Think Hard On This Statement


You have a “Jihad” problem, because you have a government problem.

Hint: Who supplied a bunch of sandpeople in Afghanistan with Stinger shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile back in the Eighties?

Hint: Who agreed to protect the House of Saud against all comers back in 1945?

Hint: Who did so in 1990-1991, and what were the consequences of same?

Hint: Who authorizes the admission of military-age male Muslim “refugees” into FUSA, and more importantly, why?

17 responses to “Think Hard On This Statement

  1. The Fusian gubbermint – that’s who.

    and they are protected by the poLICE.

    Without the scum pigs, the gubbermint has no teeth.

    Therefore… it’s the cops.

  2. Randall Flagg

    I was told there would be no drop quizzes at WRSA.

      • Reminds me of an anecdote from my college days. During my senior year, I needed some elective courses to round out my degree. Chose a course entitled “Physics for Poets” which was a 300-level philosophy course taught by the chair of the physics department. So as to not scare away any of the philosophy majors, course description unequivocally stated that math would not be required for the course. The professor reiterated this on the first day of class. However, halfway through the semester, during a lecture the professor attempted to use a simple algebraic equation to help explain a certain point. As soon as the professor began writing the simple equation–something that anyone who had not been asleep through ninth-grade algebra class would have easily understood–half the students in the class immediately raised their hands, some blurting out “You said there would be no math!” The professor, turning around to see the look of absolute fear on the faces of these students, hung and shook his head, then turned around to erase the equation from the board.

        I believe at least some of those students have since moved on to join that caste of our society called “politicians” under the “Democrat” brand.

  3. Back in the late 70’s-early 80’s when the “mujahadin” were being supplied with stinger missiles and more – it was a proxy war with USSR.
    Now we have a similar situation taking place in Syria.
    Plus the rest of the clusterfuck that is U.S. policy in middle east.
    The leftists import jihadis because they believe they’ll be spared during the ensuing bombings,stabbings,running people down with cars and trucks etc.
    plus they hate us dirt people,and think if enough of us are killed off,they remain in power forever because all the third world scum they imported will vote for them.
    Or they’ll claim they voted for them.
    FUSA will be Europe soon.

  4. Ha, good questions. Same people who cooked up bolshevism , wahhabism and oligarchy as battering rams against Russia. Now they seek to wreck what is left of the feeble west. Seems ‘they’ hate all that is upright and wholesome as it reminds them of what they can never be. I can understand why the destroyers want to destroy – but can’t understand this nihilism and treason of the sheeple.
    There is an ancient genetic schism between east and west but only the east knows it’s a fight to the death.

    • there’s no problem “explaining” the behavior of the shabbatz goy, be it politician or policeman: it’s called a paycheck that buys stuff. Absent that, and the Tikkun Olas are doomed.

      • It’s deeper than that. Here in NYC locally we stopped a musloid hotel owner from converting it into a homeless shelter / jihadi reception center and many neighbors were upset by our boorish attitude – ‘they have a right to live too..’ was the refrain.
        The politician who pushed it all lost the primary after seven safe terms, and yes she was a jew. Still there is a fatal flaw in many whiteys – they crave being liked for patronizing their pet group.

  5. ALCON,

    How many invaders crossed the Mexican border today with the blessings of the moslem-in-Chief, Rafael Cruz and John Kasuck ?

  6. What gets me is why did drudge choose a winter IMG to use?

  7. “ISIS among us” … And this is NEWS to who? Anyone?

    Grey Ghost

  8. my radar has been up for a while. we got two muzzies in our dept and of course they are both worthless but you cant fire them because theyre muzzies. anyways, I found one was on vacation and went overseas recently and you can bet I’m going to grill him on where he went and you can really bet that he doesn’t know that I’m ready to take him down at any sign of aggression and have multiple weapons on me. he thinks we are friends. sorry, I’m no typical infidel.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Shaft.

    John Shaft.


    Rahami was born in Afghanistan and moved to the US with his family. His older brother Qasim is believed to have returned to Afghanistan after he was involved in a fight with police in New Jersey.

    Three years later, he was arrested for unlawful possession of a weapon and domestic violence charges for allegedly attempting to stab his sister, but was not charged.

  12. American Airlines and United Airlines each lost 2 aircraft, crew, and passengers on 9/11. Within one month of 9/11, both American and United were both substantially fined by the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ, for “profiling” too many middle eastern looking passengers. Any questions?

    • Only ONE. Who was in charge of the Civil Rights Division fo the DOJ during Oct 2001?

      Grey Ghost