Debate #1 – Election 2016 – Live Thread


And we’re live….

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122 responses to “Debate #1 – Election 2016 – Live Thread

  1. Opted out, literally watched the A Team, however I had to come here, to review each of your thoughts. Very interesting interpretations from you’ll.

    Trump will never catch a break, from any main line news types. these pukes are all CRF, scum.

    Back to the regularly scheduled viewing of The Long Ranger, followed up by a blistering segment of Rory Rogers.


  2. BRfzzt. Amndkiy sdnnftb dliy, mu mjyruid! Farkring farkery!

    Nuff sed.

  3. It was pretty damn obvious that this show was scripted for Clinton and she was reading from the top of her podium.

    • Agreed. I wouldn’t be surprised if the questions were provided to her campaign staff prior. (side note: she sure can win some coin-tosses, can’t she?)

      Regardless, tell me I’m not the only one who caught the-biggest-lie-of-the-night:

      Did that bitch really go “full Goebbels”, and have the audacity to suggest that Mandatory Sentencing was what was harming the black community?


  4. colddeadhandsdays

    This isn’t about Trump. It’s against the establishment and Hillary is the epitome of establishment. The people see through her rehearsed robot answers and she’s simply NOT wanted and WILL be rejected Nov. 8th The polls show that Trump himself is just the figurehead..the tool, mechanism the people are using against the establishment.

    Some of you still don’t understand this.

  5. Ho hum. I was busy, and could only catch enough to make me kind of puke a little. But beer took care of that. There’s 2 more debates, so there’s time to buy stronger drink and more ammo. And then, some more ammo, and then ammo. The fuckin witch didn’t stroke out or keel over on stage, so I was disappointed. And no, I feel no remorse – because what, at this point, does it matter? Americans died on her watch; in her wars and due to her ‘diplomacy’. We’re circling the bowl, I saw nothing and heard nothing to change that. So, beer/ammo/food/water/whiskey/diesel fuel/ammo, and then some more ammo.
    The pundits discuss what Trump didn’t say. Perhaps they need to remember the short attention span of the electorate… and what he didn’t say – he can bring up in the final debate… when the memory may last until they actually vote…..
    while the cool kids (us) load mags.

  6. Not a good night for America. Its Trump or the cartridge box.

  7. SemperFi, 0321

    So, does CW2 start on Inauguration Day, or does everyone bitch and moan for another 4 yrs?

  8. The Usual Suspect

    I understand perfectly, I hope you understand, a cold,
    hard heart will be required.