SLL: The Day Zero Hedge Goes Dark


Every new media site you read.

And every reader of every such site.

Each an enemy of the Deep State.

And the Deep State has a long memory.

So should you, Comrade.


52 responses to “SLL: The Day Zero Hedge Goes Dark

  1. I’m the last guy on the right. “Is she humpin’ Boris or am I just paranoid?”

  2. ZH (which banned my friend Compassionate Fascist some time ago) is on a Swiss server; and has some powerful “connections”. If the banksters and their stooge politicians could shut it down, they would have done so already. Big neo-con Republiscam sites like Drudge and Breitbart are probably also safe for the time being. It’s actually the “smaller” hardRight sites on servers like Blogspot and WordPress that might get smothered all at once. In this connection, CA, I recommend Seems to be (based on my experience so far) a free-speech operation, AND they have a set of WordPress templates on their own server. If need be, you can transfer WRS over there…or have their techs do it for you. The medium price option ($6.95 month) gets you a humongous amount of bandwidth, while c. $27 gets practically infinite bandwidth. If it ever comes to this, incidentally, you might want to close off the WP “login” entry option and use only the Webhost entry; I had a lot of futile but irritating DOS attacks until I did so.

  3. Oh we all know this is coming. shit .gov is giving away the inter net net month and congress is complacent with it. We will not vote our selves out of this folks. What is the saying, “Think and act locally” or the other one, “You don’t have enough AMMO”.

    CA, When this site and others like it are turned off I for one am going to miss checking your work four or five times a day. Also a few weeks back you asked for books to pass on to friends. Well I got one of them from the suggestions and have gained positive results. “Convict Conditioning”. At 58 y/o this somewhat broken Cavalry Vet is able to do stuff around the farm that I was unable to two years ago. And I am also eating the food grade DE before my morning tea.

    Love yah man and thanks for your work here,

    Would love to meet you some day.


    It takes a leviathan…
    and everyone who works for it.

    And they fear us dirt people…
    Funny how many don’t grok how profound and critical to our survival that truth is.

    • Great post, thank you.

      • Didn’t have to be like this Tom, know what I’m saying?
        There was more than anyone needed. So much prosperity, so much serenity if you wanted it.
        But noooo, that wasn’t enough. The psychotic fuck’s had to tear it down so nobody but them could have it.
        There is payback for it on the way. You know it is coming like the sun rises.
        One way or another the fuckers are gonna pay for what they have done and are doing to us.
        May not be me, or you, but the bill is coming due. A butcher’s bill. It is gonna be in blood.
        Just saying, ya know?

  5. Sipsey Street Irregulars just went dark. It is still available, but Matt V. has decided to spike the guns for now.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Cold Fury went Tango Uniform, too. Unpaid bill, looks like

    • I’d like to know the ‘shook me to the core’ reason.
      I had stopped checking in maybe last week. SSI lost 95% of what it was when Mike died. Some to the posts were just ignorant and the logic was not there.
      Mike always responded to any gift sent his way. Got nothing from a gift for his funeral, but I did it for Mike not for accolades, so I’m happy.
      Sad. I bet Mike is PO’d. 🙂

  6. P.G.T. Beauregard

    kinda ironic you post this today, CA. Matt Vanderboegh has apparently decided to shutter Sipsey Street effective immediately after “receiving news that shook him to his core”. Wonder what that could have been?

    A big loss for the patriot movement.

  7. I have been printing out articles for years from sites like zerohedge, mish schedlock, American thinker and investors business daily. I literally have two stacks, 3 feet tall each; so far(in addiction to many books by legends like Henry Hazlitt). I figure my kids and my relatives kids can read how it used to be and what happened to the usa after its been full blown socialist for 25 years.

  8. I went to the range yesterday afternoon with my .308 and .223 bolt action thunder sticks. Had the place to myself; didn’t hear another round being fired during the hour and a half I was there. Epic.

    If anyone is interested, the .223 Rem was launching 55 grain Hornady Z-Max at ~2950 FPS and the .308 was flinging 150 grain Hornady SST’s at ~2550 FPS. All hand loads of course. I haven’t bought factory centerfire ammo in a lot of years. Only hand loads are interesting. Both rifles are Remington 700 VTR’s. Oh….and by the way….those Sierra 69 grain match king pills freaking rock!

    Both rifles shoot sub MOA when I do my part. That’s SUB MOA!

    I got to thinking about how my guns and skill at arms makes the statist scum shit their panties in fear amidst cries for more gun control. It was not lost on me that I control my guns pretty well. Suck on that libtards!

    • SST is an amazing deliverer of KE, based on the deer shot w one and the consequent damage to chest cavity.

      • The young bucks at Hornady are hitting them out of the park. Their new ELD and ELD-X bullets are great. A match bullet designed to expand and kill shit? Hell yes. Available loaded in match grade ammo that shoots as good as anything you can buy off the shelf? Hell yes. For less money than Federal Gold Medal Match? They are kicking ass and taking names.

        • No fooling.

          What calibers?

          • Pretty much all popular cartridges, what I have seen most is the 6.5 Creedmoor ammo with the 140 ELD bullet. Out. Freakin. Standing. All the way to 1200 yds. For about 1.30 per round.

            • SemperFi, 0321

              For those that don’t know, Hornady studied the plastic tipped bullets and discovered they were actually melting from high speed flight. They redesigned their newest from a harder plastic and called it the ELD. Supposed to be the cat’s pajamas in ballistic tipped bullets today.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I reload Barnes Triple Shocks in all my hunting guns (from .30 to .416), and in my GF’s 7mmRemMag. Best big game bullet I’ve ever killed shit with.
        Our secondary loads are Hornady SST, for 1/2 the price of the Barnes they appear to do almost the same damage. And a match type bullet to boot. All my M-14 match loads are 165 gr. SST also.
        For what it is, it is an exceptionally priced bullet, worth every cent.

        • Hornady 165gr BTSP Interlock is good. Subscribe to some sites for notification like MidwayUSA when they have deals. Don’t procrastinate, you see it you better buy it. I mulled around buying an 8lb of Hodgon CFE223 with a coupon waving hazmat, it was gone by evening. My normalcy bias takes over.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            Have used Interlock for yrs, like in my .303 Brit and .308 Win.
            SST is better bullet to my thinking.
            I’ve learned to grab anything I can when it comes up on special, especially surplus deals. Got a new flyer, ordered a bundle of 20 Aussie 7.62 bandoliers, thought to grab more, they were sold out an hour later!

    • Hornady makes some great ammo. I still have a half box of Heavy Magnum that I bring myself to shoot. Fond memories attached to that box. Someday I will find reason to shoot them but not today. Saw some kind of new Hornady the other day that was crazy expensive using a new propellant. Didn’t buy it cause $$$ and I already have a ton in that caliber. Looked interesting.

  9. Sipsey Street Irregulars hung it up this morning at 2:00 a.m………

    There’s a storm coming….

  10. “Can’t stop the signal Mal.”

    We can keep the lights on even if we have to move sites to another TLD.

    • I agree “can’t stop the signal Mal”. I get it, maybe better than most. However, a new TLD might not do it… especially after 1 Oct when the globalists get control of the “internet” TLD DNS servers. If you are referring to the .onion TLD then it’s just a matter of using TOR on the dark web. FWIW, the FBI and other LEO have been known to take down dark web servers… just google “silk road” if you think leviathan can’t get you on the dark web.

      There are other ways to keep the signal going… just might not be easy nor will it be “in the clear” web based.

      Grey Ghost

  11. Sipsey went dark. WTF is up with this? References “news that shocked him to the core”…..again WTF? If he couldnt elaborate, why did he reference? This is the kinda shit that raises flags….dont know whats going on here, and Im not suggesting anything sinister….just saying that to shut down like this is kinda shitty. Could’ve just as easily said the normal “to focus on family”, “to focus on meat space”, etc. But this “shocked me to the core” bullshit just strikes me as a inept method of handling.

  12. SSI was run by an OPFOR stooge. He was compromised from the get go.
    I never liked that site and don’t give one fuck about it or him. He probably finally realized he was used like a cheap whore fighting for JP Morgan…

    3% my fucking ass.

    Just another FSA troop living off the backs of the taxpayer. Some paytriot he was, talk about leaving everyone hanging. So he gets news that shocked him to the core but doesn’t tell anyone?


  13. Sipsey going down is weird as hell.

    He should at least release whatever’s done of Absolved.

    • 80% (my guess, red them all) of ‘Absolved’ chapters were published by MVB on SSI or ?. Emails to Mike about buckling down and finishing the book to help him out of his $$ hole were met with ‘Yeah, it’s about finished’ or ‘Yeah, I really need to do that.’
      Double sad.

  14. Regardless of why Sipsey is calling it quits, be a good time to peruse the content and find relevant reading worth saving. No telling how long the site will remain on-line. A lot of good topics and information, especially when the comments are read as well.

  15. Noticed yesterday evening that a visit to Cold Fury produced a page that read “Site Expired”. Was within a few hours (at most) of his posting a new article.

  16. Matt was probably told to cease and desist by his chain of command. That’s why you need to remain anon whenever possible.

  17. Information that shook him to the core. ?

    I hope it’s not something health related or more bad news for their family-they surely have had their share for a while. My best wishes and prayers for that bunch.

    But I note that this Very Important Information is not being shared with an audience that probably would benefit from knowing such information.

    Did Stewart Rhodes get more “credible information” that he and only he knows (which will later prove to be false?)

    Did some Nazi Fart Lick Lick Spittle Informant Snitch (NFLLSIS) do something bad?

    Flipping the switch off in this manner begs a question that clearly won’t be answered. Sigh.

    I guess I better download the online copy of Absolv

  18. Some of us are working on mirroring the important alt-media sites to a distributed-network model. No server=nearly impossible to take down. Everyone will need to learn how to access the new network however….

    • Would this be a “NEW” distributed-network model or some of the PTP network stuff out there? Dark web?

      Grey Ghost

      • Looking at I2P and Zeronet initially, but there are many options to explore out there. I2P is a very solid product, but the learning curve can be intimidating for some. Zeronet is stupid simple, but is not anonymous “out of the box”, but can be pushed via TOR or a homebrew P2P VPN if desired.

  19. SSI could have also received one of those warrants that you aren’t allowed to tell anyone that you got. “News that shook me to the core” could be a way of saying that without saying that. Warrant canary.

    • If that’s the case, then, whoever posted there is now compromised also- as in they have your e-mail addy compliments of matt the FSA SSG…
      I knew SSI was fishy, I smelled it all the way from here.

      “National Security Letters (NSLs) are an extraordinary search procedure which gives the FBI the power to compel the disclosure of customer records held by banks, telephone companies, Internet Service Providers, and others. These entities are prohibited, or “gagged,” from telling anyone about their receipt of the NSL, which makes oversight difficult. The Number of NSLs issued has grown dramatically since the Patriot Act expanded the FBI’s authority to issue them.”

      • If I was a betting man this would be the reason SSI stopped, what with the perennial Clinton tag line. Most likely he CAN’T say under penalty of jail. My guess is most here have never heard of NSLs.

        Thanks Mr. Oldstyle and tfA-t.

        Grey Ghost

  20. Mike was migrating DBs (is how it reads). He’s over at the daily pundit until things get sorted.

  21. Sorry if this is a double post. Seems I’m having log-in issues today.
    Mike was migrating DBs (is how it reads). He’s over at the daily pundit until things get sorted.

  22. FlintlockShooter

    Reply to hbowman1966: I love the 69gr Match Kings from my bolt action .223, but I think the 65gr Game Kings with their greater expansion may be more efficient on zombies. Your thoughts?

  23. FlintlockShooter