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WaPo is owned by Bezos, the owner of Amazon, which has a $100M contract to provide servers to NSA, which no doubt explains this anomaly:

WaPo Makes History As First Newspaper To Call For Prosecution Of Its Own Source After Accepting Pulitzer Prize For Source’s Story

Reporters Bob Woodward, right, and Carl Bernstein, whose reporting of the Watergate case won them a Pulitzer Prize, sit in the newsroom of the Washington Post in Washington May 7, 1973.  (AP Photo)

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  1. unsurprising: (((Bezos))). Disclaimer: I just ordered a new mouse, 2 movies (No Country for Old Men; The Grifters) and some vitamins…from Amazon.

  2. William Wilson

    Jews everywhere.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Fascism hard at work.

    Grey Ghost

  5. Stealth Spaniel

    I have not read any newspaper in years-and I know that I am not missing anything. Irrelevant? This also takes in pointless, insignificant, and unnecessary. A newspaper should be considered quaint & fanciful in this day of instantaneous news. WHY are these “reporters” still showing up to an office and being paid? WHY would any thinking person actually be impressed by a Pulitzer Prize? Especially after Obama was awarded one because the judges were “hopeful”. Do these newspapers actually make money? I think it is now all about some billionaire’s ego. The dangerous part is that these same billionaires/newspapers are part & parcel of .Gov to twist and obscure the truth-no matter what you see with your own eyes.

  6. Gee why would the NSA work with a major onliine retailer who knows what everyone is buying at any given second. I just don’t get it. It’s almost like the deep state is in every single major corporate entity…..oh wait I think I hear knocking at the front door

  7. Snowden is better off staying in Mother Russia. If that pernicious bitch is elected, Russia will be a bastion of liberty compared to the U.S.

  8. To think Snowden would survive a day after a “pardon” on US is pure retardedness

    • ya. the brainwashed masses consider him a traitor. WTF?

      it only goes to demonstrate how fucking stoopit the murkins really are.

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