “Concealed means concealed.” If saving myself, my loved ones, my family, my friends, my coworkers, my fellow church-goers, or just about any innocent person from getting cut down by Team Mo means I lose my job and do a few months in county, that’s a trade I’m willing to take.


      Have you considered a .22 lr or .25 caliber mouse gun? In a pair of regular cut cotton twill slacks, my .25 conceals nicely. Now do not start the caliber debate. The first rule of a gun fight is: HAVE A GUN. The second rule is to practice regularly with it. If some mook decides to take on this slightly bent over old man, I have the means to defend myself. I have the right mindset. My head is always on a swivel and I am one tired, angry, old son-of-a-bitch..

  5. Haha , that’s great

  6. Minnesota Lutheran Whites, remorseful after the death of a BlackMuslim Somalian youth in a savage episode of Gun Violence, will now demand a higher refugee quota.

  7. The feds say that Minnesota has 115,000 Somalians. The Somalians say there are 250,000 of themselves there. Who we gonna believe? Refugee status pays real good. And when that runs out, they go to welfare for life. America, you gotta love it.