Fred: An Obsolescent American Military – Bombing Everything, Gaining Nothing

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-11-08-48-pm(Painful Russian propaganda pointing to this WiB article, which is even more painful)


What, precisely, is the US military for, and what, precisely, can it do? In practical terms, how powerful is it? On paper, it is formidable, huge, with carrier battle groups, advanced technology, remarkable submarines, satellites, and so on. What does this translate to?


The purpose of the American military/industrial/security/academic/media/governmental (MISAMG) complex is both to perpetuate itself and the post-WW2 American empire, while fleecing current and future taxpayers to within a paycheck or two of penury.

Smedley was right.

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  1. Funny. The US military is controlled by civilians. Look in the mirror.

  2. Sorry Barry….General Smedley was right. War IS a racket.

    I would think that 19 years after you were forced to retire from the USA, you’d stop shilling for both the military and the fedgov. I was wrong.

    • Smedley was utterly and wholly full of shit.

      He penned that self-damning screed – with all the sincerity of Bill Clinton commending the virtues of monogamy – after his career-long outspoken assholishness and asshattery cost him the commandancy of the Marine Corps, whereupon purely for spite at the hand that previously fed him, he undertook to publicly convert to the reddest form of international socialism wholesale, and then proceeded to whore himself and his military reputation out for speech money, to any dipshit cause offering to contribute to his rent fund.
      (cf. the precedents of anyone from Benedict Arnold to Wesley Clark, lest anyone think this is a rare thing among former generals, who have a planetary rotational problem, in thinking the sun shines out their sphincters, and believing therefore that the entire solar system revolves around them. Especially after they retire.)

      Anyone using Butler’s comments for serious reference at face value has essentially self-identified as a desperate progressive, grasping at any semblance of a straw, as though it were bedrock, and deserves whatever mocking and ridicule afterwards they receive.

      The underlying facts of all that are readily available, if one merely bothers to go and look. The inescapable facts of the matter are that despite multiple feats of personal gallantry under arms, Smedley Butler knew as much about geopolitics and macroeconomics in his own time as does any former sitcom star in the current age, and thus as an authority on any such topic, ranks somewhere between Meathead Reiner, and Ted Danson in raw intellectual wattage.

      • Wonderfully acerbic and dismissive, as usual. Priceless. Thanks for the laugh and the truth.

        Nevertheless, in one brief statement, Smedley was right… war is indeed, most often, a racket, or at least the racketeers are sure to get theirs out of one.

      • Regardless of who wrote it, the fact remains.

        War IS a racket.

        You typed 300+ words chasing your tail.

  3. 24 years. One is never “forced” to retire.

    If you had bothered to actually read GEN Smedley you might (maybe — it is doubtful) have noticed that the war racket he was talking about was a civilian racket.


    • Sorry Barry….you were forced to retire. The command said “sayonara”. Care to post your last NCOER ? “Do not retain”….gee, that little remark doesn’t appear does it ? Maybe you’d care to post your disciplinary memorandum ?

      And what is your point in stating GENERAL (what’s a GEN ?) Butler in his book, was talking about a civilian racket ? The theme of his book was about the MILITARY execution of fedgov policy by which corporate entities allegedly benefitted. In case you haven’t noticed, the POTUS/COMMANDER-in-Chief and his pals, the United States Congress and the SECDEF are all “civilians”. So, the reality is every conflict this once, great nation has entered into was thrust upon the citizens by civilians….the civilians known as POTUS and CONGRESS with the MILITARY compliantly executing said conflicts. “Yes Sir, three bags full !”

      Butler, in his book, explains his roll as the military executioner of fedgov policy. The United States military executed policy….not Wall Street, not General Motors, not Purina Foods.

      Barry, you still live, in your mind, in that military you loathed, attacked and berated in every issue you published of “The Resistor”. You’re living in a military La-La Land, a figment of your imagination, that you are no longer part of. How ironic you retain and use your former enlisted title, spout military abbreviations and acronyms to an audience that primarily never wore the uniform. Yet, you attacked that very same military you cling to so desperately now in your senior-citizen, civilain world.


    • Barry,

      Post your last NCOER here. I want to read what an illustrious NCO you were. Just don’t use any magic elixir, White Out, on it or photoshop it.

      Whaddya say there Barry ?

      • Much good on you, Dan. A great service to mankind!

        Sick unto death I am, of that self righteous prick.

  4. no, Fred: Iraq and Libya did work: both oil producers – who attempted to get off the debtbuck – now accept dollars and only dollars for their oil. Otherwise, VG essay.

  5. Barry is correct.

    The ultimate responsibility – and blame, rests in “civilian” hands.
    Last time I checked there are no people who are actually writing laws, or sending taxpayer $$ overseas, or running the State Department, or running major defense companies – who are wearing a uniform.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Lots of thoughts; than you WRSA for allowing me to share them.

    The joke about a guy who is caught fishing with explosives; he hands a lighted stick of TNT to the game warden and asks him: “you gonna fish or talk?”.

    The heart of a young military man/woman is usually altruistic when they join (everyone already knows that some are duds and more are ballwashers); but it may have been FDR (I cannot back this up) who said it best “government is no place for an honest man”.

    Enlightenment; the “curtain” is pulled back and the industrial complex is exposed somewhere between 8-10 years for most GIs. They must make the decision to stay and accept what they see, or get out. By staying-in after their enlightenment, they validate their acceptance of the institution; like it or not, that is a reality for some. It may be the same for civilians, but I’m not sure.

    Tangent: Bitterness and or cheerleading after 20+ years in the military is ultimately a waste of time for the average retiree.

    On a personal note; for me, the “curtain” was pulled back when the Clinger/Cohen Act was signed into law; about the same time I watched marginal and sub-standard minorities being promoted ahead of me. Now I see it as a fucking “badge of honor” that they do not promote people fairly!

    President Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex in his “going away” speech; so now, we have bottom-feeding corporations from seemingly every industry that are making $ billions off the tax-payer’s money with their corporate hedging…..aka all the govt-funded free shit being handed out….by law.

    Government being the new religion in the eyes of many people; the govt. establishes and enforces the moral code; our taxes are a virtual tythe.

    So, if by staying in the military after a GI’s “enlightenment”, that GI validates his or her acceptance of the institution, would it not be the same validation of acceptance for a civilian staying in the US and paying taxes?

    By paying the .75 “user fee” on our cellular phone bills, the FCC is using that money to hand out free Obama a phones; is that not also a validation of acceptance of an institution?

    If there are virtuous civilian men in the U.S. ( who stay and fight despite the corruption), can there be virtuous men in the US military?

    • Yes. They are some of the ignorant new recruits you mentioned.

    • “….validation of acceptance for a civilian staying in the US and paying taxes?”


      Flawed premise.
      I suspect you already knew that.

      Doing as the armed thug demands is in no way an agreement of said demands or even the thug.

  8. Stealth Spaniel

    Fred is wrong on this one. The “Military” could win whatever they were told to chew up; but most of the time in Washington DC, it is about making money and getting power for oneself and one’s political friends. And I take this all the way back to that asshole Lincoln. Honest Abe? The SOB destroyed half the population, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, property, industries, and anything that got in his way. He had his “enemies” arrested who were simply following their concience and their states’ laws. He so destroyed the south that over 150 years later, it is still fairgame to malign white southerners and their way of life. If it had not been for Lincoln: this country would never have suffered thieves & liars like W. Wilson, FD Roosevelt, or WJ Clinton.
    I pray that the day comes, when this country uses its Military Brethren for a true purpose: defense of the country. And I include nuclear war. Frankly, I could care less if Africa goes all Mooslim, or China wants to dominate the Asian territories. Our motto in this country should be:
    Fuck with US and we will KILL you.

  9. How many modernized-upgraded A-10’s can I get per B-21?