Flyer Printing At Home


CAMI sends.

Got samizdat?


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  1. Don’t forget to do your hacks, depending on what you’re printing:

    Buying from a garage sale would probably work easier, but keep such in mind. There are things the government would take like you printing, and there are things gs the government WON’T like you printing.

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  3. THEBigFatPanda

    And in totally unrelated news, this from over at SSI:

    All caps: WTF???

  4. The stencil duplicator or mimeograph machine is a low cost alternative.When i was a young punk I dismantled and scrapped a few linotype machines. Great machines. My Dad was a linotype operator. Offset printing made line casting obsolete.Lead pigs were a common item.
    You should own a mimeograph just for the smell of that bright blue ink.

    • Yeap…. All those font types and styles… serif/san serif, huge
      A consideration could be to print what the industry calls “Shells.”
      Shells are normally the preprinted areas, like the mastheads, signatures,
      borders, etc. which for looks and impact, are full color (c, m, y,
      and black). and can be later on do weekly, monthly, quarterly
      imprints using just black (like articles etc.) A printer with, let’s
      say a printing stock/paper capacity of 23″ x 35″ can do 8 81/2″ x 11″
      up on the sheet, or 4= 11″ × 17″ on the sheet or even fold that
      23 x 35 inch sheet and get your 16 page magazine or whatever.
      So many variables and factors when dealing with origami’s 🙂
      Scratch and sniffs 🙂 The coolest thing is when loading web presses
      (continous feed using rolls of paper/stock), those rolls can weigh
      a few thousand pounds, and one can turn and route to wherever you
      want it to roll. Who was that famous guy that said something about
      turning the world using a particular point, or something like that?

      “In the beginning was the Word…”

      “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  5. Didn’t do the Vietnamese translation, but the French is “Where ever they go, whatever they do, the traitors will be punished”. Huh. That needs to happen.