Debate #1 – Election 2016 – Live Thread


And we’re live….

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122 responses to “Debate #1 – Election 2016 – Live Thread

  1. The movie Airplane enters the thought process. I picked a bad day to quit doing heroin,meth,alcohol and glue. Keep a barf bag close by. Do not kick your dog,slap your old lady or throw shit at your TV. Remember the Barnhardt Axiom about having to be a deranged sociopath to run for office. Never lose your sense of humor.Trust in a higher power that works for you.

  2. Hillary is a robot.

  3. I turned it on just as the moderator set the tone for the event, by telling a lie about “six straight years of job growth.”

  4. 15% tax rate for business

    Trump +1

  5. Hillary: “We have different views. I believe in communism that has been clearly discredited for 40 years.”

  6. Trump has a cold. Sniffling in mic.

  7. The (((banks))) were bailed out over the objection of the American people.

  8. No. Hell no. Goodnight sports fans.

  9. The only jobs communists create are in government. Doesn’t work, bitch.

  10. The mod is already trying to paint Trump into a corner with the way he phrases the questions.

  11. Notice how she keeps referring to him by first name. That’s meant to communicate “this is not a peer, not someone worthy of office.”

  12. We. we, we …. all the statements begin with a lie and then go from there. Same tired ‘talking points’. It might sound revolutionary but maybe someone might tell the truth. NAFTA – shipping jobs and heavy industry off shore and gutting our nation …….. lets start there ………… but ……..

  13. Yeah. I don’t know how much listening to Hillary’s bullshit I can take.

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    Hildabeast was supposed to be getting under Trump’s skin-but he is winding her up over NAFTA. She’s pushing her book Stronger Together-you can evidently pick it up in an airport or a bookstore. That way we can know what her economic plan is. New idea: Pay for Play!! Now-it’s Taxes, taxes, taxes:versus Jobs, jobs, jobs. Trigger words; Fair Share.

  15. Correct….the moderator immediately tried to establish Democrat & soetoro-obama’s alleged accomplishments of job growth and economic improvement. A lie right from the start.

  16. That old wench is going to have to either drop dead or shit herself on camera to lose this thing.

  17. 2130: Crooked Hillary whining that she is going to be blamed for everything. Here comes the “woe is me…..he’s attacking me because I’m a woman”.

  18. Yeah, I just changed the Vegas line on concentration camp lodging by June, 2017.

  19. just plain todd

    gots to admit, not watching it at all. bought another 1k of 556 ammo today, and an aimpoint PRO for another rifle. cant see irons like i used to. hope this kicks off soon, getting tired of waiting.

  20. Klinton wanting to produce jobs with bullshit infrastructure as the cornerstone. Trump wants to bring back manufacturing. Manufacturing creates wealth. Not .gov (taxes) for FDR type jobs.

  21. 2136: Trump bangs Klinton…..”I’ll release my tax returns when she releases the 33,000 e-mails she deleted !”

    Bam !

  22. Don’t worry about not being able to see the iron sites. Just get a lot closer.

  23. 2142: Klinton trying to attack Trump’s business ventures saying how he has taken six business bankruptcies. Ouch. Trump responds he used the law. Change the law. Touche.

  24. and crowd cheers. moderator scolds crowd. not allowed to show that 95% there hate Hillary.

  25. 2146: Moving now into the “Racial Segment”. Klinton, within 2 minutes attacking firearm possession.

  26. That’s a good thing, actually.

  27. LOL! I can’t take any more. I’m turning her off.

  28. 2150: Trump talking about Chicago crime and the gangs. Many of the gang members “illegal immigrants” he says. He is setting the tone for the upcoming Immigration Segment.

  29. Crap, I missed it! Don’t know if it’s related, but my dog just puked.

  30. This is any location on earth dominated by Africans:


  31. CA….”That’s a good thing.”

    How so ?

  32. Just like her shytte just now re “military-style assault weapons”…

    Cat out of the bag.

    She has been quiet on the subject.

  33. Hahaha, Hitlery @ 21:52- Unintended Consequences!

  34. And they both love no fly lists…

    Trump managed to look like the idiot, and that’s achievement vs HRC.

  35. law enforcement has armored trucks but are out gunned by a simiauto rifle, yea right

  36. ..all going according to plan. Attack. Respond. Attack and respond again. Talking points only. I just wish Trump would bring up Pres. Johnsons statement regarding the nixxxrs voting for Dems and go from there but maybe later in the ‘show’. Old HRC really needs to go into the ghettos on foot some time to learn what is really going on but – too much to ask for ….

  37. Geesh this is making me feel quite sick …… neither of these buffoons are worth their weight in crap .

  38. 2201: Oh, oh….Lester going after Trump for saying the illegal Kenyan wasn’t a citizen.

    Trump replies….I’m satisfied with him because I got him to produce birth certificate…..finally. Trump says time to be concerned with closing the border and creating jobs. The black moderator isn’t satisfied.

  39. Alfred E. Neuman

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  40. 2207: Trump opening up another can of Whoop Ass on Klinton…..telling her how she was so disrespectful of barry during her debates with him. Trump saying how she released a photo of the Kenyan in Afrikan garb. Disrespectful. But now she wants to act like she loves barry and blacks.

  41. Truth here.
    Just think along the line: what will either do for you? Fight for you? Neither give a shit a bout you or yours – period. Neither (or probably any pol either knows you, cares about you or otherwise gives a damn other than ‘legitimizing’ their election. Once in – hard to get out (kind of like a really bad relationship).

  42. Twenty minutes left….and it appears to me, Mr. T. has Klinton on the defensive.

  43. Walter Sobchack

    FUSA is a plane, flying into the side of the mountain of debt. The wannabe pilots are encouraging the passengers to fight amongst themselves in the cabin. Kubuki theatre.

  44. 2212: Trump going after her remarks about Russia. Remarks that no proof of Russia hacking DNC. But, Trump says whoever hacked into the DNC proved how Bernie Sanders was fucked by Wasserman-Schultz and the Klintonites.

  45. Norse,

    1. Why is Mr. Trump a buffoon ?
    2. Why are you even commenting ?

  46. Maybe I’m the only one, but why does Mr Trump seem to be “playing” as the OPFOR?

  47. Worker….and the loss of jobs is exactly what Trump has been railing against.

  48. 2222: Trump spending too much time defending the accusation that he supported the war in Iraq.

  49. A Cage Fight with boogers.

  50. I couldn’t take it, muted her, listened to Trump. Then decided if the She Devil is sElected, I’m looking at a move to Panama. I just can’t take her Evil screeching, smiling, and nodding anymore.

  51. 2225: Klinton trying to establish her policy credentials by citing Article 5 of the NATO charter.

  52. 2232: Klinton now saying fUSA will honor treaties to defend Japs and the rest of the world if she is POTUS. Same old, same old. Trump saying, enough is enough. Time for allies to pay for their own defense.

  53. Walter Sobchack

    Yup. Tiresome.

  54. 2240: Debate over.

    Damn ! I despise that woman.

  55. Randall Flagg

    I lasted a whole 90 seconds more before I couldn’t take it anymore and went to clean guns.

  56. CA….I thought he did fine.

  57. thesouthwasrght

    I love the constant rebranding. Now we have common sense gun safety laws, and a fresh new spin on the government stealing you blind to use said pilfered loot to your every detriment as “investment “.

    Didn’t like Trump cozy ing up to no fly lists at all.

  58. From your lips to God’s ears.



  59. Sir Lord Baltimore

    Quoteth one Johnnie Rotten “Ever Get the Feeling You’ve been cheated?”

    The only thing the bitch was honest about was in her choice of colors…Red. Wonder if they slipped the Donald a Micky. Seems more incoherent than usual.
    Whatever, you couldn’t pay me to vote. See you guys in the FEMA Camp! God Save the FUSA.

  60. Faux News’ resident leftist Juan Williams now commenting that Trump didn’t do well. Imagine that.


  62. Saw enough to confirm what I already knew. We’re screwed it’s gonna get bad. Which brings to mind:
    Josey Wales: Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.

  63. CA,

    Gotcha. Thanks for reply.

    As you know, it is no secret she wants to destroy the right to keep and bear arms.

  64. Rather slide down a banister of razor blades than watch that lying,deceiving,disgusting piece of putrid shit. The Bushpig did not die on live TV. I am disappointed.

  65. Saw enough to confirm what I already knew. We’re screwed. It’s gonna get bad. Which brings to mind:
    Josey Wales: Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.

  66. But it was tactically useful for her to re-assert her standing position (heh).

    Think folks should get going on meatspace meetings asap.

  67. Drudge has trump at 92%

  68. From Drudge’s lips to God’s ears.

    I know what I saw.

  69. I was hoping Klinton would have keeled over. Disappointed again.

  70. Time to put a bullet in the TeeVee.Now the fucking talking heads will be Monday-Morning quarterbacking this debate until the next one.

  71. That was a fucking abortion. I wouldn’t vote for either of these clowns for dog catcher.

  72. Knuck,

    “….bannister of razor blades….”

    Damn man, that thought is going to give me nightmares. Owwwwwwch !

  73. second that sawman,
    I watched maybe the first hour but I knew Hillary won easily by then and nothing was going to reverse that unless Hillary collapsed on stage. trump did not prepare to do anything more than what he prepares for at a rally. Hillary just got all the no nothings and will breeze thru election day.the country continues its slide into socialism in 2017.

  74. didn’t watch. Had better things to do. Eating, breathing, etc. But I understand that Mrs. Clinton remained Vertical throughout? If so, she won.

  75. Me too. The entire thing was a gay waste of time.

  76. SemperFi, 0321

    I lasted about 2 minutes, the part where she replied to his tax cuts. The filthy lies coming from her are impossible to put up with. Click.

    I went back to downloading pictures from today’s elk hunt on the Continental Divide, after I had cleaned guns.

  77. Yup.

    People might do well to think about the saying that half of the people you’re going to meet today have an IQ of <100.

    Look at tonight's theater show through their eyes. Who came off as the more reasonable?

  78. TIME has trump at 55%

  79. Trump sure has a flock of fine wool though.

    clinton. not so much

  80. Opted out, literally watched the A Team, however I had to come here, to review each of your thoughts. Very interesting interpretations from you’ll.

    Trump will never catch a break, from any main line news types. these pukes are all CRF, scum.

    Back to the regularly scheduled viewing of The Long Ranger, followed up by a blistering segment of Rory Rogers.


  81. “Wool”, now that’s a reference I haven’t heard in a long, long time!

  82. Welcome back!
    Haven’t seen you post in a long while. Just been lurking my own self the last several months. Glad you and at least a few of the old crew are still breathing.

  83. They won’t be going door to door as they’re too cowardly for that.

    A lot of them will get killed if they try, and they know it.

    Instead, everybody will receive a certified letter in the mail stating that you must turn your firearms and ammo in to the nearest law enforcement establishment and you will receive a tax voucher for $200 for each hand gun, $300 for each shotgun, $400 for each long gun, $100 for any amount of ammo or reloading products.

    When you renew any license you will sign a document stating you possess no firearms.

    When you enroll your child in a school you will sign that document.

    The banks and the state and federal tax collectors will require you to sign that document.

    To collect gov’t payouts you will sign that document.

    When you try to get medical service or fill a prescription for medications you will sign that document.

    The media will broadcast a message continuously that if you are caught with a firearm or supplies you will be incarcerated at hard labor for a period of no less than 10 years in a federal penitentiary.

    The media will also run PSA’s stating that a reward of $1000 will be given to anyone providing direct information that leads to the conviction of all violators of the gun ban.

    Your family and friends and neighbors will become Quislings and turn your ass in.

    In 1 year the entire country will have become completely pussified and all of the honorable patriots will have been exterminated.

    Criminals from top to bottom will reign supreme.

    All licenses will eventually expire and your bank account will (be seized) no longer work.

    If you have children in the public schools they will not be enrolled the following year.

    All of your insurances will expire and you will not be able to see a medical professional or get prescriptions filled.

    True, some die hards may elude the sieve a little longer.

    That is when phase 2 comes into play.

    Phase 2 includes access to foods, municipal and private utilities.
    Sign ze paper oldt man.

    They will systematically make possessing a firearm very difficult for most people.

    See, they have unlimited resources, time, and power, and you don’t.

    They will win, they always do.

    The only way they can be beaten is for them to trip over their own dicks, and they will, as they always do.

    Leviathan is a very large drunken ogre stumbling about, bent on destroying all it encounters and the best anyone can do is stay out of it’s way and let it kill itself, for if you get to close (to kill it) you run the risk of it falling on you, and when it falls everyone all around it falls to, like a sinking ship it pulls everything close, under.

  84. BRfzzt. Amndkiy sdnnftb dliy, mu mjyruid! Farkring farkery!

    Nuff sed.

  85. Second attempt at this.

    Glad to see you are still here. Nice to see some of the old class is still around. No offence Dan III others. I have been lurking for along time now. Like I said good to see you old crew guys.


  86. It was pretty damn obvious that this show was scripted for Clinton and she was reading from the top of her podium.

  87. I really don’t like her.

  88. Yup. I can’t remember where I read it, but somebody called her America’s Ex-Wife.

  89. Cassandra (of Troy)


    Shrillary gave Donaldus Magnus a magnificent opportunity to gut her/the anti-2A cult’s BS by simply comparing the opening part of her diatribe/”THERE’S AN EPIDEMIC OF GUN VIOLENCE & WE’VE GOTTA BAN GUNS OR WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE HORRIBLY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!”, to the middle part/”I don’t know where people get the idea that violence is out of control, it’s gone down 40%”, & the end/”GUN VIOLENCE IS OUT OF CONTROL & THE ONLY WE CAN STOP IT IS BY BANNING GUNS & GOING AFTER TERRORIST ENABLERS LIKE THE NRA!”, then asking her which part of her inherently contradictory statement about guns/violence is true & quietly watch as she desperately tries to deflect/evade then hammer her w/ the following ‘inconvenient’ gems.:
    (Recall 3 recent NRA ads featuring 1 senior/2 young blacks making that very point & how use of the above story would give Donaldus Magnus the opportunity to bring up Dem’s involvement in denying newly freed slaves the ability to defend themselves against Klan attacks using the anti-2A ‘Black Codes’:, & that would lead to this,:

    What Donaldus Magnus DID do was AGREE w/ her/the anti-2A cult’s asinine “If someone’s TOOOO DAAAANGEROUS to be allowed on a plane they’re WAAAAAY TOOOOOOO DAAAANGEROUS to be allowed to have a gun!” claim, & THEN tried to ‘qualify’ (a.k.a. mealy-mouth out of) his agreement by saying that those on said list “would be given help to get off the list” instead of slapping the snot out of her/the anti-2A cult’s terror watch list gun ban proposition’s foundation w/ the YUUUUGE® amount of evidence (much of it coming from Leftist & therefore ‘unimpeachable’ sources like the A.C.L.U./CNN/Time/WaPo/etc./etc.) proving that ‘The List’ is SO flawed that it’s essentially WORTHLESS for its intended purpose & that it/’assault weapons’ bans are just anti-2A tricks to eliminate gun ownership in America.

    He also blew another chance to choke Shrillary w/ her own duplicity when he let her get away w/ claiming ‘that things are just HORRIBLE in Tha Blek Cuhmyoonehteh®’ then, as above, subsequently stating the opposite to be true IN THE SAME RESPONSE!

    So much damage that could’ve been done to Shrillary/her Leftist allies w/ the above/similar by Donaldus Magnus but wasn’t, & THIS is the guy SO many believe will “Make America GREAT Again!”®?

  90. colddeadhandsdays

    This isn’t about Trump. It’s against the establishment and Hillary is the epitome of establishment. The people see through her rehearsed robot answers and she’s simply NOT wanted and WILL be rejected Nov. 8th The polls show that Trump himself is just the figurehead..the tool, mechanism the people are using against the establishment.

    Some of you still don’t understand this.

  91. Ho hum. I was busy, and could only catch enough to make me kind of puke a little. But beer took care of that. There’s 2 more debates, so there’s time to buy stronger drink and more ammo. And then, some more ammo, and then ammo. The fuckin witch didn’t stroke out or keel over on stage, so I was disappointed. And no, I feel no remorse – because what, at this point, does it matter? Americans died on her watch; in her wars and due to her ‘diplomacy’. We’re circling the bowl, I saw nothing and heard nothing to change that. So, beer/ammo/food/water/whiskey/diesel fuel/ammo, and then some more ammo.
    The pundits discuss what Trump didn’t say. Perhaps they need to remember the short attention span of the electorate… and what he didn’t say – he can bring up in the final debate… when the memory may last until they actually vote…..
    while the cool kids (us) load mags.

  92. Cassandra (of Troy)
  93. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Re: “Just think along the line: what will either do for you?”

    Reminds me of that ‘moment of clarity’ Sonny delivered to a pre-adolescent Calogero about Mickey Mantle.

  94. – – – – – – – – – – – 🔫


  95. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Re: “Rather slide down a banister of razor blades”

  96. Agreed. I wouldn’t be surprised if the questions were provided to her campaign staff prior. (side note: she sure can win some coin-tosses, can’t she?)

    Regardless, tell me I’m not the only one who caught the-biggest-lie-of-the-night:

    Did that bitch really go “full Goebbels”, and have the audacity to suggest that Mandatory Sentencing was what was harming the black community?


  97. trump is a buffoon because he wants to restrict those on watch lists from owning weapons ..?what keeps them from putting me on that list ?the pols have already stated that anyone with my belief system is a terrorist !I am commenting because just like you I can express myself and my opinion ,at the end of the day there is one statement that a lot of folks need to get .that being that THERE IS NO POLITICAL SOLUTION .

  98. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Re: The Trump ‘Ewes’,

    Don Jr’s wife easily beats what his Dad has/had & his brother/brother-in-law have, 38yo/5 kids & still quite squeezy……dressed.

  99. yes, exactly. He needs to take this seriously. If he wants to win, that is.

  100. Millions of white fathers, including me, are unemployed. The elites cannot imagine, or don’t care, just how angry we are, and then to lead off with that loaded bullshit question. … 70% of all new jobs are in government, because we are already at near-communism levels. Those jobs are not available to white men.

  101. “Your family and friends and neighbors will become Quislings and turn your ass in.”

    What I’ve been saying all along. Those weak and worthless murkins deserve a long dirt nap – they’ve earned it.

    People are gonna have to harden the fuck up and take those family members and friends for ‘a walk’, – same goes for the badges… That, or allow them commies to be comfortable – while you die. It’s as simple as that.

    Meanwhile, the muzzies have Swedish poLICE quitting in droves because they have no problem doing “hard things”.

    Remember…100-200 million.

  102. Not a good night for America. Its Trump or the cartridge box.

  103. SemperFi, 0321

    So, does CW2 start on Inauguration Day, or does everyone bitch and moan for another 4 yrs?

  104. It’s already started. This is just the opening ceremonies portion.

    Keep arms and legs inside the car at all times…

  105. The Usual Suspect

    I understand perfectly, I hope you understand, a cold,
    hard heart will be required.

  106. Aaaaaand there you have.

    Top-Of-The-Line, Genuine, Bar-None, A-1, Unrivaled, Unbridled, Guaranteed, The-Best-Corruption-Money-Can-Buy, ladies and gentlemen.