Turkish immigrant arrested in mall killing of 5.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yup–and I see that on his Facebook page, he’s votin’ for Hildabeast.

    Funny, ain’t it–MSM first said he was “Hispanic.”

    I ain’t never seen a Hispanic-Turk before–where they makin’ them these days?

  3. Nah can’t be, I heard he was a Hispanic transgender who was not happy about the lack of bathrooms or something.

  4. Unable to open up the link on the main page. I get a “report to Mozilla malicious links” notice along with an unable to open …

  5. CNN link

    Broken, now fixed

    Pls try again

  6. Perhaps they’re using the “Jump to Conclusions Mat” for their information gathering?

  7. Bottom line is well taken from from a previous post regarding the five rules of Graham Combat Kill House: “Nobody is coming to save you; Everything is your responsibility; Save who needs to be saved; Kill who needs to be killed and Always be working.” To which I add; Always be armed! Otherwise you failed the other rules.

  8. So here in a small mall in the WA state we have this slaughter of 5 people and have this great goobernor who has the welcome sign posted everywhere for those who have been persecuted and need a safe environment to inhabit. Kind hearted Inslee wants them in our front and back yard and not his. One look at the initial posting of his picture was obvious that his was NOT Hispanic. The Walmarts, Costco’s and Safeway’s are next on their hit lists.

  9. Cue the push to punish everyone who didn’t shoot up the mall in 3, 2, 1…

  10. Chief Shirtingbull

    Now that his country of origin and religion have been established, this will vanish once it’s been used as an excuse to bar gun ownership to anyone some political hack at the fbi arbitrarily puts on some list. But imagine the ecstasy and glee every cable and network hack will be drowning in if some three-name white guy goes postal in a mall?

  11. I’ll take “Syrian Immigrants” for $1000, Alex…

  12. Steve Kristmann

    To correct the caption on the cartoon:…
    “Aaaand it’s islam!”

    moslems gotta jihad…it’s what they do…..
    Good people have to carry at all times and places
    and be ready to deliver COF (front,side,behind, whatever)
    asap once the moslem goes ‘sudden jihadi’. Deliver COF
    repeatedly till the threat/s are “no longer threats/body parts
    have changed geometry”.

    Rinse, repeat, and reload and deliver as required.
    There will be a test on this.

    Yours In Liberty thru constant carry! Furthermore islam and it’s enablers MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

  13. any person not benefitting from allowing muzzies in in some way(low cost labor, immigration lawyer, etc), but still supporting bringing muslims in; is stupid and I will call them that to their face from here out because their stupidity is endangering me, them and the entire country. (if Hillary wins, I think I’m going to be in serious trouble; I’m growing increasingly intolerant right about the time the big hammer for the intolerant may be in the white house.)

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    He supposedly headed straight for the make up counter. Did the ex-girlfriend work at one at Macy’s? Or was it a signal to get the American females inline? Either way, I will just quote Barnhardt: “All Musloids must be extinct.”

  15. local cosmic cops are “still trying to determine the (goatfucker’s) motive”. And really focus’d on “where the (goatfucker) got the GUN”. Same old. And don’t for one moment believe that Trump will change this crap in the slightest. The entire, open-borders jew.gov must annihilated…and voting won’t do it.

  16. Yellow status; unless sleeping.

  17. As I’ve said before, the last 10 days of insane violence may be worth a billion dollars in media advertising to the Trump campaign. The spiraling events have completely taken the narrative out of Hillary’s mouth. There is no way possible for her to twist any of these events in her favor. The NY-Jersey bomber, the Minnesota stabber, the Charlotte riots, and the Cascade mall shootings all play utterly into Trumps narrative. And all at presicely at the wrong time in the campaign for Hillary, with her fighting her health issues too. In 2008 Obama won the campaign when the economy collapsed in the middle of September. Events beyond his control completely blew McCain’s campaign out of the water. But these events of the last 10 days were mostly predictable and expected at some point. Hillary’s stances on the issues of terrorism and BLM were totally without common sense and Amerikan’s can see her immigration policy is a grave danger to the country and the polls are showing a possible Trump rout. Expect anything from the liberals now, far worse than dead people voting in Colorado.

  18. Tonight, ABC or CBS evening news (I was channel surfing. Besides, what difference at this point does it make?) said he had a ‘fascination with guns’. I kid you not.

  19. Jimmy the Saint

    To borrow from Dennis Miller – aren’t we long overdue for a good ol’ American Yee-ha’d?

  20. https://www.rt.com/news/360561-sweden-no-go-zones/

    …According to media reports, the service is facing a major crisis of self-confidence, with as many as three officers on average asking to resign on a daily basis. Internal polls say four officers out of five have been considering a change of profession lately…


  21. Always a mall, never a gun range…

    • Even better is the fact that across the freeway from the Cascade mall is a very large indoor range/gunshop!

  22. wealthy farmer

    Mohamed was not a prophet, he was a PEDOPHILE!
    Once a human being’s brain has been shrink-wrapped by the false certainties of islam, by the inane verses of the quran that read like a third-rate plagiarism of Proverbs, the heart of a murderer takes shape. “..no more retrograde force exists….”


      Speaking of shrink-wrapped brains, how about the other elephant is the Muzzies’ living room: retardation. Intermarrying with cousins and other relatives has been going on with that group of homicidal psychopaths for hundreds of years. This physical problems associated with this abhorrent practice have been documented in more than one article I have read about “The Religion of Peace”.

  23. Was thinking last night if the united states bankster government is willing to shit on Americans to this extent when the people still bear arms, imagine what’s coming down if they disarm us.

  24. They’ve also tried the “mental illness” trick.

    Terrorist attacks bolster Trump’s position. Syria diverts our attention.

  25. HEY ! Here in Houston today, we had a “incident” where a suspect(now dead) was shooting at cars near a local shopping center.
    I know this is risky, but I’m going to go ahead and push all my chips into the muzzie section of shooter type on this one.

  26. And it appears there is another shooting (few details) in Houston, TX

    Seven wounded and the bomb squad on the scene.

    I’m sure it’s nothing, dear citizen. Move along.

  27. Bibleater Bibleater

    Fuzzy Wuzzy were’nt no bear
    The MSM didn’t care
    that Fuzzy Wuzzy really was a Muzzy

    check out the historical of the nursery ryhme.
    Read the prophets, read The Word