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  1. current events are rapidly overtaking neo-con Schlichter’s “future” ‘Kwa. And lookit that silly cover art: New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, and Florida already have or soon will flip collectivist-“blue”.

  2. Shinmen Takezo

    The blue/red divisions in the book’s cover is somewhat correct…. however the blue areas on the left coast will be much, much smaller–actually small enclaves. In reality, outside of Los Angeles Country, and some areas in the San Fran-freeko California is completely red. Ditto with Western Orgeon and Washington State.

    The rust-belt and now cradle of tyranny eastern states shown are a very, very accurate.

  3. Should rename it ‘Deplorable’s Republic’

    The deplorable’s are the only ones that give a shit about a republic. It is why they are deplored. But I got a sneaking suspicion that is about to change. The kind of change worth believing in, like the kind of fundamental transformation of America with a bone in it’s teeth.

  4. Purchased. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Read it. Good read and great fun shooting up the blues.

    In his preface, Schlichter warns against thinking that he, or any sane person, advocates such an out come. He’s wrong in that. Without something drastic along these lines, the elites will take the whole country down and liberty will be dead, along with most of it’s people.

    A whole lot of Kelly Turnbull’s are going to have to rise to the occasion.

    Just being a cynical naysayer reciting the chronicles of doom ain’t gonna get it.

    Know why “we” haven’t “done something” yet? Because belief, faith, courage, personal integrity and yes, sacrifice, have been shouted down, hooted at, dissed and demeaned for so long that even the tough guys can’t find anything worth fighting and possibly dying for beyond their own front door. You can find abundant examples right here in comments at WRSA daily.

    • Yesser,

      Unholy alliances will have to me made before the next “chapter” is completely written. Looking for 90 -100% congruence is a fallacy; patriots waiting for a 60% solution (work with other ethnicities, backgrounds, & beliefs) might have to take up arms with a 51% solution (will fight for Individual Liberty).

      Perhaps at some point; people will be desperate enough to fight the bad guys and mimic the Blazing Saddles quote “Awe Prairie Shit, Everybody”.

      As long as the ladder sits on that balcony; people shouldnt hold their breath, waiting for a 60% solution. http://coastdaylight.com/ladder3.html

    • A friend of mine puts it thus: “Getting some iron in our hands has never been a problem. Getting some iron in our spines, now that’s a different matter.”