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15 responses to “Heh

  1. FrozenPatriot

    For your consideration:

  2. I remember Woods as far back as the 1980’s. Standard Hollywood Red, then. He’s turned toward the Light, since…still some ways to go though.

  3. Who gives a shit where she is?

  4. … Still gunna win. They’d vote for a baby rattle if it had a (D) after its name. She knows she doesn’t have to campaign or debate or anything. Just sit back and let the mediA and her machine work its magic.

  5. What I noticed is her eyes aren’t tracking together. A couple of places in the video, one eye is turned and the other looks almost straight ahead.

  6. theelectorretards

    Seems as if “spiking the guns” has become rather infectious….SSI links on the blogsphere are dropping like dead flies.

    Bill Nye

  7. robroysimmons

    Still has a Twitter account, for now.

  8. So ? She’s taking 3 days off to “prepare” for the debate after taking time off to recover from “pneumonia” and cancelling a fairly easy appearance in NC ?
    She ain’t right, healthwise. I would take bets that you see her for the three debates, one more rally and a very short walk to the voting booth on election day, relying on the majority democratic/socialist demographics of the country and republican sit-at-home-whiney-never-trumpers to give her the win and then it’s whatever is needed to “rule” the next 4 years if she can’t make it.

  9. Where?

    Hiding behind that Yellow Curtain of the pinko-leftist “journalists” of this nation.

  10. That’s happy news. Even her pet rats will get resentful and bite if she beats them enough. Do any of her staffers wear an eyepatch? Bitch best make sure she’s got a nice antique oak desk between her and the laptop/ projector satchel!

  11. Everybody with the wit to ponder the second question:
    WHY is she back in seclusion? Having another Parkinsonian meltdown, maybe?

    Yeah, that’s what we really, really need: Shrillary in rictus, drooling into her bodysuit-bib, and Huma Imawannajihad holding the nuclear codes.

  12. she canceled the NC appearance due to a scheduling conflict with the Charlotte CoonRiot. And go ahead, keep voting at the Judeoglobalists …they don’t mind.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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