A E-P: UN Fears Third Leg Of The Global Financial Crisis, With Epic Debt Defaults


No shit.

Sure glad that big wars are an anachronism of the 20th century.

13 responses to “A E-P: UN Fears Third Leg Of The Global Financial Crisis, With Epic Debt Defaults

  1. Debt Jubilee is laughable.

    Debt enslavement is not a bug – it’s a feature…

    You will submit or be destroyed.

    Now about that new 100′ flat screen you just had to have…


    • forget the flat screen. As you have not yet remitted, the asking price of my 1989 Ford LTD Crown Vic “Ghetto Blaster” has now increased from $23,000 to $25,000…pocket change, for one such as yourself. This is because the red “check engine” warning light, which has been glowing steadily for more years than I can remember, suddenly went out a few days ago…indicating the attainment of mechanical (if not cosmetic) perfection.

    • In the 90’s I worked w/a guy in the serious banking business. His idea was that since the money was magiked out of thin air and didn’t cost anything and nothing was backing it, they could/would offer debt forgiveness if you agreed to follow their rules/terms thereby creating an invisible chain upon the newly minted slaves.

      • But first they have to disarm or kill us deplorables, and then win WWIII.
        That’s a lot of shit to do before the NWO actually takes place.

        Got skills?

  2. Have to say, the linked writer didn’t have me for long. And his closing in another language left me, a Deplorable, knowing not his article’s closer and caring even less about what he was pushing prior to his show of worldliness. Most producers here know only one language.

  3. Government, taking the destruction out of “creative destruction” since forever.

    Look up the number of “federal” employees and then ask yourself wtf these people do? Nothing, and lots of it.

    • they do plenty: assassinate veterans, steal ranches, spy on us, turn the border into a welcome wagon, brainwash kids, herd faggots into the girls’ bathroom, keep Israel on the map….the list is almost endless.

  4. “But what UNCTAD shows is that globalisation has not in fact worked for these countries, bar a few exceptions. One starts to suspect that it works for nobody except the owners of capital and their close allies.”

    Read the second sentence several times, very slowly.

    You don’t have enough ammo.

    Semper Paratus

  5. Loved his last statement, about world govts. needing to spend much harder, to get things going again. And yet in previous paragraphs, he said the world had doubled its debts since the 2008 crash. The disconnect that he has, and apparently can’t even see, is that if what you’re doing is not working, then stop doing it. He wants more debt. To cure debt. A six year old child would know better. I guess the punch line is supposed to be that if there’s a “jubilee”, all the debt you run up now won’t matter. G*d help us.

  6. My singular quibble with the article is the mistaken belief by the author that we have ‘capitalism’. At best we have directed merchantilism. The mere attempt at the various trade agreements is the indicator.

  7. “The UN’s diagnosis is that “shareholder primacy” and the entire edifice of liberal market finance are among the key culprits, all made worse by stringent fiscal austerity that has starved the global economy of sufficient demand.

    Its prescription is radical. The world must jettison neo-liberal ideology, and launch a “global new deal” with a blitz of investment on strategic sectors. It wants a return of the “developmental state”, commanding a potent industrial policy, and backed by severe controls on capital flows.”

    Yeah, more government control, more fascism. That’ll help.