Basket of Deplorables

What all the cool kids are wearing to the counter-riots.

Aim low.


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  2. Stephen Arthur

    Via the Oregonian ( oregonlive.com ) Mark McConnell from Malhuer occupation was a government informant. Stay frosty, know who your friends are.

  3. Basket Of Deplorables in Simple Gematria Equals: 188

    “Bavarian Illuminati” = 188
    “ActiveThrityThird Degree Freemason” = 188
    “Defense Advanced Research Project Agency” = 188 (DARPA)
    “Shriner Hospitals for Childern” = 188
    “William Aurther Philip Louis Windsor” = 188

    “Experimentation” = 188 O
    “John D Rockefeller III” = 188 O
    “Local Authorities” = 188 O
    “Lottery Number” = 188 O
    “Major Championship” = 188 O
    “Masonic History” = 188 O
    “Presidential Term” = 188 O
    “Seismograph Reading” = 188 O
    “Baseball Fan” = 188 J

    “Special” = 188 J
    “Alarming” = 188 J

    Some interesting references to the Number 188

  4. Good god, everybody knew their was a snitch, or two inside the refuge. Rumor is three. Bundies, had to be aware of ” plants” inside the wire.

    This isnt a court case, it’s a fucking dog and pony show. These guys are fucked, EVERYBODY dropped a dime on them.

    It’s just a matter of time before everything said and done will be a matter of public record.

    As for Lavoys murder, again patience. That ones a civil case, the rules are very very different, 51 percent is burden of proof, not 99.9 percent.

    Won’t be surprised when the Feds, and OSP wave a pile of money in Janette and families face, with an air tight non disclosure contract. I hope they can hold fast and do both agencies laundry in public.


  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Marlo Stanfield

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