What Are We Allowed To Say?


A long read for your Saturday morning coffee, courtesy of Maggie’s Farm.

Without free speech, everything else is for naught.

As the former West will learn.

In its death throes.


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  1. The West is in its death throes BECAUSE of freedom of speech.

    • Did you choose a military career because you needed somebody to tell you what to do?

    • Respectfully disagree, sir. The west is in its death throes due to restrictions on free speech, particularly in the public sphere (as always). When a CEO can be fired for voting for a ballot proposition against gay marriage eight years earlier, I say free speech is banned in America if it is against the commie left (all liberals, democrats and their ilk are in that category.)

    • Who was it that took a blow-torch to your soul? You are so burned out with hate, venom, and vitriol, that I am genuinely afraid you will self-immolate one day soon. Should someone call the fire department, or just let you finish burning out the embers of a sadly wasted life?

    • Disagree.

      The West is not in it’s death throes because of freedom of speech.

      The West is in it’s death throes – in part – because those graduates of the Frankfurt School have taken freedom of speech, hijacked it, warped and corrupted it and misused it.

      Instead of using the 1A to enlighten, to teach or to question those in power, they have used it to subvert, sow discord, agitate and to foment rebellion… but only rebellion they approve of.

      If I intentionally misuse and abuse something, is it that something’s fault?

    • outlawpatriot

      Bugs, that has to be one of the dumbest fucking things I’ve seen around here in a while. 🙂

    • Where is my latest issue of The Resistor? I paid for it. Not going for a newsletter, so is fraud a modus operandi of Scotts business dealings?

    • MichiganderJim

      Curious…did you at least mean that oath when you swore it?

  2. I waded about 2/3 of the way through (((Bromwich)))’s dense Talmudic tripe; stopped when he started on “trigger words”. Free political speech – including “holocaust denial” (Jews also deny “holocausts”, specifically, the ones they and their henchmen have inflicted) – is an absolute value. Current legally-encouraged destructive BEHAVIORS – abortion, porn, faggotry, feminism, that is, the Kosher Culture of Death – will have to be stamped out in order to restore White Western Civilization.

    I note that spellcheck insists I have misspelled “faggotry”. This is an effort by the Judeo-PTB to control thought/speech by banning certain words. But they are not going to get away with it.

    • The Jew talks (or writes) just to hear its own voice.

    • Steve Kristmann

      And……’smackso’ aka ‘witless collectivist cave owl’..aka…’stukup pilot’ the shill for the mentally challenged eternally angry kids on the stormfront short bus makes his shit stained appearance again…..

      Go FOAD you collectivist troll..go crawl back into the nazi sewer you stuck your head out of and take your copy of Mein Kampf written by your one-balled homosexual gigolo shicklegrubber with you! While you’re at it feel free to get fudgepacked/explosive enhanced for ‘mo’ from your allies in pisslam..hope you get lifted with your own petard literally!

      Gods, one needs the enhanced electrified jumbo flyswatters when cockroaches of his caliber come creeping around!

      Yours In Eternal Annoyance to collectivists in sheeps clothing!
      NorthGunner III

    • Yes, I agree. Ultimately the whole essay turned to rubbish…The major point is about societal functioning: without free speech, societies do not innovate. Look at Europe now, China, and just about everywhere except the US….Thinking outside the box is contagious, and coerced thinking inside the box is lethal.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    allowed to say?–not much.

    BUT…it will be even WORSE! after TPTB dismantle the internet, even utterances you make with family or close friends will have consequences.

    just ask Solzhenitsyn, who was sent for a “routine” 8 year stay at the Gulag Hotel for an off-color comment in a NOTE TO A SO-CALLED FRIEND about the conduct of the war.

    you have been warned….

    • Well it’s kinda like that now…. If you’re white and male, but yup.

    • Speech is like my guns, they are my property. That is the first thing.
      The way restricting speech works is the same way restricting guns work. It only works if nobody resists and defies the motherfuckers.

      Solzhenitsyn was no dummy, he also wrote about how long Stalin’s secret police would last if everyone who came for them sent one of the fuckers to hell before they did.
      And that is what will be required. All the tears and nashing of teeth notwithstanding about resistance is futile. Are we free men or are we cowards. At some point our survival as white christian culture born in liberty depends entirely without exception or excuse on our killing everyone of the sonofabitches who come for us.
      You can bullshit me on that all you want anybody, thats the fucking truth, Better get used to it or get in the gulag or take the dirt nap first.
      Resistance is never futile, because, it IS resistance, that is the first thing. Resistance isn’t just waiting till you have no choice but to resist, it is resisting, defying, and rejecting the regime now. That begins with each of us. And that whole 3 Percent thing? It isn’t what you think it is that is such an existential threat to the sonofabitches, it isn’t how many guns 3 percent of the population that does not fear the bastards, it is the lack of fear for the bastards the 3% possesses. The guns are the cherry on top of total resistance to tyranny. Every day the regime creates more people who begin to understand it may not be all that bad to join the honorable resistance, they start by growing their food, learn a trade or skill and make things that are tangible assets with real value, thats wealth, they raise critters, can their own wholesome poison free food, go off grid, get out of the matrix, it is the action of the motive power of self determination and self sufficiency, they become provincial productive members of the resistance, viable components of the whole. Now the regime has to go after everyone, not just people who speak the truth or to take their property: their guns.
      At some point 3% of the population of America becomes a zeitgeist, it becomes legacy, it has power all outside it’s size. And it has teeth.
      That’s resistance. We who are of the honorable resistance become our own natural born force multipliers.
      They went after the boys in Burns and executed LeVoy Finnicum because they where members of the honorable resistance. The regime is terrified of the honorable resistance growing into the state of being it is becoming. It is an indomitable force. It can not be denied it’s legitimacy nor it’s existence.

      Who cares if they shut down free speech. If your in the honorable resistance you have no need to be permitted to speak, because you are the resistance and permission is the one thing you resist in every way shape or form possible as natural as breathing.
      Permission is for slaves brothers. Part of the idea of restricting free speech is to make people afraid, not to shut them up. The message can not be stopped. But you can control the message by controlling people using fear as a tool. It is totalitarianism 101.

  4. One man’s blasphemy is another man’s truth.

  5. As a free man, I will say (type, write)
    whatever the fuck I want, regardless
    of the personal cost.
    Whenever I want to, I will.
    When I don’t want to, I won’t.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Gentlemen:

    Over time the various governments in this world, after their citizenry had fallen away from being once a “moral and religious people,” as John Adams has put it, actually have had to enact restrictions on freedoms as a result, such as the one covered by our First Amendment, in order to protect their citizenry commonly from slander, defamation, and verbal abuse by others, since the new generation of immoral and irreligious citizens typically will abuse their freedoms to the detriment and to the harm of all.

    That is to say, after a nation would reject God’s gospel and no longer would have that moral transformation of the heart which only God’s powerful gospel words could maintain, these citizens will return to their natural state of mind: a ”Me first!” attitude which would consist of a mental bondage to selfishness and to lawlessness. That is what has happened to third-world nations, as well as to first-world countries. That is what is now happening in the United States.

    In fact, this is the matter to which John Adams referred when he observed: “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Greed, ambition, revenge, or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other” – including, which should be added, the Bill of Rights which is part of our Constitution.

    Hence some commentators on this blog site actively will abuse their 1st Amendment freedom when they would violate the 8th Commandment from which the 1st Amendment has been taken. Yet there are bounds to free speech. God himself has set those bounds in his Eighth Commandment. You may read about them in his Bible. This is why the hosts of various blog sites have had to put up notices of restrictions on the kind of speech which they will allow in their comments section.

    In fact, do not blame the police state which we now have in these United States entirely on power-seekers in government! Such things as metal detectors at airports, something unheard of decades ago, have had to be put in place in order to protect our citizenry from fellow citizens who, by their clear selfishness and lawless attitude, knowingly or negligently would put their fellow citizens at risk.

    Hence the fact of the matter is that if you morally could not control yourself, but, out of a “Me first!” attitude only would abuse the freedoms which God has given you, not only will you drive our government “to infringe upon” your rights in order to control your abusive behavior, but God himself will move his earthly agents in his earthly governments (“By me kings rule, and rulers decree justice” Proverbs 8:15) “to infringe upon” your rights as well, that is, to take them away from you. It is as simple as that. Yet, as a result of this, everyone else will have to suffer.

    Only God is more powerful than your “Me first!” attitude. Only he could give you the moral power to control it by means of his powerful, heart-changing words in his Bible, the same mighty words which he used to create this universe.

    See this!

    Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press

    • Quite right. And if you’ll excuse my “worldly”cosigning,

      You got your shit wired tight.

    • Steve Kristmann

      Excuse me Gene, but are you the same individual that not too long ago posted that, in effect, the ‘union’ was ‘saved’ because lincoln asked the country to pray for the military victory that would ensure the his immoral and unlawful war against the South was victorious?

      If not, I’m thinking of a differnt ‘Gene’ and you can accept my humble apology…if you are then, I have to say that given your apparent worship of America’s first dictator (after Washington/Hamilton’s treachery in regard to the Whiskey Rebellion, and Adam’s treason with the ‘Alien and Sedition Acts’ in 1798), you are IMHO, no true friend to human freedom and liberty.

      IMHO, if you feel that dogged unthinking adherence to anything of a scriptural nature (i.e., “god said it, I believe it – that’s all there is to it!!’) trumps one’s wishing to live free without ANYONE’S ‘permission’ especially if they don’t believe what ‘you believe’ and therefore aren’t ‘deserving’ of having their freedom respected, in essence you aren’t any different that any mangy inbred moslem that’s intent on domination thru islam/sharia for the last 1400 years…you just haven’t yet descended into attempting to chop peoples heads off and rape their womenfolk on the resultant bloody soil as the pedo charlatan ‘mo repeatedly did.

      If you’re basing anything of value from reading/following the ‘king james’ bible understand this, james the vi was nothing more than just another bloody tyrant and credulous nutcase, his actions against the Scotts and others bear proof of that. IMHO, his only reason for having the bible translated was to entrench his purported authority, especially since he was among a number of mokes that continued the murderous fallacy of a ‘divine right of kings’ bullshit. His version of the bible has for me as much moral legitimacy as Mein Kampf or the koran, haddiths and sira and should be treated with ‘equal respect’…’Brooklyn Mike’ would likely agree.

      I’m a Neo-Pagan Witch who has NO intention of bowing to any coercive collectivist ideology EVER! It also doesn’t hurt that I am a gun owner who is very competent in the use of my weapons and that I carry daily. I do have have friends who happen to be christian, buddhist, and jewish and we all get along fine because we know not to put conditions of belief as pre-requisites for out voluntary contact and friendship; only that we are inherently moral (don’t lie, aggress, steal, cheat and keep your word once it’s been given) For myself these principles are born out of being raised to be a decent individual and not out of any book and that we each respect each others inherent rights. If things go ‘spicy’ I have no problem fielding with fellow freedom lovers…if they ask for a ‘religious purity/loyalty test’ first, then they’re no more friends to freedom and liberty than hiligula, obama bin lyin or ‘I wanna be a world overlord’ george sorros and their enabling fsa zombie hordes!

      In case none of the above makes sense, here it is in visual form:
      Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

      Thats’s my Free Speech..and my Fal agrees with it!
      As John Wayne’s character, John Bernard Books (The Shootist) said:
      “I won’t be wronged, I won’t be insulted, and I won’t be laid a hand on. I don’t do these things to other people and I expect the same from them.”

      It worked for him, and it works for me…’nuff said.

      Yours In Liberty w/o any ‘permission/qualifiers’! – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers MUST be destroyed!
      NorthGunner III

  8. All this is rather easy to digest, and see and understand. We once HAD free speech in America. Once the communists had thoroughly entrenched themselves in govt. bureaucracy, at all levels, and permeated colleges, and the rest of the education system, they inevitably had to squelch everything and anything that might infringe their party line. No deviations are permitted. Which is why you have “college” students and others shrieking to the skies and causing all manner of disruption, for the slightest thing being said that they don’t approve of. Essentially, communists reduce everyone to the lowest possible level of maturity. A bunch of dumb asses, who are terrified at everything that is said (like little kids on the playground) are easily molded and directed by their communist masters to be used as a tool to push everyone else around, and is both horrific and terrifying. Need an example? The Great Leap Forward, China, 1976, The Nazi Youth, 1939-1945, and on and on. Why should they fight us, when they can intimidate, silence, and cow so many of us with their threats and screaming? It’s all very Sun Tzu, and all so effective. Why do so many, STILL support Hillary?


    Uh, Mr. Urtel: Try uttering His powerful and heart-changing words in His Bible at a city council meeting, a school board meeting or prior to a high school or college athletic event. See what happens then. What you say is all well and good, but you, sir, like so many other well-meaning believers do not seem to be in touch with our current situation.
    Now we can kneel and invoke the Almighty through fervent prayer. It does work and I will attest to that in my own sinful life. However, remember when He answers our prayers, His answer can be yes, no, or wait.
    The time for waiting is drawing rapidly to a close. The Leviathan’s efforts to kill the messengers are becoming stronger every day. It is ironic that an agnostic such as Voltaire could be so spot on when he opined that it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. Yet, your Christian hero, John Adams, promulgated the Alien and Sedition Acts, to have a legal sledgehammer against his critics. Whereas is was Jefferson who opined that it is error alone which needs the support of government, Truth can stand by itself. Truth is sometimes unpleasant and hurtful. Truth is also its own defense.

    • Very well said, Sir, very well indeed. Saved me considerable time and effort.

      Good on Sean, just above, as well.

      Question for Mr. Urtel:

      Gene, do you mean you say that God has instituted and ordained our present “rulers,” ungodly communists, progressives, muslims, perverts and the like?

      Or is it that, having abandoned God, morality and simple decency, we have brought this all upon ourselves?

      I’ll take B. for a thousand rounds of 7.62×51, Alex!

  10. Without the so called “hate speech” there is no free speech
    There’s 2 kinds of people those who want to control everyone,and those who want to be left alone in liberty and freedom.

  11. No one is coming to save you. Not Jesus. Not Budda. Not Trump. You want to fix things? Get off your ass and go to work in whatever way you can. Words and prayer are useless. Only action matters.

    • No one is coming to save you.

      Interesting. And where did you see anyone say that someone was “coming to save them”?

      Not trying to pick a fight, but I think you are rebutting a position that has not been put forth. Words and prayer are not useless and absolutely serve a purpose. They might not serve the purpose you are thinking of, but that is very different from being “useless”.

      I do agree that if someone wants something to happen, then make it happen. If anything can be described as useless, I would say sitting around waiting for others to do for you is useless.

    • The only things I want to fix are things I own and possess.
      I stay pretty busy minding my own business and avoiding others that do not.

      Seems there’s a goodly amount of people these days minding the business of everybody else while ignoring their own business.

  12. Would be wise to listen in on the following:
    Alter the course of history?
    Second Hour/Part II:
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    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  13. Jimmy the Saint

    Given that the government has already destroyed freedom of association, it only follows that they would also seek to destroy freedom of speech. Isolate and mute everyone.

  14. OT: Lots of interesting pics n stuff here.

    ABLE, always be learning everything.

  15. SemperFi, 0321

    You folks are all missing the point.
    We have too many people with too many opinions.
    Reset time. 🙂

  16. Well, Bracken was wrong. If he was right, there would have been snipers in New Orleans at the statue stunt.

    We are slaves. We already lost.