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“…You can look up any dictionary definition of martial law you like, but living under such oppression first hand is as good of an explanation as you can get: absolute arbitrary rule by the government with a gun potentially pointed at you at all times, food used against you as a weapon, and being under surveillance at any or all times…”

— Paylie Roberts, Memories of Poland – Lessons From Growing Up Under Communism

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  1. If ML happens without war breaking out, then the murkins deserve nothing better. By the looks of most of them, they wouldn’t even care. As long as they get free shit – it’s all good. Just fucking disgraceful. 😦

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. The book IS worth a read. Paylie and family are personal friends. Good folk. The book does an outstanding job of connecting the dots. The amount of time and effort put into this book was staggering.

    The content is well researched, and nicely documented.
    If your a serious student of history, and want to know how it ends up. Read this book.


  4. wealthy farmer

    I liked Victor Orban’s characterization of the communists: they are like the Terminator-the late-model Terminator, the one that was sent to hunt down Arnold Schwarzeneger’s good terminator. You shatter them, blow them to pieces, and they simply reform again like blobs of mercury coming together and start trying to kill you again. In this country they propagate themselves from one generation to the next via the universities. The never fucking stop and they never go away, whether they call themselves globalists, social engineers, SJWs, whatever. In Russia they were finally stopped after they had murdered a THIRD of the population and everything ground to a standstill for 40 years and began to rust. When the underlying productive layer of the population is either mass-killed or simply stops working THEN the fuckers starve to death and are kicked aside.

  5. The Usual Suspect

    Well, many times the old lessons learned the hard way,
    are the best .