ZH: “America Is On Our Side” – Al-Nusra Commander Tells German Press US Is Arming Jihadists

SHOCK WAVE Capturing an atomic explosion at a test site in the Nevada desert in 1957.

Of course.

And the WSJ joins the drumbeat for the upcoming nuclear war.

Time for an oldie but goodie:

18 responses to “ZH: “America Is On Our Side” – Al-Nusra Commander Tells German Press US Is Arming Jihadists

  1. Again… this is news to who? Surely not anyone here.

  2. Notarealperson

    Old news.
    It was rather obvious they had outside help from the get go. Remember all those brand new, Toyota pick up trucks they showed up in or how they picked up 2000 Humvees that the Iraqi Army just left for them.

    Or maybe it’s the massive line of oil tankers from Syria waiting to off load their oil in Turkey.

    I’m just surprise the JSOC boys aren’t openly helping ISIS.

  3. As the U.S. is arming the ISIS fanatics, the next debate needs to address the question of WHEN Killary started to fund ISIS.

  4. that’s right, (((marc helprin)))…Russia, China, Iran, NK…they’ve all seen what happens to non-nuclear countries that oppose the Debtbuck Imperium: they get Iraq’d, Libya’d. And I don’t doubt for a moment that if Sodom on the Potomac keeps tightening the political and economic screws on Russia, Putin will strike first.

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    An upbeat alternative nukewar classic:

    Or, if you prefer mawkish twatwaffling – Sting:

  6. I remember doing those duck and cover drills in school

  7. SemperFi, 0321

    Well, we are also engaged in our favorite national pastime….DENIAL!
    Just another evil lie to dodge, and then fix with airstrikes. The American way of keeping the neverending war alive for another decade……or until somebody drops the first big one.

  8. It is astonishing really – how the same US actions over & over, in the open are met with outright denial from the masses. Just as with kermit roosevelt in Iran c1954, those-who-would-be-masters trot out the same scheme in Libya/Egypt/Iraq/Syria and more.

    Gen. Smedley Butler had a thing or two to share with us on the subject, much earlier.

  9. Stealth Spaniel

    Hillary can hardly wait to get her filthy fingers on the button. Except Putin will beat her to it. I’m not sure that NKorea or Russia will wait until the election. One positive thing-the ATF & IRS will be out of commission!

  10. Not sure what y’all are so concerned about. Many here seem to favor SMOD as the next “President”. NukeWar is pretty much the same thing.

  11. Yup,remember it all too well.The siren for the county(suburb right on the D.C.line)was huge and LOUD.The alert horn/siren was big as a bus and on a tower next to the elementary school I attended and practice was weekly unannounced.We would all dive under our desks or huddle next to a wall and await certain annilhilation.Helluva way for kids to grow up knowing certain death could happen any minute.I have been reading the Russians have been updating their civil defense and building new bombshelters.I wonder….

  12. Egads, does that first picture bring back some memories! If I didn’t know better, I’d say one of those shooters was moi… ahh, the sweet smell of 16mm film reels!

  13. CA, as you are aware several within the SF community have been saying this for years now. Say 10 plus years. I remember the day they were met with at a minimum skepticism and often with derision. Now it appears with the article and the comments … the facts are becoming mainstream within the prepper camp or the freedom blog sphere. Guess this means they are no longer Russki apologist or traitors. Words I heard not really that long ago. Words I heard since I returned home.

  14. ALL the evidence leads to the fact that the SF community is asshole deep ” in support” roles, abroad. Their solders, they follow orders, you wonder why those present here are so bitter.

    at some point, we all wake up and smell the stench of oligarchy. We either shrug it off, or we prepare for what we are partially responsible for. We realize we who served weren’t protecting our nation, we were empire building for all the wrong people.

    We got played.


    • thesouthwasrght

      Yep. I went in back in ’90 all ready to carry on the family tradition. My uncle left a foot in europe, daddy served, uncle’s on momma’s side, all the way down my tree service was a given. Went to GW1, they called us off when there wasn’t hardly a camel betwixt us and Baghdad. And we left.

      Now I see we were just 41’s global army. What a crock.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Didn’t some guy named Smedley say that about 80 yrs ago?

  15. ALCON,

    There’s a taqiyya-practicing SoB sitting in the West Wing. Is anyone surprised what the moslems barry and valerie are doing, regarding the “US is arming jihadists” ?

    Oh, and BTW, this “US is….’ doing this and doing that, indicates Mom and Pop Amerika are totally involved with what TPTB in District of Columbia have done/are doing. But Mom & Pop don’t have a clue what the scum in District of Columbia is doing with their tax dollars.

    Guilt by association.

    Never give up your guns.

  16. These PSA’a should be making it here in fusa soon enough…

    Embrace your replacemnts – Hillary does.