University of Tennessee investigating law professor’s tweet on Charlotte demonstrators





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  1. Link says its a ‘forbidden site’ which maybe a side story in itself. Instavalanche, at a minimum, or worse.

  2. He’s right. An automobile is a formidable weapon. If you’re being attacked you need a weapon. Of course, you’re a dumbass for being in the middle of a riot in the first place. Like the dumbshit in the parking garage. He’s lucky to be alive.

  3. Hey!

    “Black Looters Matter!”

    -by Anonymous.
    Seen over @

    • 90% of them don’t even know that’s what they are supposed to be protesting. It’s just a good opportunity to do what they normally do at night with a free pass.

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    “Of course, you’re a dumbass for being in the middle of a riot in the first place.”

    In these days of flashmobs and such, it is relatively easy to get caught in a riot (or other violent situation) that starts with relatively little/no warning. But yeah, actively going anywhere near one is definitely a stupid move.

  5. Another career destroyed, another life ruined, for publicly stating truth.

  6. Need to step away from those shovels, UT. You are digging a deep, deep hole.

  7. ALCON,

    Until these destructive, violent, worthless niggers are sent to Hades, the rioting a d destruction will only continue.

    To paraphrase Lieutenant Nguyen Huu An, NVA, opening dialogue from We Where Soldiers….Kill all they send, and they will stop rioting.

    • If you dare TOUCH one of them, you had better be ready to kill a shitload of pigs as well. Unless, of course, you have higher standing on the Preferred Species ladder than chimps. Are you a homosexual? Are you a raghead? If so, feel free to kill as many chimps as you want. If not…

      • MM,

        “….you had better be ready to kill a shitload of pigs….”

        The badged thugs will certainly be an issue. Not much different than tney are now.

  8. ALCON,

    Seems folks may have to team up and start using bounding overwatch. As Jimmy remarked “….it is….easy to get caught in a riot….”.

  9. Centurion_Cornelius

    Protester’s “Death By Bulldozer” happened in Cleveland: The Cleveland school board recently approved the demolition of Stephen E. Howe Elementary School, the same school where a 27-year-old minister was run over and killed by a bulldozer for protesting the school’s construction in the 1960s.

    The newspaper reports that the school’s construction sparked protests in 1964 from opponents who considered it an attempt to prevent racial integration.

    Bruce Klunder, a 27-year-old minister, was killed on April 7, 1964, after protesting the school’s construction by lying down behind a bulldozer.

    The bulldozer’s driver backed over Klunder after other protesters placed themselves in front of the machine.

  10. Let’s roll!


    Correct me if I am wrong. I have never visited North Carolina and I do not know that much about the state. Which area is full of Porch Monkeys, Muzzie students and Cosmic white leftist transplants? Is it the Charlotte area, Raleigh-Durham, or Asheville? Or, are these “angry blacks” imported from somewhere else?
    Actually, at this point in time my question is probably irrelevant. Sooner or later, the white boys and white girls in blue will consider this a zero-sum gain and just not show up for work. The great unwashed will continue to pillage and rape. More scared folks will abandon the major metro Blue Hives.
    This whole situation cannot possibly benefit the Hildabeest. I just heard her on the radio lamenting: “…the police shootings of young black men.” Couple that with the growing “kneeling for justice” during the National Anthem even at high school games. Even the perennial Kool-Aid drinkers are getting upset.
    When we take a break from our preps and intell gathering, this should make for some great entertainment. Bleib ubrig.

    • To answer your questions about NC — blacks are common everywhere in the state except the mountainous west. They are especially common in the eastern flatlands, where they may be over 60% in some counties. That’s because their ancestors were used as farm equipment there.

      All of the cities are filled with yankee transplants and white cosmics. Particularly Charlotte and Raleigh. Asheville is the “San Francisco of the East” because of all the gays and lesbians.

      My family have been North Carolinians since the 1740s. It is a state with lots of natural beauty, but like so many other nice places the Blue Locusts have decided to gorge themselves here.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Got family in the Charlotte area. The city is predominantly black, the suburbs, predominantly white, but the gummint has been doing what it can to diversify them via Section 8.

  12. Waxhawwarrior

    I am in Charlotte currently (not by choice,) and the “protests” have been moving to different parts of town now for the third night running. This seems to be far too well coordinated to be happenstance: it would not be surprising to find some Soros money greasing the skids. Also, the liberal Charlotteans are trying to act as if this isn’t happening so they scoot home before dark to the perceived safety of white south Charlotte, all the while lining up to buy shotguns and buckshot. Whitney owns the day and blacky owns the night. It’s gonna get worse before it gets better, I promise.

    • I would think you’d want more than shotguns and buckshot, but to each his own. IMHO, you need something with a little standoff capability, and high capacity. Something in the 7.62x?? persuasion or better. And since Charlotte is just now waking up to the game… you DON’T have enough ammo. Get stocked NOW!

      Grey Ghost

    • I lived in North-West Charlotte in the early 80’s, blue collar White neighborhood, no crime.I left in ’83. Passed through again on a trip in 2010,
      it was all Black and very rundown. Crime was probably also endemic.
      NC got really ProgreSSive, and many cities have all devolved into Black majorities, with Black problems, that the middle class Blacks know is a big problem, but are unable to alter.

    • Dead Coyote makes excellent predator rounds for shotguns. There’s not much east of the rockies that will continue to move forward after a hit or two of 12 slug.

      The venerable 12 gauge is underated. Yes I know it’s hard to reload etc but for things like encroaching predators the roar and force can make quite an impression.

  13. This is hate speech, and the source of that hate speech should be fired and blacklisted.

    But when a history teacher stomps a flag in front of his classroom, suddenly people want to protect free speech and the spirit of the first amendment.

    Must be easy not having integrity.

    • It may be “hate speech” to you on a blog, but if you are caught in a mob that attacks your car you may change your mind or get killed or raped.
      Also if the history teacher is stomping on a Confederate flag he will be praised, what goes around eventually comes around.
      As far as for me and mine, pedal to the metal, and rack that slide.

      • Sorry man, I believe we have a miscommunication here.

        Im trying to think like a progressive and justify the defense of one teacher on a “free speech” basis, and the condemnation of another.

        But I’m in total agreement that, if caught in a violent flash mob, you do whatever the fuck you need to do to keep you and yours safe. I’m not much for rolling into a ball and begging for mercy. Anyone in the greater Charlotte area should be carrying at least 2 extra mags on them, imho.

        • Thank you, If I get caught up in a fracas sure hope someone like you is on my six. God Bless, We are going to need all the help we can get in all sectors of life.

  14. I remember seeing the attack on Reginald Denny live on tee vee. At that point I decided that under those conditions I would not stop to be dragged from my car and killed or injured by sub-humans.
    1) Honk the horn (this shows you tried to warn them).
    2) Floor the loud pedal.
    3) Turn up the radio.
    4) If available engage 4WD as req’d.

  15. Woe to anyone whom I believe is about to harm me or my family. Period.

  16. Marlo Stanfield

    As long as police are legally allowed to lie. To us, the media, things will keep getting worse.

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  17. Funny…I was just yesterday telling one of my two college sons that if he got hemmed in by rioters whilst driving he should turn them into speed bumps…and that if he acquired a clinger he should scrub him off on a light pole, fire hydrant, or mail box.

    Both sons carry prohibited items on campus and in the classrooms…with my blessing.

    I am a bad dad. 😦

  18. Just another day of struggle, trying to make it to class.