A good recap of FUSA’s autodelegitimization at the highest levels.



How is that Constitutional rule of law working for y’all?


The PTB of both parties are going to fight the November election and its aftermath with complete desparation.


Freedom-lovers in FUSA are completely on their own.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. These are tough rhetorical thoughts to articulate for me; hope they come out understandable; perhaps lead me to a better understanding…

    How did hundreds of millions people grow-up thinking that what the main stream media was broadcasting on TV, held (and still holds) as much value or merit, as it apparently did and still does?

    If the 3-5 major TV networks suddenly began to broadcast the truth (to the Immanuel Kant standard); why would so many right-leaning people see that as a major problem in society being solved?

    How in the fuck did they indoctrinate hundreds of millions of people (so well) into thinking that actors, athletes, musicians, politicians, and other TV personalities should be held in such a high regard as they obviously are?

    The various alternative medias constantly hammer the MSM for their bias; as if the MSM being non-bias would bear any significance….. Similarly, many reformed churches hammer the Catholic church (not defending the Catholic church) in their sermons; as if the Catholic church’s own reformation (such as dropping the Nicolaism and or start preaching the Gospel of Grace) would bear any significance; why?

    Hint? A suicide plank on top of the Empire State Building for “white men only” would undoubtedly have thousands of women and other “minorities” lined up for a chance to “be treated equal”. Why is the all-white “male club” held in such high regard?

    What ever they did to so many of us, they did it very well.

    Blessed are the people who didn’t grow up holding the MSM, actors, musicians, athletes, politicians, and other TV personalities, in such high regard that they should be idolized.

    If the WRSA was converted into a TV program and aired on the 3-5 major networks at primetime; would that be a significant improvement in the way that right-leaning patriots feel about the state of our Liberty?

    Is it our built-in collectivism?

    • Sure it’s FUBAR, that is the whole point.
      Look on the positive side. We all who have the courage and the wherewithal get to upgrade from the FUSA. There is an honorable resistance out there, it is real, it is tangible, it is happening because it begins with each of us who choose it, and you can join right now. All you have to do is choose Liberty, the rest is natural as primal rights and self determination, as profound as individualism.
      The real division is not between the republican party and the democratic party, but between a tyrannical political class and it’s slavery to the state, and Freemen and a revolution of hearts and minds. You can have the FUSA, it’s tyranny and all it implies or you can have civilization.
      You only get to pick one.

    • If the WRSA was converted into a TV program and aired on the 3-5 major networks at primetime;

      hell ya.

      the tfA-t hour. 🙂

      Brought to you by CA at WRSA Communications

    • Hey B,

      You asked this ==> “How did hundreds of millions people grow-up thinking that what the main stream media was broadcasting on TV, held (and still holds) as much value or merit, as it apparently did and still does?”

      Perhaps the simplest answer is the best answer.

      A picture of the human brain watching TV and a picture of the human brain being hypnotized are exactly the same.

      Humans in a hypnotized state are extremely relaxed, very focused and highly suggestible. It’s not called “programming” for nothing – those who create the shows we see, the (alleged) “news”, the commercials, PSA’s, etc, all know about this highly suggestive state and exploit it ruthlessly.

      Insidious, isn’t it? How do you brainwash hundreds of millions of people at the same time, get them thinking and believing what you want?

      You get them to do it to themselves.

  3. Fly the flag of your state, of your home, of your AO.
    There is nothing united in this jungle we find ourselves.
    Always be armed.
    Train and continue to train

  4. “Freedom-lovers in FUSA are completely on their own.” They always were. I have no doubt Hillary will get away with being so corrupt that Nixon would look like a church elder by comparison, I am most interested with the next 4 years if she wins. I imagine everyone who paid to play gets paid back, the usa goes thru some sort of laundering scenario which the govt programs, big banks, education system and govt pensions come out squeaky clean and the taxpayer is drowned for it thru some sideshow like a middle east war and all sorts of expensive seniors, people with expensive health problems and people on Hillary’s “list” don’t have good results under obamacare.

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    FIJFI – Fuck it; just fuck it.

  6. If you’re not used to the idea that you are surrounded by criminals and *potential criminals* all the time you better get up to speed.

    My ol’ gray haired Pappy told me long ago, “Son, look way ahead for trouble then steer yourself around it.”

    **Will your wife sell you out if they threaten to take her kids?”

    You’re dam right she will.

    And your neighbor will sell you out for a $1000.00 gov’t issued debit card.

  7. On the bright side, ADL provides opportunities to experience real freedom. Live every moment like it’s your last, it might be. Every breath you draw today is a gift and should be enjoyed. Learn to embrace the horror or it will eat you.

    Then laugh like a fcking pirate.

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