Professor Wagstaff Sends


Based on this post, Prof Wagstaff and his crack team of boffins have looped in the audio surveillance from the security zeppelin cruising over Manhattan yesterday.

Many thanks, Prof!

3 responses to “Professor Wagstaff Sends

  1. “Put one foot in front of the other” from Santa Claus is coming to town:
    This video is appropriate placing Hillary as the winter warlock on so many levels.

  2. I don’t vote out of self respect but my take on the quadrennial cluster fuck is this. All the anti Trump hysteria you’re hearing from the establishment/deep state is misdirection. I believe he’s been their man all along. The “Republican Debates”…..political theater at its best with a predetermined outcome. Remember, at this level, nothing happens by accident.
    As to Clinton’s obscene cash rake….the speeches, foreign contributions, the tax shelter foundation, etc. ……think of it as ” some lovely parting gifts” like you used to see on television game shows. She’s a dying woman, with dirt on many heavy hitters. This is their way of saying thanks for being a team player and have a nice trip to hell.

    To paraphrase Rick in “Casablanca”

    “Play them again, Sam”.

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