All Blacked Out


Z Man ain’t the only one.

Some practical advice from Cold Fury and from Bracken.

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  1. Yea, I and many others are all “blacked out”…which means there are no more fucks to give…

  2. The more the better.
    ZombieLBJ: “these riots will have those crackers shooting blacks for 200 years”.

    • The real (maybe) quote for context.

      “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”, Lyndon Baines Johnson.

      I like this one. “…black riots are the new normal under our first black president.”, Rush Limbaugh

      You know, for some, the next president will be the first white president.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Bob Dole said the same thing about shooting blanks.

  3. Always liked these words, specially after getting suckered
    punched 🙂

    “When The Going Gets Tough – The Tough Get Going”
    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  4. The more you give, the more they want…

    I’ve found that you can’t help anyone past the point of showing them the way. Throwing at $ at problems only results in losing your $. There comes a point when a person has to take responsibility for their own lives.

    The ultimate answer is getting rid of all cops.

    Then we’ll see how long blacks/politicians/scumbags/ and criminals make a nuisance of themselves. 🙂

    • “Throwing at $ at problems only results in losing your $. ”

      The problem is that for the politicians buying votes, it’s not their money. They won’t stop.

    • You’re spot on here, sir. Especially the part of you get more of what you pay for.

      The cops are all on the fence now, having to walk the razor because they have to eat. They’ll get rid of themselves, because ultimately they’ll have to choose. The recent fbi crap with the director indicates that the majority of the 3 letter orgs will run the wrong way. I’m not so sure about metro units, especially after reading sites like second city, and more confident that rural police will “chu hoi” because they’re family and roots are rural/local. Like a wound, the further from the site of the infection the better health the tissue will have.

      This riot shit that the controllers are up to remind me of those hilarious ass videos of flag burners torching themselves. The more they screw with the fire the sooner it’s going to bite them in the ass.

  5. Also, don’t forget all figures involving white people, also include Hispanic and latino in them! Under UCR, (universal crime reporting) that go to the FBI stats, White, hispanic, and latino. are all the same race box.

    • that’s how they inflate “white crime” alright: counting spics as Whites. So when a spic kills a Black, it’s scored as White-on-Black. Calculated correctly, Blacks must be killing something 20 times as many Whites as the reverse.

  6. Have a scanner?
    Have pro-masks and tear gas?
    Have Gen III night vision?
    Have alternate and supplementary routes?

    The most secured routs are a bit slower; avoid the big cities if at all possible.

    Re: Braken’s vigilante scenario; the baited ambushes are a favorite!

  7. The “optics” look bad, they are supposed to, it is the purpose, but the reality is something entirely different. While the 5th column controls those optics, the majority of people are sitting looking at what is crisis as a means, and waiting more or less patiently for the shoe to drop, because most people who have a clue understand these “riots’ and the Black Looser’s Movement is a proxy and the violent front of the collective of political power presently running things.
    But the collective isn’t gaining traction in the social and political sense, Soro’s and his ilk are not getting the results they are looking for. Sure their actions are generating turmoil and chaos, but it is a fleeting effect.
    White, and Black America, aren’t as weak as they supposed. The people aren’t rising up and taking the racial bait, violent backlash hasn’t turned out, never mind the instigation of a race war, every BLM operation “riot” ends up in the dead cat bounce the minute the bussed in agitator’s and agent provocateurs get back on the bus.
    Matt Bracken was correct to term this the cultural marxist’s amerikan Tet offensive. But like the Vietnam Tet it is a false paradigm, and only the 5th column media carries the water of “revolution”, and no matter how much of a monopoly of the memes and narratives, most of us basically yawn and keep on keeping on, knowing when the time comes, if it comes, these false flag riots can be delt with and dispatched with extreme prejudice on a very personal level. As the late Mike Vanderboegh sublimely stated We don’t go to our cities and loot and burn them down, we go to your cities and kill and burn you down. As extreme as that may appear an observation, there is an essential truth contained within it. American’s, us “Deplorable’s”, the dirt people who make up so much of this country, for all our seeming timidness, it is easy to countenance that timidity as sheep waiting for slaughter, or as Kulak’s to be liquidated in some pre-determined future. Nothing could be further from the truth, because if there is one virtue hundreds of millions of Patriotic American’s share and have in common is a uniquely cultural reserve of tolerance to such things. That isn’t weakness, that is an inherent to the bone understanding once our tolerance has reached it’s limit, what is unleashed is a terrible retribution, a force that is unstoppable until it’s antagonists are ultimately exterminated. It is an all or nothing thing, a line nobody with a sense of propriety and justice wants to cross unless it is truly required. None of this sense of what comeuppance is about us is something that is overt, it is just an underlying precept of moral clarity, but it is indomitable.
    In any case time is growing short for the globalist to pull an effective rabbit out of their ass’s to create the excuses and lies to stop the Deplorable’s from seceding in November. Looking like they will have to attempt a seriously radical false flag or crisis as a means event to create the appearance of national emergency where they can announce rescinding of what remains of this constitutional republic. That could be anything from deliberately detonating an EMP device over the continent, to setting up a terrorist event like 911. Martial Law is looking more and more like the only viable option within the time frame between now and inauguration day. I think logically, if that can be relied upon in light of how insane the ruling regime and it’s allies are, it is too late to assassinate Donald Trump, if, key word, if logic and law of unintended consequences play a role in the decision making process of those involved in usurpation of America. Because if anyone understands TINVOWOOT it’s those who have orchestrated TINVOWOOT to begin with. TINVOWOOT is coming home to roost, TINVOWOOT is a double edged sword, it is cutting both ways. Killing Donald Trump could serve as a crisis as a means for declaring Martial Law, but the usurper in the white house would be crossing another “red line” he is ill equipped to enforce. Would there be any quantitative doubt Donald Trumps assasination wasn’t cold blooded murder for an excuse to declare himself or his anointed predecessor dicktator for life of north america?
    At this point the globalists are all in, there is no turning back now. The world is awakening to their schemes, time is indeed growing short for them, it is do or die time. Secession from the State if not in act, is growing in hearts and minds from every quadrant of dirt people. In no uncertain terms secession begins with the heart before it can become an act, and that is a very dangerous thing that can not be permitted to blossom to bear fruit, at any costs. That is the kind of withdrawal of consent and defiance which is utterly existential to the globalists dreams of world dominion. An open source type of insurgency that is of such a nebulous but provincial nature, stamping it out is impossible. It is probably too late to stamp it out now as it is.

  8. I admire your intellectual
    dishonesty and intentional
    failure to attribute Paul Joseph Watson’s
    ( not Zero Hedge) video as the source
    of this post.
    ZH’s article links to PJW’s (infowars youtube channel) video, and the majority of its text
    is taken verbatim from PJW’s narration
    throughout his video.
    I am especially impressed by your shameless
    theft of a statistical chart graphic
    also used by PJW in the same video.
    Well done.

    • Oh dear, are you going to send WRSA to the Dean of Students for an academic integrity review? Give him a F for this paper?

      If you ever actually listen to Infowars, Alex Jones and company repeatedly say they are not interested in who gets the credit, they are interested in simply getting information out. Why aren’t you?

      • Intellectual honesty matters.
        Just as the Rule of (Constitutional) Law
        Regardless that a treasonous, traitorous, seditious, high-crimes shitbag, is your
        buudy, friend, family, or pal.

        • Dude:

          The ZH article was linked.

          The graphic from the article was therefore properly attributed for the blogosphere, unless you can prove otherwise by a page/paragraph cite to the Blue Book Manual of Blogging Style.

          Which doesn’t fucking exist.

          If PJW wants an edit, he can drop a note to

          Outstanding value-add as always, skippy.

        • Well I hate to give away some of the fun I get from watching his bullshit but you have to consider info ap is just our old cavmed (or cav medn, by his own admission, and I have the screen captures) under a different handle.

          Doubt me, just do a search on this site for posts by info app. Then go over to TL Davis’ site and do a search for info ap and/or some line from one of info ap posts here.

          Then go over to special K’s site and do a search for a phrase from one of the posts you just found and you’ll find enough verbatim matches of the comments posted elsewhere, posted there under the cavmed handle.

          What you won’t find is a verbatim copy of the comments posted in other places on the web able to be attributed to other authors.

          If you want to take the time you can find examples/matches at least back to Lavoy’s murder.

          The poster Richard Yomouth that has posted here is most certainly another cavmed identity. At least based on content of posts and examining the timestamp of the posts.

          Sigh, I wonder what moniker he’ll pop up under now?

          • outlawpatriot

            Really question those that change handles. Gives me pause. Especially since every one of them are… well… 🙂

          • Wes,

            This info ap/cav med/whatever isn’t the only clown changing his handle/screen name. The taqiyya practicing moslem Haxo/Stuka Pilot/Wise Cave Owl has done it often. As I understand it Haxo-Mohammed has another screen name or two to his credit.

            Then we have the goofball Jim Klein aka MichiganJim aka MichiganderJim changing up his handle. However, it doesn’t matter what his screen name is. I find his remarks make little sense. So regardless of his name one is better off drawing their attention elsewhere.

            Although I find the multiple screen name changes humorous, it is not unusual. The only folks these people are fooling are themselves. Besides, one’s time is better used M-F’ing soetoro-obama and/or the dyke Hillary Klinton, than wasting bandwidth on the aforementioned.

            • MichiganderJim

              I told you…the MichiganJim was just a slip…I forgot my own gee maile address. Sorry if one handle change in 20 years is too much for you…you’ll just have to manage.

              Glad I’m on your brain so much. You could do worse. Sorry I missed it, brave guy…what was your last name again?

              • Jim Klein/MichiganJim/ MichiganderJim,

                “I forgot my own gee maile address.”

                No wonder that trucking company you allege to have ran went down the shitter.

                Don’t flatter yourself Jimbo. You’re far from being on my mind. I just used you as an example. Now, how about you explaining your lame attempt at Saul Alinsky’s Rule #5 , that “brave guy” ridicule effort ? Say what you mean, pussy. Don’t be pulling that Hillary Klinton bullshit.

                BTW….you haven’t had a burning sensation in your lungs lately, have you ?

                • MichiganderJim

                  Still don’t understand the burning crack…spit it out, willya? What trucking company? I think you got your fantasies confused. It happens; that’s why I try to stay away from fantasies.

  9. The above just reminds me to to check weapons n get my azz to the range more. So glad I left NC long ago, it has degenerated into a amalgam of pseudo caring populous with underlying thuggery.

  10. I’ll start off with I don’t support BLM and the riots are ridiculous but what they are protesting is blacks killed by cops.

    I don’t understand people in the liberty/patriot movements support of the police. They are the ones who keep enforcing unconstitutional laws. Yes there are some that if things got crazy wouldn’t enforce those laws but most would. A lot of them say they wouldn’t but think about it. They signed up for a job which they know enforces laws that are anti freedom. When it comes down to it most will do what they have to to keep their paycheck coming to support their families.

    BLM is a horrible organization and their tactics are criminal. It makes sense to protest people killed by cops because they are a taxpayer funded entity. It doesn’t make sense to protest black on black violence. Gangs and thugs shooting up streets won’t get changed by protests.

    • I suggest that most in the liberty movement grudgingly support PoPo that do their job right and abhor with vengeance when they don’t. Part of the problem is that half of the law is an ass, and we need to look in our own mirrors as to WTF?


      CH: Never interrupt your enemies when they are busy contending with one another. Use this interlude to stock up, train, and sift through the intell available in your A/O.

    • actually,what the niggers are “protesting” is the fact that they’re niggers. And they’re right. It’s so unjust

    • CH,

      Myself, I have little love for the badged thugs. I agree with you that they’re the enforcers for the tyranny of the ruling elites, the “government”.

      I’m not so sure the Liberty folks love the badged thugs. Most references to cops here are not too flattering.

  11. “You didn’t build that” is race specific. Most important assertion is the lack of cognitive ability. The talented 10th are not enough to achieve critical mass. This is the populace the cloud people seek. That’s why they’re out to exterminate white, western culture. Make no mistake about it.

  12. See you that; raise you this:

  13. Info app, do you by chance live on an island in the Great Lakes and hate everybody and everything? You sound vaguely familiar .

    ” this ought to earn me a ” fuck you pig” or two

    Dirk Williams

    • outlawpatriot


    • I highly doubt anyone but myself on this site owns a home on any island in the Great Lakes.


      You show promise and I give you credit for hanging in there.
      But the cop thing is going the way of the 58′ Edsel. You guys have worn out your welcome and usefulness and are the REAL problem with this country. Lay down with dogs and you’ll wake-up(or not) with fleas… Just letting you know.

      • Ma, cops aren’t going anywhere, to many limp dicks who can’t manage their affairs, are pussys and do not have the skills to problem solve. Or the verbal ability to vocalize their issues, more importantly the solutions to those issues

        Any nation has to have rules, and a group to enforce them. Men like you, me, the others here, are clearly capable of managing our shit. We use to be the norm. Not anymore.

        One of the things I clearly agree with you on is, zero oversight, or accountability, the courts, the system have rigged it, a bad cop shooting is no different then a flat out murder. Hold them accountable,

        Being a cop is a fucking tough job. I’ll ask you this, could you do the job, be fair and impartial. Not slap people around or shoot them. How about excepting the responsibility for your actions when you are clearly wrong.

        How about going thru a door alone, knowing that pure fucking evil is on the other side, that you have a responsibility to offer him/ her the chance to be taken into custody, to be tried by a group of his peers. Going thru the door, knowing Evil isn’t interested in going to jail after slaughtering his girlfriend and her two children, with a machete.

        And then using only the force that is required to take this sack of shit pussy into,custody, when you really what to smoke the cock sucker, and save tax payers big money.

        I spent many many days on the beach in my career. If I was wrong, I excepted the responsibility for my actions. Believe it or not you and me, even being on the different side of the spectrum have much common ground.

        I’m still objective enough to hear your side,,your thoughts, your solutions. With an open mind. I never made it to jaded and cynical part of the police parade. I truly liked the people I served, in my communities, not the looser fuck sticks I had in my chains of command.

        Have a great weekend. Headed to the yacht club for a couple cool ones. FYI, should you ever make it to southern Oregon, you are welcome at my home.


        • After the great cleansing – whichever type occurs, and the world shakes off the masses unworthy of life, I would expect state sanctioned enforcers will be mostly a sad footnote in history. Man was created to be free, not ruled, caged, and fleeced like animals. I’m a believer in survival of the fittest. If righteousness is superior to evil then it alone will prevail. The weak, lazy, and evil have been protected and allowed to thrive and infect this world by artificial means. Forcibly taxing the productive to support the non-productive – and allowing them to re-produce generation after generation is a sin. It doesn’t happen in nature and thus is abhorrent to the universe’s balance.

          Enjoy your weekend.

        • MichiganderJim

          I notice you view the cop’s job as enforcing the rules, not protecting the innocent or even stopping thugs. Telling.

          What in the world ever gave you the idea that it’s your business to manage the affairs of those who can’t manage their own? Why would you want to, anyway?

        • DW,

          Here, below….Thomas Jefferson said it better than I can….

          “Of Liberty I would say that, in the whole plenitude of it’s extent, it is unobstructed action according to our will. But rightful Liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add “within the limits of the law” because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.”

          Your beloved cops are badged thugs. Nothing more. They lie, cheat and steal under that color of law you love so much. Hell, I guess you ignored the second highest Law Enforcement thug, James Comey, giving the kriminal Klinton a pass on her numerous and intentional violations of fUSA “law”.And then his boss Lynch falling right in lockstep with her fellow scumbag Comey. “I cantz charge my gurl Hillarie.” “You herd my boy Jimmy.”

          There are two sets of law in this formerly great nation….one for the ruling elites and one for everyone else.

          Fuck the badged thugs.

          “….law is often but the tyrant’s will.”

  14. The Usual Suspect

    Regardless, to venture from the hive cities tooooooooo far
    is death.
    Let them burn the fucking cities down, I don’t care.
    If you are white and live there you killed your self.

    • Have you looked at the demographic of the South? I really don’t think whether your in the city or in the country if your surroundings are dark your going to be screwed either way…Look what happened in Argentina or what’s going on in Brazil and Venezuela right now…If your not surrounded by those who hold the same values and morals as yourself then your going to have to do a lot more blood spilling than those that do…

  15. North Carolina ‘was’ a battleground state. Blaming whitey when a black man shoots another black man ain’t gonna work. The riots just gave Trump a billion dollars in free advertising. As I’ve said before, the biggest battles will be between the public pension slugs and the free shit army. The Patriots need to just stay the fuck out of the way and let the two destroy each other. You think this rioting is bad, just wait. If Trump wins, watch out.

  16. Interesting – in the pic above, the only chimps appear in the foreground, with the kozmik whites & puzzled asians in background.

    Perhaps the chimps are visually demonstrating what 13% looks like?

  17. eminencefrontman

    I’m sorry but there’s no chance Trump can win, as much as I would like to see it and think it is the only thing which delay our inevitable slide.
    The reason I say this is that in looking at the electoral college demographics, there is no chance he can “flip” enough states to win the E.C. vote. Granted it is entirely likely he will win the popular vote, but ask Pres. Gore how much that matters. The numbers don’t lie, and no matter how many votes he gets or states he wins, the power of the CA, NY, PA, IL,VA, MN, OR, WA and the handful of New England states is insurmountable. It doesn’t matter if Trump wins OH, FL, NC, TX and the south/midwest. Be prepared for what I truly fear is an inevitability.

    • ….frontman,

      You be following the lies foisted upon the sheeple by the mainstream media. Get in line with the rest of the sheeple.

      The next POTUS will be Mr. T.

  18. 600,000 people killed in the war of Northern Aggression ostensibly to free the blacks. $4-12Trillion (depending on who crunches the numbers) spent on trying to bring them up out of poverty. Hiring quotas. Job set-asides. Lessened standards.
    Nothing will make them happy.
    All we asked of them was to shut-up and behave.
    Obviously both are impossible.

    And what is it about every one of them having to lie about anything that involves another black person. Most recent example from Charlotte was the guy that got shot by a civilian as the guy stood among a bunch of preachers. The lying sack of garbage preacher reports that a cop did the shooting. So they catch the guy and he’s not a cop. Twanna Brawley. The hooker w/the lacrosse players. Etc Etc ad nauseam.

    They’re gonna PO the wrong person one day and the match they lite ain’t gonna be pretty.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      +1-everything has been tried, and ain’t nobody happy ’bout nothin’. Whites have bent over backwards, sideways, forward, and tied into pretzels; still the ghetto expands and the ghetto behavior continues. Special Privileges have been given to every “minority” that has shown up on America’s doorstep. That includes Hindus, Mexicans, and Asians-all of whom were born into another country and have no record of “historical discrimination” in their repertoire. The end of the end has been reached, and the only thing left is indifference.

  19. The Usual Suspect

    Somebody gonna be president of a country afire.