another one of those things you can’t start after the lights go out


Zombie ee cummings sends:

sorry to keep pestering you old man, but i forgot to mention the impetus for my printed newsletter is that if the country turns over control of icann to the u.n. (more or less), then it’s not that we’ll have to circumvent censorship on the web like a lot of countries are doing right now, but there are websites that will simply go away.

we will be de-listed from dns and filtered by ip address till no one can be reached. might even have to put up with a permit and license system. i could even see state sponsored cyber warfare organizations spending their time backtracking tor traffic to clobber as many entry/exit nodes as they can each day.

how many times have you preached “alternative routes of communications” in the past two years?

ergo: the printed newsletter. appalachian messenger got the jump start on that deal.

we need about a thousand more.

ink may even get taxed to death like they want to do with ammo.

Got samizdat?

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  1. I bought baby Warpig a manual typewriter for Christmas. It came in a girl color. She’ll appreciate it more when the lights go off.

  2. ALCON,

    The answer to the impending attack on free speech and other Liberties is the use of force on those perpetrating the attacks. There is no other argument.

    “No pain. No gain.”

  3. Warpig,

    Did you buy extra ribbons ?

  4. Interested folks should reach out to Fred Woodworth at “The Match!” in Tucson, AZ. He has expressed a willingness in the past to teach others the art of the printing press, and find useable equipment for sale as well. From the Wikipedia entry for the magazine: “Woodworth uses “cold type” composing machines from the mid-20th century such as the VariTyper and JustoWriter to typeset copy for The Match!. He then makes pasteups of each page and shoots them with a home-built copy camera to make negatives. The negatives are then used to make offset printing plates using direct solar energy by exposing them to the sun. The plates are then mounted into a small offset printing press and thus used to print the pages of The Match!.” The mailing address is The Match!, P.O. Box 3012, Tucson, AZ 85702

    • Photo Offset comes from photo mechanically exposing, plus Offset
      is because it goes from readable on plate, then offsetting
      to unreadable to ink blanket, then transferring readable to stock(paper).
      It is a “planographic” process, versus letterpress (above surface)
      or gravure (below surface). The pic on this post is letterpress. Letterpress
      machines can also be set up to die cut/perf etc.

  5. Good reminder!
    Ah… The old California Job Case would come in handy with
    ye ol’ hot type. Oh… and lots of lead to go around with that lead
    type 🙂
    Mesh & Wire side pulp comes next for paper.

  6. I’m going to be a contrarian voice here, and state that dropping back and only using typewriters and mimeograph machines because ICANN will supposedly “turn off the internet” is foolish and bordering on cowardly.


    We fight it legally until we can’t any longer.

    After that, freedom-loving geeks like me have to take up the fight, and create our own network out of the UN-controlled Internet. They can’t control every router, every fiber-optic line and every computer. We make our own DNS’s and communicate their IPs by radio, written word, and secret internet messages. If we have to, we rotate them, encrypt them. It will be an escalating cold war of geekdom.

    BUT WE DON”T GIVE UP and go back to typewriter ribbons and mimeograph ink. Good grief.

    • That was exactly what I was getting at a week ago or more here at WRSA. Set up our own rebel TLD DNS servers using the most secure DNS software on the planet. DJBDNS. Put it on a machine running CubeOS or OpenBSD. But noone seemed to understand what I was getting at. Glad to see someone else was thinking along the same lines as me.

      I would also add that i think an encryption layer could be added to DJBDNS and then all your DNS queries would be on an encrypted link. The administrators of the “rebel” TLD DNS servers could also use TCPWRAPPERS to limit ANY machine access to the encrypted DNS servers, thereby only allowing “vetted” individuals/machines on the private encrypted net using regular internet network infrastructure. Other servers on the “rebel” net could provide other encrypted services, ftp, web, email, etc.

      I know. not easy, but doable. “They can’t stop the signal Mal.”

      Grey Ghost

    • What many III%’s seem to want is A World Made By Hand, towing their pickup trucks with a horse. They don’t want to fight, because they’ll obviously win and then where will they be, clearly responsible for their own selves. Anything to avoid facing that.

      Lightly spraying WD-40 on the top edge of the ribbon in a dot matrix printer ribbon cartridge would get a lot more use out of it. Might also work for a fabric typewriter ribbon. Use less than you would think and give it time to soak in.


      “Welcome to PatriotNet. Please enter your username and password at the prompts…”

    • BE I am with you there. We ought to be buying up every WRT wireless router that is not bricked we can. (many as cheap as $5) We ought to be reverse engineering Motorola WiMax units. Code loaded, setting up mesh networks is not that hard. Heck in India they propagate the internet everywhere using store-n-forward techniques using buses for distribution. ( Think of the possibilities.

    • “In war, the moral is to the physical as 3 is to 1.” – Napoleon

      “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. If your enemy is of high morale, depress him.” – Sun Tzu

      Rethink your “let’s throw down and git ‘er done!” strategy, grasshopper.

      Particularly in light of the fact that the standard equipment for a deployed A-team back when unconventional warfare was new concept, was both mimeograph machine (you youngsters, Google it…), and silk screen printing materials.

      You have fun storming the castle all yourownself.
      I think it’d be far more hilarious to rouse a torch-and-pitchfork-wielding mob to do it for you, especially one composed of Uncle’s former vote plantation field pickers.

      5000 posters in the ‘hood that announced “Free UHD TV giveaway at the FCC on Tuesday!” would do far more good than would shooting the windows out of the place, and with the added bonus that it’d take less of your precious ammunition.

  7. Letterpress has become very trendy. Hard to pick one up on the cheap anymore. 25 years ago people were giving them away. But there are many ways to get that flywheel turning to crank out impressions I suppose. Good info.

  8. Can’t stop the message.
    Besides they must be really desperate or really really fucked up in their heads to put in motion shutting down an open source internet. Probably both. With a healthy side of can’t fix that level of stupid. There’s never been a question free unfettered speech is only next to an armed populace of dirt people who ain’t afraid of the sonofabitches as a threat to their new world order globalist bullshit. Obviously. Of course you always have to follow the money after you think like a globalist, cause that is what lies beneath everything these fuckers do. Controlling the Web has to be worth trillions. And you got to ask what kickbacks the traitors and betrayers of the FUSA are getting for selling us out. Set for life don’t begin to describe that kind of corruption.
    That open source internet genie is gonna end up being next to impossible for them to stuff back in the bottle. This is something that hits way more deplorable’s than say executing LeVoy Finnicum to shut him and the Burn’s Patriots or any false flag event previously orchestrated.
    I’m thinking they should go straight for everyones guns if they don’t want to piss too many people off and avoid a revolution on your worthless ass if your one of the elites, that will result in your swinging by the neck from a lamp post.
    There’s a bridge too far for every system of tyranny. It is written in blood.
    At some point after you have robbed people of close to everything material and prosperity wise, there are few enjoyments left that you can afford, and a free open source internet is a truly free miraculous wonder of our age. You can’t overstate it’s personal and intrinsic value, it’s open source source of information and freedom to express and distribute what is happening. It is the worlds grapevine. In many repeats it is the provincial social network of our age. The internet is Liberty. And when they try to take all that away the pushback will be like nothing in history. That is just really human nature. But what will really bake peoples noodles, what will cause uncountable numbers to rise up in rightful, righteous anger, is the fuckers couldn’t leave it all be. No, they had to steal even that freedom and happiness. Because they will not stop there, it is their nature to escalate and expand their grip on power over everything. But this, this totalitarian control on the internet, it crosses almost every social and cultural landscape.
    It is not difficult to figure out what a seriously screwed up move this is and it’s ramifications.
    Gonna be millions who would never have dreamed themselves as part of an insurgency against the elites, millions who never gave arming themselves or becoming support of a resistance movement. Talking people who are true intellectuals, influential critical thinkers, philosophers of our age, nice old ladies, upright honest businessmen, people who are lurkers and watchers, who keep their powder dry and cards close to the chest, people who once motivated by such an act of blatant wonton tyranny, become cunning ruthless warriors. They are out there. They are the quiet ones, the unforeseen’s, the unknown’s. A silent plurality. In a way they make the most indomitable insurgency, because they are people once gone past tolerance, become unstoppable.

  9. Why not roll your own Internet?

    • Anything running Linux or Microsoft will be hacked in no time flat or more to the point the NSA probably already has backdoors in all that shit. IF you think I crazy go read the security bulletins for the Linux kernel. Besides if I understand mesh networks correctly, you have to set up your own infrastructure. Why? Just use what’s already out there worldwide.

      Grey Ghost

      • To paraphrase CA,

        Got Patrick Henry?

      • “…Why? Just use what’s already out there worldwide.”
        You miss the point. A draconian govt may well turn it off. Most of the functions of govt all have alternate channels so turning off the Net might be a short inconvenience to govt, but crippling to the population as a whole.

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  11. Just remember.. Continuous ink refill system…

    Run off reams of fliers from your cheap home inkjet printer without the high costs of disposable cartridges…

    On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 4:58 AM, Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” Zombie ee cummings sends: sorry to keep > pestering you old man, but i forgot to mention the impetus for my printed > newsletter is that if the country turns over control of icann to the u.n. > (more or less), then it’s not that we’ll have to circumvent ” >

  12. You could go semi-oldschool printing and get an A.B.Dick 360. Graphic arts camera. film developer; negatives; flats; metal plates; or a “paper” plate system of a camera that puts out paper plates for the press. That is if you intended to run say 10,000 copies. If you only intend to print 500 copies and issue, then some kind of copier.—-Old printer.

  13. Being able to live, thrive, and operate in a 1890s era lifestyle is a good standard of preparedness to pursue and achieve.

    The ink press worked out pretty good for the cartographer Martin Waldseemuller and discoverer Amerigo Vespucci too…….as they say: “publish something long enough and people begin to believe it”. Vespucci’s star charts purportedly raise doubts (with some people), that he nver came far-enough North to “discover” N. America…….but the maps were printed anyway…

    Ham HF may be the better (non EMP) interim option; it’s safer to recieve than transmit anyway…..then the information can be re-transmitted via (mobile) GMRS, 2 meter ham, or CB. The Tecsun PL 600 and a straight wire antenna is a good investment at @$60.00.

    As long as there is an internet: Email over Radio; a licensed ham operator can send email and pictures (even to non-hams) via the internet gateways that are linked to the nation-wide digipeaters (144.390). The Kenwood 700s and 710s can send and receive messages over a function of APRS; also via the digipeaters. APRS will even route an email to a non ham.

    Post EMP: The mimeograph is a less-expensive reproduction machine; it was also used in the military TOCs up until the late 1980s. Type the message on the stencil, mount it on the platen, load ink and paper, and turn the crank.; no electricity needed.

    • Any govt intent on shutting down the internet most likely would have shut down ham radio first. Hams are a smaller population of users, easier to control and massively easier to ignore from a political perspective.

      • I don’t see continuous jamming of all frequencies as practical. Same for confiscating or burning all ham shacks. Doesn’t mean they won’t try. Inciting a mob reinforced with paramilitary on visible antennas, that seem practical. We’ll see.

        No one seems to have mentioned pirate radio yet. Broadcast, baby! Can’t have direction finders everywhere.

  14. Is this going to be better or worse? I for one don’t have any faith in the US gubbermints control of anything to begin with…

    Any comments?

  15. my two cents….. yes there are solutions to roll your own local nets, some for the more technically competent than others. but in an insurgency, you want to get your message to as many folks as possible, in the cheapest way possible, and frequently. just as sinn féin maintained the propaganda war and was the public and political voice of the ira movement, some of us will eventually take on a similar task. locally at first. why not start today while assets and resources are available? lacking a widely accessible and useful internet, handbills and newsletters, distributed by runners if necessary, are the only way to have any reach that can’t be dx’s, jammed and shutdown. (radio free europe anybody?) remember, you will even have to connect to hillary voters. you’ll have to keep it real simple. if gary johnson and jill stein can do this, then so could we. at least you guys know where aleppo is. you’re already a leg up.

  16. outlawpatriot

    Hmm… just dawned on me. I took graphic arts in high school for a couple of years. I learned how to set type and run a few different types of presses. I remember the simplest being being a hand driven thing and a larger one that required power. Bettin’ if I had it all in front of me, I could do it again. 🙂

  17. Also consider the utility of pirate FM radio. Due to “capture effect,” even a low-power signal will be stronger than TPTB broadcasters on the same frequency in the area local to the transmitter.