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  1. wow thats a good one …dangit I already did

  2. Ok so I didn’t watch it, didn’t care to watch it but from what I’ve read the moderator was obviously pro-Clinton and pretty much handed it to her. Am
    I surprised? Nope.

  3. Buy, learn, and organize.

    If you don’t want for more self determination after last night’s leadership demonstration, please don’t come wandering down my side of the mountain…

    Thankful that I can come to places like this and be reminded that not everyone is susceptible to the brainwashing.

  4. If you thought that the last 8 years were a wild ride, you haven’t seen anything compared to the upcoming two Hillary terms. Last nite showed that even trump only cares about himself, my 12 year old nephew would have prepared better. Occassionally, I forget that and place my hope in something that could care less like I did with trump until last nite.
    Making it from here one will be all on you, now it always was; but you would think trump would have worked a little bit to be prepared for his kids and grandkids future.

    • +100

      Enemy most likely course of action now equal enemy most dangerous course of action


    • Trump’s entire life has been the inherited silver spoon. So why would he “prepare” for anything? Mostly, he got away with it…but no longer. I didn’t bother watching the “debate”, but everyone I’ve spoken to since thinks Hiligula gave a good account of herself, while Trump failed to complete a sentence in the English language.

  5. Why did I get that feeling, last night, watching the debates, that I was seeing two psychopaths, lusting in the open, for the same victim?

    • They are both cannibals. Just fighting over who eats first. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

    • Two Billionaires fighting over the corpse of murka. They want control of the natural resources that lies under our feet. But first they have to kill off those in fly-over country to get them. I don’t trust either one of them further than I can piss, but clinton is pure evil AND a traitor…

  6. At least 3 Supreme Court Justices. The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, operated by black racists and white communists, will have nothing in their way. Obama says no more borders. If you think the flood gates were already opened, you were wrong.

    • barry’s statement about borders should raise red flags for you all, not because of the very idea, but because he says it as though he is going to be around make sure there are none. I thought his term was up in January, OR IS IT??

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  9. No wonder the philosopher T. Hobbes left us with such a depressing conclusion of society’s & man’s ultimate delima; to paraphrase:

    The inebriating effects of power inherent to a commonwealth (the size of the political favor is commensurate with the level of inebriation) are equally destructive as no political representation at all; without a commonwealth (of some type or another), we would simply tear each other apart.

    Like an undefeatable sea monster; a Leviathan.

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