With this morning’s Drudge heds, William could do a CONUS version as well:



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  1. “How many are there ?” Tens of thousands.

    Courtesy of the taqiyya practicing moslem-in-chief, barry obama hussein barack soetoro and his enablers….the Amerikan public.

    • Well actually, his REAL enablers are your fine friends in “Law Enforcement”. Not only the FedPig maggot swill, but your state and local piggies as well.

      • JMO, but if the topic was about training or provisioning, I believe you’d still find a way to bring “the pigs” into it. Again JMO, but you’re either an obsessed one trick pony or an out and out cyber agent for LE.

        • you’re a copsucker to the highest degree.

          fuck those rotten pigs to hell.

          It the ‘just following orders” and “just doing my job” fuckers who protect all the lowlifes in this country.

          just try and serve honest justice to a confirmed POS criminal or corrupt politician, and then wait for the blue gang of scum to kick in your doors, kill your dog, rape your children and wife, and murder you in front of them afterwards. Shit, they’re likely to murder or rape you for going 5 mph over the “limit”.

          I HATE EM.

          it’s not rocket science people.

          get rid of the badged scum and the corrupt black robed pukes who keep allowing violent criminals to re-offend, and true justice can finally be instituted.

      • Mark, I’ve still got a ton of friends retired and active in law enforcement.” Although I rarely hang with them” . I don’t know ONE, that’s not ONE, who supports the importations, of these dune coons.

        They see first hand what’s shaking, on the streets daily. Of note a bunch of Somalis got set up in and around Eugene Oregon, a short while ago.

        My friends in the area say it’s not going well, I’ve heard privately that theirs already been a couple ” come to Jesus meetings” between a select group of these refugees, and these bad ol police.

        I normally don’t care when you call out the popo, cuz your usually some what right, but to make a blanket statement unsubstantiated, sorry PussyCat.

        Marks I agree with you more often then not.

        Have a good one!


        • “I’ve still got a ton of friends retired and active in law enforcement.”

          You mean these “friends”?

          National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 09-16-16

          September 19, 2016 @ 4:35 PM by Jonathan Blanks

          Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, September 16, 2016:

          Galveston, Texas: The City and one of its officers are being sued by a woman who claims the officer broke her leg and then left her helpless and without medical attention.

          Houston, Texas Metro Transit: Two officers were suspended during an investigation into an alleged inappropriate use of force against a passenger.

          Indio, California: An officer was charged with rape by force, sex penetration by force and oral copulation by force against an 18-year-old woman.

          Update: Brunswick, Maine (First reported 06-28-16): A now-former officer pled guilty to sending an obscene selfie to agents posing as a 14-year-old girl.

          Maryland State Police: A trooper was arrested after a domestic incident during which he allegedly choked his wife.
          Van Buren County, Michigan: Two officers were arrested in unrelated incidents. One was arrested for OWI. The other was arrested on domestic violence charges.

          Update: Orleans Parish, Louisiana (First reported 04-18-16): The chief deputy pled guilty to charges involving an off-duty detail scheme.

          Manatee County, Florida: A deputy was arrested for prescription pill distribution. He allegedly gave away Klonopin while off duty. He was fired.

          Chicago, Illinois: An officer was indicted on federal civil rights charges for shooting at a car full of teenagers. Previously, the City settled with the victims for $360,000.

          and these is just the ones reported – for ONE DAY.


    • And many thanks of responsibility
      to the wholly corrupted dictatorship
      of treasonous, traitorous, high-crime
      shitbags in the District of C, known
      as the federal government.

    • How many? All of them.

      They are all culpable.

  2. And the predictable industrial strength sniveling over the imaginary anti-muslum backlash starts in 3, 2, 1

  3. Profile the bastards and throw them out of the country.

  4. William Wilson

    These FF are too dumb. Is the regime out of gas? It can put its mercenaries in motion, but the peeps ain’t buyin’ it. The gap between believers and paytriots, and people who think, is way too deep now. America is finished. Even California is too much to govern; NorCal wants to break from SoCal. Likewise the USA is too big and complex for a central government. The regions should go their own and natural ways. Yeah, the Jewnighted States is history. Charade over. Let it begin.

  5. The closed circuit cameras caught Obama driving the get away car.

  6. Globalists must be laughing their asses off. They destroyed our Republic and our liberties without one shot fired. They used Muslims as scapegoats for bring down three skyscrapers, the only steel-framed skyscrapers in history to be brought down by fire. Now Patriots are totally distracted with Muslims, rather than those who placed the rats on our ship.

    Even the Bundy Ranch turned out to be a disaster. We grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory. For the lack of a Martin Luther King…. That will be our legacy.

  7. How many are there ?
    Don’t know. But evidently we don’t have enough, ’cause we’re bringing in new ones every week.
    One of them is going to trip the ‘bad’ switch and it’s gonna get nasty all over them.
    Probably be a mother/s whose child gets killed.

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    …always the same ‘effing BROKEN RECORD from the alphabet soup guys: “THIS GUY WAS UNDER INVESTIGATION/WANTED FOR QUESTIONING.”

    worst statement by Hizzoner, De Blasio, that these bombs were” “intentional.” no shit, Sherlock! No, Mr. Mayor, all the pieces parts just randomly, accidentally, or unexpectedly just came together. how GD stoopid do these elites think we are? pretty damn stoopid from what I can see.

    what a bunch of crap! wish I had a job like that–after the fact/damage/bomb blast–hey, we are “questioning” folks. what happens when these pipe-bomb tune-ups escalate to more sportier things like huge IEDs, biochems, or nukes?

    you jokers best have another alibi or cover story for THAT scenario, eh?

    me, for one, is fed up with believing MSM and ruling elite bullshit.

    act accordingly…

    • They have to tell you that they were intentional because normally when they take down some goofball “right wing” militia person the bombs are usually not intentional. You know pipes and wires and reloading powder that are just randomly laying around. This is how they let you know this guy was really serious.

  9. I never wish an early death on anyone, especially Obama; because the hero worship afterwards would be unbearable; but if the muzzies set off some pipe bombs in the area the day of the big UN shindig; the fallout on Obama and Hillary would be great to watch and well deserved.

  10. This guy is jv. Devices were lightweight and ineffectual. Might even be a fed false flag dupe. Got to get the firearms out of joe sixpack’s hands. Point being, wait until the pros from dover show up. Ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  11. How’s that “Patriot Act” working for you all? If we could just spy harder on Joe Sixpack…..

  12. Heads up, they pinged the sheeple’s phone by the millions and had the patsy in no time. Take care, the matrix is rehearsing and hardening. Elections in Russia and bombs here to distract while the war machine gets busy in Syria,Ukraine and the DMZ.

  13. who cares….slow news day….Murica deserves what it asked for

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. TET2 seems to be picking up. The presstitute media says it’s the new normal… LoL. Until it isn’t. Bracken seems to be right in this prediction too.

    A damn lot of skinnies in MN and now a new group in OR. That does not even include other Islamic invaders resettled in other places. I wonder if there is a website with detailed resettlement info?

    Grey Ghost

  16. Steve Kristmann

    Hmmmm…another ‘False Flag’ by the parasitical class and their enablers.
    Not to say that ‘team mo’ isn’t a dire threat in and of themselves..but
    always remember that they’re enabled and ‘protected’ dealing with
    them you WILL have to deal with the local/state/feral gangbangers..
    Definitely need more ammo!!

    Yours In Liberty! Furthermore islam and it’s enablers MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III