Claire Wolfe: The Problem With Leaders


Be the leader you are looking for.

And encourage others to do the same.

6 responses to “Claire Wolfe: The Problem With Leaders

  1. Yes, be that leader. And TEACH the principles, beginning with our children. God knows the statists are already teaching them to be compliant and subservient to the central authority wherever and whatever that would be.

  2. Sorry OT but good news should travel fast:

    Construction, fabrication and positioning of the bypass segment around the leak site is complete. Colonial is in the process of executing a hydrostatic test of the segment, which is approximately 500 feet in length, to ensure its structural integrity.
    Damn, I wonder how many welders were jamming on that bad boy. Would love to see a time lapse on the whole bypass.

  3. If somebody is not a leader, no amount of teaching will make them one. If they are leaders, people will force them into the role even if they’d rather not…

  4. You’re still going to need some one with the talent and ability to get groups of people to work together for a common goal, as in Team Freedom. For all you leaderless rebellious types out there, you had best understand that Team Socialism is capable of wielding a mighty host of socialists like a chain saw to rip through the “rugged individualists” either one by one, or in small, easily overcome groups, much the same way the Wehrmacht whipped through Europe, circa 1939-1943. They were finally brought down by incredibly ferocious chain saws wielded by the Allies, and many millions of deaths. Robert E. Lee wasn’t given unified command of the the Southern Armies until 1865, long after it could have mattered. Grant got command of the Northern Armies in late 1863. Team work. It’s messy, it sucks, and it’s fucked up. It works.

  5. MichiganderJim

    Nothing messy about teamwork, as long as it’s consensual. And it’s no newsflash that for almost any particular team objective, in any particular context, it’s best done with a Lord Superior and chain of command. As noted, it generally works; must be why people do it.

    I figure there’ll be boatloads of shocked peeps when they discover that individualists can work together very, very productively. “Oh, I didn’t get that; I thought they were always alone.”

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