TL Davis: Vote For Us, Or Else


No happy ending.

But a strong likelihood of meaningfully-distinct outcomes.

You still need more food and more ammo.

And a helluva lot more friends.

In all foreseeable cases.

13 responses to “TL Davis: Vote For Us, Or Else

  1. Now a days in the business of elections there is always one guarantee winner; the consultants; why do you ask;

  2. The pace is quickening, events are accelerating. The white guy that drove his car out of the Charlotte BLM riot with his pistol (stupidly) outside the window is a harbinger of sorts. There’s some serious ugliness coming not too far down the road.

    • on the other hand, the White guy with no pistol got pants’d.

    • The white man should’ve fired a two rounds just over their heads to let the fucking niggers know he meant fucking business and get the hell out the way or someone else was gonna die. Hmmm…. seems gun sales are booming in Charlotte now. Go figure.

      The ONE thing you did get right though, there is a coming unpleasantness that we have not seen in 150 years.

      Grey Ghost

  3. Well TL as is his remarkable talent, has a habit, of pointing out the essential truth.
    There is no legitimacy of government.
    Because of no legitimacy, it isn’t a government.
    Consent is yours to withdraw. And yours alone. Nobody can make you or coerce you to give consent. It can not be taken. It can only be given.
    Why are we even going along with the charade?
    What is the point?
    So when it finally implodes we are that much more behind the eight ball?
    It is time to join the honorable resistance and roll your own local sovereign Self/Family/Tribe/Community.
    You know this is the only way to not only make it thru the final days of the FUSA, but to come out the other side of obamageddon with a fighting chance to build on the semblance of civilization that always has mattered. Local. Self sufficient. Self Determining. Agrarian. Sustainable. Strong. Liberty.
    Break the chain of the nation state. Recognize, you are a link in that chain. Don’t kid yourself. Don’t be a link. They need that chain like a drowning man needs air to wrap it around your wrists to enslave you.

  4. Yes, F-U pay me. If I do work as you ask, for a fee we agreed on, early/better/more, pay me. Not just political consultants; electricians/carpenters/caterers all need to get paid.

    When facing a riot, hearing and eye protection are important. Firing a handgun inside a vehicle with the windows up is painful and will remove some valuable hearing permanently, as well as add the possibility of permanent tinnitus. Plugs in! The vehicle is the best weapon- doors locked, windows all the way up, radio off, low gear, flashers on, horn pulsing, keep rolling. Do not stop. Firearms concealed at the ready. Got smoke generators?

    You have to ask yourself: why am I driving in a place with a riot? Why would I want to be within 150 miles of a hellhole like that? They are probably discussing rent control, criminalizing offending the easily-offended, feeding the homeless, housing the hungry, “insuring” the sick, printing lots of paper money, sales tax and other Marxist menaces to civilization there.


      Sir: You have just described the place I and my tribe fled from: The Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon. We settled in Rawles Land and guess what? The mooks from Portlandia,Beverly Hills, Malibu, and other Cosmic White environs are already here!
      They are on the school boards, funding the food banks, brainwashing the little ones, sponsoring Muzzie families, and writing endless letters to the CDA Press about social justice topics. I do not have enough ammo. Ihr kommt. Bleib ubrig.