Selco: Etiquette And Not Making Things Worse


Guess what? It can always get worse.

Don’t be that guy.


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  1. Randall Flagg

    In other (earlier) times, this would have been simple, common sense, and an entirely superlative post. Not so anymore.

  2. Shinmen Takezo

    Who the fuck wrote this article?!
    It basically says to cover yourself up with a blue, plastic tarp.

    Who care about being “polite!?”
    How about getting in “their” fucking faces and shouting them down once and an while… with an AR slung over your shoulder is not a bad idea as well.

    Fuck them and their feelings.

    You push the “right wing” over the edge and the cocksucking gillotines and pits of burning truck tires come out in the open.

    It’s time to stand up and be visible and in the steets.

    • Wherever you are, I wanna be someplace else.

    • You get the patch.

    • Takezo,

      You’re spot on. Ask Prime Minister Chamberlain about Munich and appeasement.


      Mr. Shinmen: It is not time yet for the guillotines and the truck tires. We are getting close. I believe the author is talking about situations when a person is out of his/her environment or community due to travel, or some other unavoidable obligation related to employment.
      In my past ;life, I have been in some very bad areas of SoCal in connection with my former employment as a Peace Officer. A white man in a business suit, driving an unmarked Crown Vic, and walking around the area adjacent to the LA Coliseum and other ghetto or barrio areas will attract a lot of unwanted attention. I got away with it by convincing the folks who lived there that I was not a threat to them and as soon as my business there was finished, I was gone. I was fortunate.
      There is a time and a place for getting into someones face. Go back to my post of awhile ago about the Charley Reese article where he talks about: THE TRULY DANGEROUS MAN. Remember that he who slings mud, loses ground. Scour your hatchet and stay ready. Don Vito says that revenge is a dish best supped cold. I plan on eating a lot of cold food in the very near future. Bleib ubrig.

  3. Murphy was an optimist.
    Condition yellow at all times.
    See Gen Mattis’ advice regarding everyone you

  4. Dont look your barista in the eyes, people.

    Lol at this cowardly ‘prepper’ mindset.

  5. Did you bother to pay attention to what was written?
    This is not cowardly prepper mindset. this is how to act in a Non-permissive environment.
    No mention is made of what to do if it does not work. He didnt say if faced with aggression just bend over and spread your cheeks. He said be polite, cautious and since you dont know the local custom dont do anything that could obviously be culturally rude.
    Nothing worthy of your ire here people, read it think about it for a minute and then move on.

    • Too right! Nails that stick up tend to get hammered down. Be the Gray Man.

    • Gren1,

      Gee, thanks for your unasked for advice. But, then again you’re the same asshole who loves himself some free trade and the destruction of what little Amerikan sovereignty remains. You know, that Econ 101 your globalist ass loves so much.

      Folks are tired of being told to bend over and then having globalists like you telling them to enjoy it.

      • This is about personal interaction at an individual level. It has nothing to do with international trade. Why don’t you go look up some more big boy buzz words to insult me with. In case you didn’t know none of our advice is asked for, we all just trade it freely and globally. Now you get a tariff so shut the fuck up.

  6. stay away from niggers. As far away as possible. If they approach you, kill them before they kill you. It’s the polite thing to do.

    • If you are OK with being the next George Zimmerman.

      • outlawpatriot

        Aaand, we’re back. 😀

      • “If you are OK with being the next George Zimmerman.”

        Because the po LICE protect and serve the scum of society – including themselves and politicians.

        It’s time to do away with the badged parasitic losers called cops. They’re useless as tits on a bull. They are the bigger problem here.

    • Enjoy the remotest spots in North America. It’s cold out there!

      But, there aren’t any mobs of “undesirables”. Nor is there a hospital within a 3 day walk+several days 4WD. Best wishes, and lots of PPE.

      Civilization: it’s not all bad news and GMO’s.

  7. Understanding the various definitions of Cultural Demensions (such as Hofstede’s) may help also; take Power Distance for one example.

    People from different cultures can respond differently; some would be indifferent towards another person’s belief, opinion, or comment, and others would have you hanged (or display an infatuation with killing you) for it.

    How fast some people go from “idle” to “turbo-boost” over a simple difference of opinion, is their Power Distance Index (PDI).

    A person with a low P.D.I. would/could/should externalize the situation and shrug-off the insult, allocution, or insinuation.

    The extent at which a person uses/relies on emotion, physical gestures, or violent acts can be correlated with their low level of reason or intelligence.

    “Suffice to say”….. avoid people (cultures) with a high P.D.I.

    USA used to be a low PDI culture; those days are gone.

    • Should not that be reversed? I don’t have to ramp up to ballistic if I catch somebody stealing something from me, I am already there. Generally my PDI is inverse to the opposite parties PDI. Want something, are calm about it and willing to trade for it, and willing to take no for an answer the friction level is pretty low. Try anything else and its Armageddon time.

    • Freedom of Association is a good thing. Avoid those people who you consider trouble, and help those you can deal with. It’s very possible to live entirely within a Western Civ sub-culture inside the fUSA, even in a city being filled with Somali’s and Syrians (<10% Jihadi by weight!).

  8. There was a reason the Victorians had a code of etiquette — It worked in the main.

  9. That is probably good etiquette advice if you are in a no-go zone in Londonistan, St. Cloudistan, Africa or an Islamic state.

    Grey Ghost

  10. So they win?

    Bullshit . If I want to walk down a US street dressed in tie and tails I will. MY people built this country, bled through the seven years war, rev war, civil war all the way to Austria in WWII to preserve western civilization.

    The other side of this upcoming unpleasantness, better cover up.

    • One of the guy’s in Deer Hunter said it all the time…”Fuckin A!”
      I enjoy getting shitheads riled up.Sap gloves are a wonder of nature.It is similar to getting hit with a hammer.

  11. Lotta people throwing shade on Selco. Shame on y’all.

    Say what you want – dude’s seen the elephant. Town surrounded and cut off for a year. Shelled daily by arty. Snipers everywhere. Roving criminal gangs ramrodded by their respective Warlords.

    Folks forget that even the biggest badass out there can – and often was – backshot and taken down by some creaky old duffer in IDGAF-anymore mode with his WWII leftover boltgun he had hidden under the kitchen floorboards. Live by your wits and survive, or become sport for the crows.

    If he was just some scrub FNG running his mouth, then the shade-throwers would definitely have a point.

    But dude survived being thrown in the Fuck Barrel for a year. That gets my attention, and I tend to listen to people who actually have the chops to opine about these things.

    That Guy – do not be Him.

  12. Interesting advice.

    However the being polite rule is not always the rule either. Especially in the middle east, sometimes you gotta be a dick, cuz being polite just makes you out to be a mark.

    Sometimes if you are different, then just embrace it. I get a kick out of the Texan rough necks in the middle east, with their cowboy hats, cowboy boots, huge belt buckle and typical Texas garb. Want to keep Arabs from messing with you? Dress like a cowboy..

    Of course if you dress like a cowboy in Mexico… You look like the locals and blend in.

    In other parts of Asia like the Philippines, I pretty much treat them the same way at home. I really don’t think of the locals as ‘different’. Maybe because Philippine culture is more similar to American than Mexican as a example.

    In other countries political correctness is not existent. I can get away with making statements in other countries that Americans now days get all offended about over stuff that that Americans would not have pre-political correct days. For example referring to a local homosexual TV celeb as a disgusting pervert and the locals a good half will agree.

    Many ideas and concepts that Americans assume to be exclusively American like libertarian ideals are very common outside the US.

    On the other hand the mind pollution and propaganda of CNN is also pervasive and CNN is much more blatant in its propaganda and hate Americans in its programs broadcast to audiences outside the US.