I Don’t Doubt It In The Least


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. I agree. Diversity is our strength: He should have been shot with a .45 acp, 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 mag & .44 mag. How’s that for diversity you infidel son of Ishmael?

  3. There are a few details about the apprehension of this guy that don’t add up to me. The reports I read said he was shot in the leg, but the person in the picture has a wound to the upper arm, although it could be from something other than a gunshot. But what really stands out is that he was found sleeping in the doorway of a bar,unless that report was incorrect. Point being,if he was ready to die in a shootout for the sake of jihad,why would he sully himself by being anywhere near a bar?. From what I have read muslims will pressure established businesses that sell alcohol or pork to pack up,sell out or whatever when they move into the immediate area to avoid the mere appearance of any association with what they regard as sinful.If he was ready and willing to die ,thus receiving his 72 virgins in heaven, why was he anywhere near a bar? Was there really no other place to crash, or was he just not thinking straight?