Epic Brevity


Via Twitter.

Oh, my kingdom for a thought balloon:

“Focus…focus…one step at a time…don’t slip…don’t concentrate on the stair…concentrate on moving each leg slowly and carefully…don’t fall…if you do fall, remember to consciously bring your arms up to catch yourself and stop the fall…can’t have any more bleeds…even though those fucking incompetent doctors told me the Coumadin was being managed effectively…that damned Tyler Durden, whoever that son-of-a-bitch is…I can’t wait ’til he accidentally falls feet first into an industrial shredder after that latest post about my medical conditions…calm down, Hil….just a few steps more…focus…”


22 responses to “Epic Brevity

  1. She needs a ramp.

  2. 24 hours from now, Hillary will have “powered through” the debate, leaving a humbled Trump in her wake.

  3. There’s so much smoke around this thing that it looks like Building 7. I wonder if Trumpey will attack her health during the “debate”. Enough illusions! This is all Kabuki, every last scintilla of it.

    2016! (no matter who wins, you lose)

  4. It’s going to be a long 90 minutes for Hillary on her step stool tonight.

  5. Riots in Charlotte where a black cop killed a black man. No riots in Tulsa where a white cop killed a black man. Curious.

    • Did the cat just stick its head out of the bag, so to speak? Anybody know what was going on somewhere else, that needed the distraction of a riot in Charlotte?

    • Not curious at all. The black man in Ok was shot by a woman. Liberal heads are exploding trying to figure out how to spin that. I see she’s also been charged with manslaughter.

  6. This whole thing is getting all Night Gallery.

  7. I’ll be busy watching ” The Lone Ranger” for a true learning opportunity. What on earth could either of these people say that is worth 90 minutes of your time.

    If you don’t know who your voting for yet, your putting far to much thought into this farce of an election.


  8. She’s half way their, look at her ride, looks just like a coffin carrier. A cruel joke, or a reasonable business choice. A twofer one, kinda thing.


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