Dear Ann: Why Would A Musloid Brotherhood Operative Marry the World’s Most Repulsive Jew?


Miss B explains it all.

Any questions?


20 responses to “Dear Ann: Why Would A Musloid Brotherhood Operative Marry the World’s Most Repulsive Jew?

  1. Both Anton and myself, who are second to none when it comes to calling out the Jew, are nonetheless moved to protest the vicious antisemitism of (((Barnhardt))) and (((CA))) that is manifest in this crack-brained theory and truly horrific photo-shop. Julius Streicher spins in his grave with envy.

  2. I cannot wait for the experts here to explain “Why?”

  3. Hyman Roth always makes cummy for his partners.

  4. Somewhere in hell, Satan chuckles at his greatest trick, convincing people this level of evil didn’t exist.

    Stay positive, proceed ever more boldly against evil.

  5. Somebody tell Weiner that this isn’t what Silverstein meant when he said “Pull it!”.

    This is what he meant:

    What’s 52 trillion Euro’s in notional between friends? A good start!

  6. The Mooslim Marxist bath house whore’s legacy is assured with HRC as POTUS.

  7. The best laid plans of mice and men, oft do go astray.

  8. Cucked article. There is no such thing as an unjust Jew stereotype.

  9. How to make friends and influence people when you are a godless globalist. Maybe this is conspiracy theory but I have never heard the reasoning behind selling off all of our food reserves.

    How to create a food crisis. The following videos are an example of how our own government is complicit in creating a future food crisis. The first video is a propaganda piece explaining how we no longer have food reserves. The second is the article explaining how our own government sold off our reserves of food to help the creation of a crisis. This crisis creation is not just an Obama creation it has been slowly developed over many years. Both political parties need a major crisis to further the international trade schemes they have developed to prop up a multi nation government. George Herbert Walker Bush spoke of the system in a UN speech during his presidency as well as Obama during his last speech to the UN just a few days ago. In the first link the video places food instability as the direct cause of the so called Arab Spring. Our overlords have many plans and none of them include liberty. From George Herbert Walker Bush to Obama a slow push has been instituted to slowly guide us unwillingly into a governmental system that will truly enslave the next generation. Pray for our nation that we will have the fortitude to resist the final push when it arrives, otherwise we will condemn the next generation to an horrific world.

    While the world is starving and the prices of goods in the U.S. are skyrocketing the use of biofuels rises. Internal World Bank study delivers blow to plant energy drive by equating the massive number of acres producing food crops for fuel as a major driver in food price spikes.

    Our political system has gone insane. The average citizen is virtually ignored for the benefit of political sacred cows.

  10. So our resident (((Jew haters))) think this post somehow justifies, excuses, shores up, validates, (throw in every other supportive adjective) their anti Semitic position?

    You could not be further from the truth if you made the jump to light-speed.
    This validates the position of all those who continue to tell you that race-religion has no bearing on the people who want to rule you. They don’t care that they are jewish or musloids. They don’t really care what the tenets of their supposed faith have laid down as law. They are no more jew than catholic. They have no loyalty to their racial make up. They have no loyalty to their religious up-bringing. They have no loyalty to anyone but themselves and their globalist one worlders. They are Post- everything you care about.
    This is as good a time as any to hash out the details.
    I cant speak for everyone else but the reason that I heap score on anyone who chases Jewish devils behind every ill is multifaceted.
    One, you just sound like the classic conspiracy hack. The reclusive wild-eyed, basement dweller with poor hygiene who pops up out of the wood work right when central casting needs to interview someone on TV.
    Two, your posts become the fuel and ammunition for those who dismiss anyone on the right as racists bigots who should be marginalized, demonized and held up as examples to all fence sitters as “the norm” when regarding traditional conservative or libertarian thought.
    Honestly however those two things are not as important as the main reason.

    The main reason is that you are getting wound round the axles and lost in the weeds of your own train of argument. You are falling for the scam. Taking the bait and consumed by the diversion.
    During the Normandy invasion the allies developed an entire army under the supposed command of George Patton. The Germans held Patton in high regard and felt that he would play a pivotal part in any invasion of Europe. They focused on this army, its dispositions and communications. They studied all aspects of what its possible course of action was. They deployed forces to counter its actions and developed plans, coordinating instructions and logistical allocations to support those efforts.
    The problem was the army was a ghost. A phantom. The Army was literally a balloon. It existed on paper and in signals but consisted of fake inflatable decoys.

    There is a tenet in psychological operations whereby a subject is given a small amount of real information. Enough real information to make the heaps of disinformation believable. This is done to guide the individuals efforts and goals, to consume their resources and direct them away from the real main efforts. Are there “jewish” people who conspire against liberty and freedom? Yes, there are. There are also all other sorts who do the same thing. These are Scooby Jews. They are the inflatable monsters wearing the masks to scare you and attract your attention.
    They are the Chemtrails, the Building 7’s, the UN troops hiding in Nebraska.
    How can you combat the true enemy who seeks to rule you from behind a closed door when you are off chasing the shadows behind the curtains in the corner?

    • “They are the Chemtrails, the Building 7’s, the UN troops hiding in Nebraska.”

      Fail! It doesn’t go away because you wish it so.

      And yes there is a cabal of jews who mean to rule the world.
      They adhere to the old testament and reject the New Testament.

    • Cover works. You feel for it and now you are arguing being Jewish doesn’t matter. If that’s true, being Muslim doesn’t matter either. The marriage makes sense because these two Tribes are allied against us via the House of Saud and its alliance with Judeo-Masonry.

      • Last time a radical jew shot up a shopping mall?
        You are asserting that personal Jewishness is as dangerous as personal islamness. An assertion with no facts in evidence. Again you are chasing shadows.

  11. “In 1911, prior to Wilson’s taking office as President, House had returned to his home in Texas and completed a book called Philip Dru, Administrator. Ostensibly a novel, it was actually a detailed plan for the future government of the United States, “which would establish Socialism as dreamed by Karl Marx”, according to House. This “novel” predicted the enactment of the graduated income tax, excess profits tax, unemployment insurance, social security, and a flexible currency system. In short, it was the blueprint which was later followed by the Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt administrations. It was published “anonymously” by B. W. Huebsch of New York, and widely circulated among government officials, who were left in no doubt as to its authorship. George Sylvester Viereck**, who knew House for years, later wrote an account of the Wilson-House relationship, The Strangest Friendship in History.14 In 1955, Westbrook Pegler, the Hearst columnist from 1932 to 1956, heard of the Philip Dru book and called Viereck to ask if he had a copy. Viereck sent Pegler his copy of the book, and Pegler wrote a column about it, stating:
    “One of the institutions outlined in Philip Dru is the Federal Reserve System. The Schiffs, the Warburgs, the Kahns, the Rockefellers and Morgans put their faith in House. The Schiff, Warburg, Rockefeller and Morgan interests were personally represented in the mysterious conference at Jekyll Island. Frankfurter landed on the Harvard law faculty, thanks to a financial contribution to Harvard by Felix Warburg and Paul Warburg, and so we got Alger and Donald Hiss, Lee Pressman, Harry Dexter White and many other protégés of Little Weenie.”


      Thank you for this insight. The fact that there are “journalists” and other useful idiots still trying to rehabilitate that perjured communist, Alger Hiss, speaks volumes about the deadly threat of communism. Satan never sleeps.

  12. And Earl hits one outta the park…