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  1. that’s a nice prank O’Keefe did on (((Bobbi Sue Schindler))), U. Houston “Professor of Philosophy”. It’s funny…until you reflect on the fact that red, moronic Bobbi Sue is the terminal point of the (((hardLeft)))’s Long March Through the Institutions, and evidently typical of c. 90% of today’s campus faculty. What a nest of parasites.

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    I learn more from a Woodpile Report than reading any 10 daily newspapers.

  3. Wondering how hilderbeast was able to speak so fluently?

    “Of course Hillary Clinton cheated, she always cheats. Now you know how she did it, and why her eyes were reacting differently, and why her speech patterns sounded robotic.

    We know absolutely that this was preplanned in the Contactgate in “details” and “prepared” were the talking points from the Clinton campaign in the spin. The campaign had this written out, because Mrs. Clinton’s computerized contact lenses of course had the details.

    Poor Hillary though, she cheats, she has moderator help, has the questions to crib, and she still gets wiped out by Donald Trump.

    I hear DARPA has an artificial brain. Perhaps Hillary can drop that in with a personality next time, so she can lose again to President Elect Donald Trump.

    I told you that this was worth the 350,000 dollar big donation from the multi millionaire readers.”

  4. ALCON,

    Hard to believe we once were the “Arsenal of Democracy” and the “Bread basket of the world”, isn’t it ? All gone. Courtesy of the scum I call globalists and free traders. Many of whom ply their wares right here at WRSA.

    Klinton and her supporters are the latest iteration of treasonous scum infesting this once great nation.

    • Hard to believe? Not for me sir. My old man, 82nd Airborne died in January of ’15 at the age of 94. My best memory of him was a day in 1962 when I was 12. We had a cocker mutt, weighed less than 20 lbs. soaking wet. Like all dogs she’d bark at the mailman. Never approached him, would just stand a good distance and bark at him. One day the mailman came up the sidewalk and walked out of his way to kick her. Unfortunately for him, my father was standing just inside the screen door waiting to be handed our mail. To this day over half a century later, I can still hear that mailman’s high pitched screams as the old man (who was 42 at the time) bitch slapped and kicked that guy for half a block. But the best part of the memory is when the cops came and cuffed his hands behind his back, he looked up at me standing on the porch and winked.

  5. I love the Woodpile Report. Just think back 20 years ago how fantastic it would have been to have such an information source instead of what most of us knew was veiled leftist propaganda from the big three.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And what about TODAY?
      It involves reading, something the dumbmasses can’t comprehend. Sadly, nothing will change, including an awakening of the masses. They love their FauxNews. Easy to watch, told what to think, and move on to the next disinformation program. Ain’t them tits and miniskirts something?

  6. For CA.

    Its a WA bill and of course it puts the burden on the gun owner. The next step of course is to classify anyone who buys a gun likely to commit a precrime. Nice Catch-22 this one.

  7. drdog09 I spent many months last year in a VA hospital for a Spinal Cord Injury and while there my siblings robbed me blind. In the early days my sister (LGBTQ Attorney in Atlanta) told me to “Sign Here” so my brother could “Pay My Bills” Guess what not only did I get robbed of nearly$400,000 worth of property but the POA was invalid due to no NOTARY seal. When It came time for me to get my property back (2000 sf house reduced to a 5 by 10 ft. storage unit) they refused to return my gun safe. Finally did get my firearms back but I did find a spatula inside the safe where the liner was scraped off in search for possible hidden cash. Later had a visit by the BATF since the local PoPo had gotten a phone call that I was a “Wacca-doodle who just might shoot-up a school” Thank GOD I now have NO CONTACT with my siblings but if it can happen to me, it can happen to anybody. I fear for the future of this nation and wish all who read this be well stocked wit the things your family will need.