Sparks31: What The Dark Future Holds



Our problems will not go away on November 9th.

If Clinton gets elected, expect things to get much worse, quickly.

If Trump gets elected, expect the establishment, including the establishment Republicans who fought his nomination to the bitter end, to fight him on every little thing. That will cause things to get much worse, quickly. The other possibility here is that Trump has been part of the great scam since the beginning, and then you can still expect things to get much worse, quickly.

The Libertarian party candidate, who only gets fringe and protest votes and who will never get elected in our present society, can not even be considered to be a true libertarian in my opinion. It seems like the national LP has been co-opted or taken over.

None of it matters, and here is why.

You still have some time to get things in order. Rome did not fall in a day, and neither will the United States…


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21 responses to “Sparks31: What The Dark Future Holds

  1. Concerned Buyer

    I am a bit hesitant to subscribe to Signal-3 Newsletter.

    I purchased his last $30 plan ( The first newsletter was delivered in a NICE book format. The second was a simple letter. The third was a PDF. As far as I know, the fourth was never published.

    • Obviously you’ve never been involved with Subscriber based publishing./ S//

    • I sent in my $20 cash for the print newsletter a year ago. Received nothing. Emailed the address on his site and did not receive a reply.

    • I have had the same problem as you have. I have not received the fourth issue and my emails in regard to this have been unanswered.

    • Me too, I paid for a year, watched the delivery medium downgrade and finally stop. Sparks is unpredictable, if I recall the order of events correctly first he closed his webpage started a private group which I joined but then he closed that down and started a Facebook page then renamed that 5 times and now brought back a webpage all while not following through on the Signal-3 publishing. BUYER BEWARE.

  2. The problems will not only not end on 09 NOV, they’ll get much worse.

    Personally, after you people have voted I’m going to claim to be a victim of your malice./ S//

    • There are ~25 countries in the world w/a king. You could go to one of them and be the victim of their malice. Sorry to say, they all have your much maligned and dreaded constitution of sorts.
      (A king is just a dictator with window dressing.)
      And no, the problems will not end and yes they will get worse.
      You have knowledge that could help but insist on your half-answer high-horse attitude.
      I HAD a lot of respect for you when I was one of the original subscribers to ‘The Resister.’ Not so much anymore.

      • If he’s anything like me, he doesn’t want to train anyone who he may have to kill later. it just makes it harder… And believe, there will be plenty who will need killing. :

    • Steve, I was your Midwest distributor of the Resistor, back then.

    • Public high school education. Resister.

    • Well you are ASSuming that there will even be an election on 9 Nov. Personally, I’m not convinced there will be one… I’m probably wrong on that prediction but these jackasses have a motto of “never let a crisis go to waste.” I think that if there is no “unforeseen” black swan event before 9 Nov then they will generate one so horrendous even YOU will rally round the flag with the rest of the mind control sheep.

      Grey Ghost

  3. it’s the “other possibility”

  4. “The other possibility here is that Trump has been part of the great scam since the beginning…”

    He is a New York oligarch who was also played one on TV.

    Scamming is routine.

  5. Subscribe? Still haven’t received the issues I already paid for. Attempted to contact and got nothing.

  6. This assumes that most people WANT it to get better. Not sure that is in evidence.

  7. Beat the rush. Buy ammo now.

  8. Excellent advice. Fear not but prepare.

    For some reason communications is often the last area addressed. Like the saying goes, “If you don’t have comm, you don’t have jack”!

  9. “None of it matters, and here is why.”

    Col 3:3… “For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.”

    I’m already dead. You?

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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