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From Chris Muir.


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  1. Yup and regardless who wins, we all lose. Take our country back from the criminals or we end up like this:

    • SemperFi, 0321

      We know what needs to be done, but the other 99% of the sheeple are clueless. Any ideas how you plan to pull off the overthrow?

      Every single fucking day I have conversations with my friends, family and neighbors, and every single one of them defends the system. They call me stupid for not going along with the way things work. And I remind them things weren’t like this a few decades ago. And they remind me that they like it this way, because everyone else does it too.
      So where are the resistors going to come from, when everyone is a conformist?

      • There’s not going to be, and doesn’t have to be an ‘overthrow’.
        They are auto de-legitimizing themselves. There only has to be resistance and survival. The chaff will sort itself from the wheat as your ‘friends’ are now doing. All you have to do is remain alive and healthy – a tall order in itself. The real threat lies with invasion from illegals and foreign enemy forces. We certainly live in interesting times. Keep buying ammo, keep adding to the lists…

    • Chief Shirtingbull

      My favorite line out the 80’s movie “The War of The Roses”: “There’s no winning, there’s only degrees of losing!”

  2. any “UN” attempt to censor the ‘net will be done about as efficiently as everything else the UN does. Besides, if Trump wins, he’ll put a stop to all the bad stuff. Really. He will

  3. To career Pol the only solution they see to problems is ‘mo govt’. Trump may yet screw the pooch, but I don’t think he has a ‘mo govt’ problem. Our problems really begin when he serves out his term.

  4. The rules for the debate say no step-stool at the podium for Hellary so she can feel as tall as Trump.
    Trump should insist on letting her have the step so she can fall off of it. Not like she hasn’t done it before.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. You should already be living as if the gov’t does not exist, as much as possible.

    Then, when the rug is pulled out you are already accustomed.

    Many are talking the talk but few are walking the walk.

    By next summer they’ll be running.