‘Idiocracy’ Will Be Back In Theaters In Time For The Election


Of course.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

Next up: the resurrection of HST.


11 responses to “‘Idiocracy’ Will Be Back In Theaters In Time For The Election

  1. Have become a fan of H.L. Mencken lately:

    “…I confess, for my part, that it greatly delights me. I enjoy democracy immensely. It is incomparably idiotic, and hence incomparably amusing. Does it exalt dunderheads, cowards, trimmers, frauds, cads? Then the pain of seeing them go up is balanced and obliterated by the joy of seeing them come down. Is it inordinately wasteful, extravagant, dishonest? Then so is every other form of government: all alike are enemies to laborious and virtuous men. Is rascality at the very heart of it? Well, we have borne that rascality since 1776, and continue to survive. In the long run, it may turn out that rascality is necessary to human government, and even to civilization itself—that civilization, at bottom, is nothing but a colossal swindle. I do not know: I report only that when the suckers are running well the spectacle is infinitely exhilarating. But I am, it may be, a somewhat malicious man: my sympathies, when it comes to suckers, tend to be coy. What I can’t make out is how any man can believe in democracy who feels for and with them, and is pained when they are debauched and made a show of….”
    H. L. Mencken

  2. Idocracy is more and more a documentary rather than a parody.

  3. Question the appearance of large samoan attorneys.

  4. Here’s a hit piece from some queer looking hipster.

  5. …and the #1 movie that year was a film called, “Ass.” And that’s all it was. For 90 minutes. It won 8 Oscars including best screenplay.

    Mike Judge was a reckless optimist.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Well the first time I went to see HST “talk” in San Diego he was so drunk/stoned he could barely speak or was it a speech impediment, at any rate, it was difficult to understand anything he said. Nonetheless we “got” 90% of what he had to say and it was great.

    Re politicians: “when the going gets tough the tough get weird.” Still true today.

    His tortured soul could take only so much shit that this country has been peddling and he eventually ate his 44mag on his front porch in remote CO.

    Idiocracy like 1984 was never meant to be a guideline.

    Grey Ghost

  8. Electrolytes.