Live WRSA Commentary On Tonight’s Turd-Wrestling Match


Here’s how it will work:

  • Tune into the match on your own media
  • Fire comments into this post
  • I’ll be in immediate moderation mode
  • Those who drink should beware of ethanol overdose from shot games, such as hooking one each time someone mentions:
    • democracy
    • women and girls
    • yuuuuge
    • temperament
    • fair share
    • together

31 responses to “Live WRSA Commentary On Tonight’s Turd-Wrestling Match

  1. Drinking should be mandatory whenever one forces themselves to listen to a politician.
    I’ll try not to, but every time I hear some stuffed shirt open their yap the booze beckons.

  2. 10 hours:

  3. I hope several people near the stage have flashing lights or lasers. The Donald should have one, also.

  4. Wouldn’t watch it if you paid me. The republic is gone, Franklin was right to think we might lose it. We can get it back but not by participating in this shit show. Buckle up kids, we need to take our country back. You people with the Red Hats need to get a clue, please pick up the nearest clue bat and get busy. Those of you voting for Hitlery Rotten Clinton well there’s a future for you just like everyone else, in bio fuels!

    Here’s a great post from the hedge which I summarizes some of the reasons this system is broken.

    It’s worth reading the whole thing but here are the 5 big questions this poster would ask any politician before voting for he or she:

    1) Would or could you ever support amending The Bill of Rights? If so, which, how, and why?

    2) Do you consider the recent actions of the United States military in Ukraine, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, etc., to be violations of the War Powers Act? If no, then why not? If yes, then what actions would you take on this issue, if elected?

    3) What is your position on the Federal Reserve Banks being responsible for regulating and supervising the very same banks that own them?

    4) What are the similarities between unlimited campaign contributions and bribery, and what actions would you take to reform campaign finance, if elected?

    5) The invasion and ongoing 14-year occupation of Afghanistan represents the longest war in American history. Explain your personal understanding of why, exactly, US soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen are still killing Afghani men, women, and children in their homes, schools, fields, shops, and hospitals?


    First good laugh of the day! Thanks to you and the Earl for this!

    I must have laughed for 5 minutes straight… still chuckling… best part is the winch… gotta go wipe my eyes. 🙂

  6. U need a chat room for this event.

  7. I am torn betwix watching this or two hours of Mexican Midget Wrestling.
    Leaning toward Luche Libre but its early.

  8. will watch in same fashion as state of the union speeches. score points if/when either side sites bill of rights or 10 planks of communism. and you get two guesses which one gets sited more.

  9. We’re thinking take a hit off your beer every time Hillary tells a lie, and if she drops like a sack of potatoes you have to slam the whole thing….. Not sure I can last 90 min though.

  10. I have said it before here (and other places), if (just if) you have given up all hope (and that is the only way of possibly surviving a life and death struggle): the show will be spectacular! And just think, this is the opening round – there is more to come – just wait for the election and it’s aftermath. Sit, drink, make love if you must and watch for the pure entertainment value !!!!!!

  11. The Donald should have left an empty seat, saying that he was inviting Ambassador Stevens (who can no longer be reached for comment).

    My prediction is for “technical difficulties” the first time that Cankles has to clear her throat.

    For the sake of all mankind-particularly for those corpses whose blood is on her hands, my hope is that she simply croaks on national TV tonight before our very eyes. Of natural causes, of course. We won’t get that lucky though. Because it takes a village of medical specialists with random tubes and syringes and shit to prop up Godhilla.



    I would watch it, but Monday evening is when I rearrange my sock drawer. Actually, I will be surfing prep sites and re-reading Resistance To Tyranny. My only problem will be trying to avoid conversations at work tomorrow, with the clueless sheeple who will be hanging on every word. Bleib ubrig.

  14. combined entrance so no telling who got the most applause….no dog in this fight ,just watching for the fireworks and the laughs.

  15. ‘Good’ and ‘So many/much’ should be on the list. We’d all die of alcohol poisoning at that point.

  16. Stealth Spaniel

    My cousin has had a power outtage in Pennsylvania. Lucky her.
    Hildabeast is wearing Nancy Reagan Red.
    She’s invoking the 1930’s depression to justify “saving” the banks in 2008.
    Building on the progress of upping minimum wage.
    Please, dear God, don’t let me go Elvis on the tv tonight.

    • Why hasn’t this bitch started coughing yet!!?? My daughter says body double. Also, .gov can’t create jobs, dumbass.

  17. ruh roh here we go….wooohooo!

  18. shut the F up Lester.let em fight!

  19. Her eyes just went all crazy, and they cut to Donald.

  20. Pretty apparent who is controlling the pace of the argument. He’s way inside her OODA loop

  21. release the e-mails…..ha ha ha

  22. its da skeery black fullauto machinegun max clip black rifles!

  23. 3 double shots BEFORE the show begins and NO I have no intention of watching ANY of that shit. Have fun if you are into it. TINVOWOOT, because there isn’t gonna be no damn election folks.

    Grey Ghost

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