Bushmeat’s Back!


WaPo: Post Ebola, West Africans Flock Back To Bushmeat, With Risks





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  1. This will end well.

    The only thing that apparently stopped it last time was the inability of 99.9999% of West Africa to pony up the dough to get a plane ticket out. The idiots in charge of the UN non-response never got within artillery range of their stated goals for treatment personnel, centers, contact tracing, burials, etc., and to this day have no more idea of why the outbreak petered out than they have of how to spin straw into gold.

    Here, Dallas is the best exemplar of how the vaunted CDC’s “we can handle this, because ‘Merica!” plan will work out: 200% infection rate. We were within two patients of replicating West Africa here, once the last available BL-4 beds were occupied.

    And if some Bushmeat Dindu Nuffin infected over there ever makes it out to the slums of Lagos, Cairo, Nairobi, Casablanca, or Pretoria, where a lot more people can afford plane tickets out (and appropriate bribes to get past quarantines), and all bets are off.

    Just for grins, read up on the so-called Ebola “survivors”. It turns out they’re actually infectious forever in practice, and are overwhelmingly the likely viral pool who keeps generating all the continuing “new” outbreaks in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.

    Sleep tight.

    • It’s ironic how soon people forget how fucked up things were and how everyone was on edge…People that scoff at what you brought to the table and laugh at you now that an outbreak didn’t occur seem to forget how much fear was in the air at that time…Thanks for what you did and I’m sure we are going to need your assistance in the future when this rears its ugly head again…

    • Yes. What “lineman” said…and more.

      I am deeply appreciative of the time you gave to lend insight into the matter, and I am eternally grateful it did not follow its usual model. I also ponder why it did not follow its usual course. Nevertheless, we are far better off for the education you provided on the matter.

    • outlawpatriot

      No offense brah, but you were way off base concerning the original gig. Now, you’re raising on another hand and I’m holding aces. The flop is an ace and two tens. You really gonna press this hand? 🙂

    • Aesop,

      Wise words.

      Not that I would consider it a primer or the film equivalent of a scientific white paper on how infectious diseases spread, or are generated, or any of that, but watching Contagion is a good way to make someone at least aware that there’s crud out there that is seriously dangerous. You’re-gonna-be-no-shit-dead-as-a-hammer dead creeping crud you got little to no shot at beating… and oh yeah, you happened to take down your entire family and most of your friends as well.

      We came within a breath. The CDC is all “Not even worried about it brah – we totally got this”, but it could have gone extremely badly. Personally, I think it was Divine Intervention we were spared. This time.

      But there will be a “next time” – I just hope the Almighty is still in a generous mood… God protects fools and drunks. Guess which category we fall into?

  2. What they leave out of the article is that those sub-Saharan Africans that are here have their buddies and family back in Da Muddalan’ send them ‘bushmeat’ Care Packages…


    When Um-foo-foo gets a hankerin’ for some delicious fried bat or fresh rat meat, they have their friends mail that garbage over here. They know the USPS and other delivery companies check for that stuff, so they send lots of it… shotgun approach: if we send 100 packages, and 5% make it past the inspection process, that means Um-foo-foo has 5 packages of fresh bat’s wings or tree rat tails or whatever filth they eat.

    All loaded down with delicious Ebola…


    You still feel comfortable having Um-foo-foo and their family living next door in their HUD-mandated palace? I’m sure a “ban” will work wonders and stop them from sending that nasty filth over here…

    And people wonder why weird shit from the bowels of deepest, Darkest Africa pops up randomly in the US… nothing random about it.


      Let’s all hope Um-foo-foo lives in Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, or some other Blue Hive. And, he invites the retired Cosmic White liberal college professor and his dippy airhead wife who sponsored him over for a dinner of fried bat and rat. Justice, indeed!

      • Hey D…

        Thing is, I know I’ve eaten some weird shit in my life. Yes, on purpose. Mostly from time spent in Other People’s Countries on Uncle’s dime. Like snake and other sundry delicacies. (No, I wasn’t an 18 Series. I don’t claim that honor. This was JOTB down Panama ways about 25 years ago…)

        But having a live tube sock full of meat for dinner was because there WAS nothing else to eat. Given my ‘druthers, I’d rather NOT eat that stuff. I’m more of a I’ll-have-the-12oz-medium-rare-please type of guy. I mean, yeah, you can make anything taste better with hot sauce – that’s why they gave it to us.

        I’m not throwing shade on someone because they have different eats than I do – you run what you brung and make do. But here, we’re talking about Ebola!Marburg!… there’s really no coming back from that. Just to have a shot at surviving, you need a giant pile of cash, round-the-clock medical care in a facility rated by the CDC to treat that level of infectious disease (which, I think the nearest one is Atlanta – 6 hours away) and some pretty exotic chems.

        If there’s even an outside chance that eating some yummy deep-fried bat toenails will result in my innards turning into a red slushy and what’s left of me cremated and/or turned into air pollution, well guess what I’m NOT going to have for dinner?

        These guys are trying to get that crap into the country by the dozens and hundreds – knowing that it’s laced with viruses that can dissolve you and your friends like Face-Hugger Blood from Alien, only in slow motion so you get to enjoy every second of it. That’s not only irresponsible, it’s criminal.

        But then, the people trying to import this filth are from places where they steal gasoline by torchlight and think that having sex with a virgin and then showering really, really well is a “cure” for HIV/AIDS.

        Either get out of the Cloud People cities now, or have egress plans and your GOOD bags pre-packed, ready to haul ass. When the benefits of Diversity get turned up to 11, Cloud City will be no place to be… much better to be out here with us Kulaks in Uncool Flyover Country. It can be boring sometimes, but at least you’ll be alive so you can actually be bored…

  3. When the EBT system crashes in the US, there will be many Dindu Nuffins making bush meat out of possums, sewer rats, and the neighbors cats.

    • Shit when that happens they will be eating the captives of the weaker tribes which will be all those cosmic liberal whites in those big cities… Instead of being roasted on a campfire in the middle of the Jungle they will be stuffed in a burn barrel in the middle of the ghetto…

    • outside the confines of their own urban ratholes, Dindus will be shot on sight. Once the urban White cosmics are no more, uniform=skin color.

    • good, good. We want just enough marbeling to bring out a roundness to the flavor. Too thin and that harsh, mesquite like cannabis flavor begins to overpower.
      At Wendigo Meats LLC, our motto is Always Be That Apex Predator.

  4. Remember, Bush Meat includes people. Boasian Anthropology went into overdrive to hide the extent of cannibalism in the varous Primitive Worlds of Native America, Black Africa, Oceania, Australia, etc.

  5. One wonders how much of that bush meat might in fact be human flesh, its origin disguised. (I hold to a different definition of than that held by the White Nationalists. My definition is, Human ingestion of human flesh, a.k.a. cannibalism.)

  6. The comment program omiiitd an important element of the comment. To clarify, I hold the worst Race Treason to be Human ingestion of human flesh.

    • Pressure cooking bush meat after removing bones and nerve/brain tissue may make it less infectious. +15psi-g and +240 F. for the rated minutes do good killin’ and tenderize the chewy bits. Most people don’t have enough jars and propane to process the meaty content of the freezers before they thaw and spoil, in case of an extended power lack of utility power.

      North America has a domestic version of Jungle Meat- critter meat. Anything that walks/crawls/flies/slithers is a tasty supplement to sprouted or ground wheat, boiled/soaked/sprouted/ground beans, potatoes, rice, garden produce, bark, berries, fruit, MRE’s, freeze-dried, canned whatever. If they get hungry enough and the spices hold out, there’s eatin’. Trapping is the way. Live trapping keeps everything fresh.

      Pressure cookers aren’t actually very effective as explosive-enhancers, but they do a nice job processing low-acid food in jars! Food Not Bombs. 😉

  7. Gotta Soak that shit in milk to take out the gameness, sometimes for days. Like all critters, palatability all depends on what that critter was grazing on.

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  9. I have to laugh, despite Haxo’s not posting in this tread, some still think he’s way off.

    Haxo Angmark has been right on target for years. Some of you recognize that, others are still in denial. Moreisthepitty.

    Still, those of you that understand that the negro and the muslim are nothing more than the cat’s paw of the Jew are ahead of the power curve, those that don’t are behind.