We Used To Call This Kind Of Thing “Consciousness Of Guilt Evidence” Back In The Prosecuting Bidness


Interesting – Platte River Network Employee Requested Info From Online Experts On How To Memory Hole Emails

Z Blog: It Never Ends

ZH: Dear FBI, This Is Intent – Hillary’s “Oh Shit” Guy Sought Reddit Advice On How To “Strip VIP’s Emails”


13 responses to “We Used To Call This Kind Of Thing “Consciousness Of Guilt Evidence” Back In The Prosecuting Bidness

  1. Combetta should be on a ‘suicide watch’ given his client’s propensity for more than emails disappearing.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. bigfurhat50231842

    Thanks guys for reposting. Sincerely.
    Let’s hope this explodes wide.

    • No worries, mate.

      They are autodelegitimizing – all of the Elites.

      Media, finance, politics, LE, mainstream religion….

      Keep pouring it on, BFH.

      • Autodelegitimizing, certainly, but how many are, or can ever really, grok it?

        Most never get beyond their own gored ox to see the real problems or the actors and ideologies which caused them. They blame the nearest scapegoat they’ve always blamed. Many will never surrender cherished belief to revealed truth.

        • outlawpatriot

          Like the Jews, Constitution and cops? Each of those three always seem to appear with regularity.
          Sometimes even if they’re obviously not germane to the the topic at hand. 🙂

          • You’re a blind old fool.

            The jews, con-steetu-shun, and cops are all connected to make the full circle of shit go round.

            wake up.

          • Well, two of those three are usually relevant one way or another, if the topic is the legitimacy or not of tptb….

            But default categories of scapegoating prevents deeper analysis/awareness/preparedness for certain. Hell, spouses are probably more often blamed than all others combined! 😉

  4. You can always count on a liberal to identify themselves through their unconscious elitism and bragging about how awesome they are. Notice in his Reddit post, he mentions that he’s doing this for a VIP, no, scratch that, someone VERY VIP. A detail that is completely extraneous to the nature of his question, but he threw it in anyway, even at the very real risk of drawing attention to his illegality (hence our reading about it now).

    Because of this trait of theirs, in any future SHTF scenario it won’t take much dialog to discern who the vermin are — they simply can’t resist any opportunity to be superior to everyone else.

  5. “Could someone within the FBI please explain how this does not constitute “intent”?”

    No. They would actually have to give a damn first.

  6. Deep state. Move on not gonna happen.

  7. Here’s the thing — it does not matter. The law that HRC and her underlings abridged does NOT require intent. So the discovery on reddit, though of interest from a trail of evidence perspective, is not germane.

    • Addition: Where the reddit discovery might be useful is if Dept of State turns the other cheek and proceeds against her for violation of contract.