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No Need to Define “Islamophobia” — Just Criminalize It

NB this observation:

…The clip [above] by Stephen Coughlin, is from today’s intervention at the OSCE meeting in Warsaw, the group that seeks to write policy for European, and somehow also Canada and the US, governments which seem to become law or at least regulations. Most of these are anti-democratic and often downright core totalitarian…

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolf: The Threat To Free Speech In Europe

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  1. there is not now and has not been for years “free speech” in Judeo-bankster controlled Europe: that ended when the shabbatz goy political class began fining and jailing people for “holocaust denial”.

  2. I don’t give a RAT’s Rear End what the Musloids think about me and my thoughts about their PIG Religion. I have a copy of the “holy book” aka The Koran to use for toilet paper. If I am ever in the Mall with my wife and hear the words ALLUAH AKBAR, you can bet I will be ready to shoot whatever Musloid Monkey with hollow points that are filled with LARD. That is my FREE SPEECH and it comes with a bang.

  3. SemperFi, 0321

    Isn’t it interesting how groups of people appear from nowhere, tell you they’re in charge now, impose their silly rules on all of us, AND NO ONE QUESTIONS THEIR AUTHORITY?
    Just line up and obey, it’s the law!
    Who’s fucking law?

    We see the same exact thing here with the USFS/BLM, they do as they please and the masses just obey, simple as that. Not a half a brain cell in the whole county. I bitch and moan about waking up, question their authority, and am told to shut up and obey, they’re from the US Gov’t and know what they’re doing! Besides, it legal.

    • I hear ya Brother… Makes my blood boil…Fuck Their Authority…Numbers do Count Though…

    • Some history for your consideration SemperFi,0321:

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

      Sir! The last private’s out the rear hatch Sir!

      • Try to find “Constitutionalist” in Blacks Law – Not there;
        but there is Constitutor:
        “One who, by a simple agreement, becomes responsible for the payment of another’s debt.” Black’s Law Dictionary Ed. 3rd.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I got in trouble 40+ yrs ago in the Corps for questioning everything, for some reason they didn’t like my attitude. Obviously I’m not a good follower of dumb decisions and idiotic dogma.
        After 7 yrs we decided to part ways, irreconcilable differences.

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