Must Be Some Of That Right-Wing Internet Misinformation The Mighty Kenyan Was Discussing

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-9-39-08-pm(Via Twitter)

Whiny-ass POTUS piece.

Their internal-only polling must suck.

(H/t Comrade Ushanka)

23 responses to “Must Be Some Of That Right-Wing Internet Misinformation The Mighty Kenyan Was Discussing

  1. I’m fine. No really I’m fine. Classic.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Great job.I am sitting here laughing like a lunatic.thank you.

  4. that’s not her, and that wasn’t her voice. I am not fooled. You wait, deplorables. At the first debate, she’ll wax the floor with…oh, never mind.

  5. Gubunt by Duh Peepuhl. Really, it a brilliant strategy.

  6. Bill Clinton said the same thing almost word for word.

  7. Bad Pepe. Plug that back in, quickly.
    Be nice to Gramma Hillary, perhaps she’ll cough up a little brother or two for ya.

    the lurker

  8. Their internal polling is showing their days are numbered if they don’t pull a rabbit out of their ass.
    It is almost unimaginable to suppose there is any truth the electorate is divided by half between Trump and the barren vagina. Of course the big lie of polling reached it’s acme in 2007, the same actors involved have had time to refine the process. But lies, especially the size of the lie required in this case have a smell that is distinctive, we are, all who have a sense of surviving these fucking maniacs doing this to us, have also refined something, a kind of radar for elite bullshit, besides the obvious just too pat, too convenient narratives and events.
    The rabbit they got to pull out of their butts to swindle us is gonna have to be a doozy too. It’s gonna take more than vote rigging to pull this off and install the bitch queen of Bengazi.
    Remember, this is who was behind Operation Fast & Furious, involved in Waco with her husband and Janet Reno, some believe Oklahoma City, which was the official .gov depository of the paper trail of the Clintons “activities”, Lybia, Bengazi and so forth all the suspicious “suicides” involving people who would protect those two pieces of human garbage if they where dead.
    So rigged polling is childs play. Want to takes bets how much money has been laundered through Panama City and the Clinton Foundation to grease the skids of this fraud and con of the 2016 Clinton campaign? How many trolls and operatives is required to rig the illusion, in the various media companies, polling corps, voting precincts, how many precinct captains, do you have to pay? Spread out over and through the politically strategic precincts where gerrymandering is garranteed to produce a “win” of the popular, thus the electoral vote, it is a lot of people you got to bribe. Talking in the billions all told.
    That is the campaign. The stuff we see on TV is fluff, window dressing.
    It is why they are terrified of Trump and call us dirt people deplorable’s, they seen the internal polling and it is so bad, the margin of vote fraud is going to get them in serious trouble. They see the truth, they are despised by a vast majority, and if they get caught because the deplorable’s are beginning to grok they are a vast majority, it is gonna be a war plain and simple.

    • you are mistaken. Your “vast majority” no longer exists. The country is 40% non-White, and it least 1/3 of the Whites – urbans – have signed onto self-liquidation in return for a medium-term cut of the debt-pie. For Mrs. Clinton to carry, say, Florida, will require only minor chicanery.

  9. Health is just one more item in a very long string of reasons that miserable bitch should not be president.

  10. Regarding BHO’s speech, while the article states that he was looking to ‘raise funds’, it sounds to me like the opening narrative to limit speech from those who you disagree with (think banning ‘hate speech’), Say it enough times and (as in pre-WWII Germany), people will believe it ……
    But why not? That old rag of a Constitution (you know that tired old white mans document) which only means today what we (that would be the cloud people), “…what we say it means”.
    And this boys and girls is today how it is done ………..

  11. God grant us the mercy that that pernicious bitch drop dead on national T.V. during the first debate.

    • ” . . . pernicious bitch drop dead on national T.V. during the first debate.”
      Gratifying though that would be, given that, in the political realm, any sufficiently advanced malice is indistinguishable from incompetence, it’s a lot more likely that the whole health thing has been an entirely fabricated ruse, and that she will appear in the debate as the picture of health and vigorously (for a 68 year old fat broad, anyway) spew the standard line of nonsense, and that performance will totally eclipse whatever Trump says, no matter how valid in reality, to counter said nonsense. This will no doubt be more than sufficient to induce anyone clueless enough to even consider voting for her to do so. The only open question at this point is the size of that contingent.

  12. Whiney-ass POTUS piece:
    Dear Leader’s latest attack in an attempt to control the internet and the airwaves. Freedom bad, ‘international’ control good.

  13. The Usual Suspect

    They are going to steal this election, are not concerned with
    appearances, they don’t care, we have never done anything
    yet when they have spit in our eyes.
    They are betting we won’t do anything now.
    They are probably right.
    I would like to see it blow up in their faces, but I’m not going
    to hold my breath.

  14. Watch 35s-38s. You can’t miss it. Something funky.

  15. Hillary wins: civil war.
    Hillary dies: civil war.
    Trump wins: civil war.
    Always try to look on the brighter side of life.