Why Does The Left Always Win?


BLUF: They are willing to do anything and everything to do so.

If you aren’t, they will win.


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  1. Shinmen Takezo

    Let me boil it all down for you–the left wins most of the time because we don’t do jack shit to oppose them… other than watch talking heads on TV, file legal briefs and send checks to the NRA to do the heavy lifting for us.

    The “Tea Party” movement early on had the right idea when they/them went to these town hall meetings and screamed these mother-fuckers down right in their faces…. that is until the uber Mormon faggot, Glenn Beck told them to stop wearing all those crazy outfits and to sit down, shut-up and behave.

    The Tea Party early tactics were working–working well. The leftist jack-wads were literally scared shitless… for a while.

    Here’s another example–another example of a missed opportunity, actually an intentionally blown opportunity… by the NRA. Several years ago some guys got together and decided to hold a “Million Man, Open Carry” rally on the banks of the Potomac… directly across the District of Criminals.

    About half a dozen people showed up–the event was a complete fizzle, actually an embarrassment. But had the NRA got behind this rally, yes there would have been 1 million true believeing NRA sycophants on the banks of the Potomac… beating the drums of discontent far into the night, and sending shock waves to those cocksuckers across the river. An opportunity to show strenght was completely lost, actually tossed away.

    As a final example… case in point the defendants now on trial in Oregon for the protest/take-over of the wild-life refuge. This is yet another golden opportunity completly lost by the cluless conservative liberty movement. I wrote extensively (on this site and on Oath Keepers) about “Jury Nullification” and how to toss a massive crowbar into the mechanisms of THUG-FOR.

    To cut to the chase–jury selection went and passed…. and there was zero organized effort to surround the THUG-FOR courthouse with FIJA activists. No movement. No help. No involvement what-so-ever…. especially from Oath Keepers who seem to be asleep at the switch for this debacle; yet they were Johnny on the spot (with guns and milita types) in Nevada some years ago with the standoff.

    No–conservatives have no clue about the leftist tactic of “street theater” or protesting, or simply propelling a compelling message. I went to an Oath Keepers meeting a few weeks ago–and the best idea these fools could come up with was passing out flyers and standing on a busy intersection agressively waving the American flag.

    This is why the left wins most of the time…. they/them in the leftist movement have the best copy writers, best animators, best video editors, talking heads and so forth at their disposal.

    We got jack-shit, save for Fox Television… and that soon may go with Murdok’s children taking over the network.

    Finally–the conservative leaders we have in power are pussies. I remember watching Carl Rove sitting passively on stage like some fucking snow-flake, as protestor rushed him, attempting to smash a pie into his face. Had this been me on that stage–I would have fucking pummled the cocksucker into the floor-boards, live on TV.

    Think about this shit for a while–and I will chime in more.

    Thus spake Shinmen.

    • William Wilson

      Oath Keepers is a fedgov op.

        • William Wilson

          The head of Oath Keepers is too well-spoken, comfortable with media, noisy, assertive. Like a professional actor. OK gets media coverage–indicating a gov op. Dangerous people not on the fedgov payroll don’t get media coverage. Tom Metzger is a good example. These OK types we see in media have a cookie cutter look: clean Carhartts, cowboy hats, flying the Jew Ess flag, guns, horses, well-trimmed beards. Same as the “Lavoy Finicum” and “Malheur standoff”–another hoax. Look at the names. Lavoy Finicum–final trip. Malheur–bad time, bad hour. The “murder” of Finicum was a grainy Bigfoot clip from a chopper. All BS. All these type ops are fedgov efforts to compile lists of resisters; and to capture and steer discontents who are dangerous to the Jew Ess system.

        • Shinmen Takezo

          What I can say is that they can be more effective than they are now. They abandoned Bundy and the bunch in Oregon and could have applied highly organized FIJA tactics beore this trial–which would have had a massive chance of altering the rigged outcome. They did nothing.

    • Cant argue too much with what you are saying here.
      I think the problem is that the conservative or right wing or what ever you want to call it are too slow to anger. We really only think of a couple of ways to deal with problems. We will accept a lot of pushback and compromise because we know that our alternative is to kill people. The left claims that we are intolerant but the fact is we are far too tolerant, because we know that if we ever unleash it will be violent, wrathful and destructive.
      We completely cut off avenues of action because we respect laws and liberties for the most part. The left has no compunction destroying, agitating and scoffing at the law to drive their most retarded point home.
      We just dont do that.
      We will grumble, complain, maybe even yell and scream but then we have to go to work, or live the other parts of our lives. We dont have time to just agitate.
      People just want to be called in when the shooting starts. THEN they will get too it!
      I shake my head because I can sympathize but I also understand that we have to get out of this pattern.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        I thinki the first think to impliment are the “shout-down/agression” tactics of the early Tea Party activists. When several dozen (actually hundreds), of burly, rough looking ex-Marine/Spec-Ops types appear at Town Hall meetings and mix things up…. then things will start to move.

        The left acts with inpunity–with no recourse. I remember about 20 years ago I was at an illegal immigration rally at the Federal Building in West Los Angeles. The leftist counter-demonstrators (Mexi-scum) showed up with cases of canned drinks—all of which were frozen solid, and they used these as throwing weapons against elderly and children… many of whom were severly injured. The police did nothing to the leftists–as did the conservative protestors…. who should have shown up with hundreds of men who could and would take direct action.

        Here’s something I saw today on the internet, it’s an “experiment” on holding up signs “Black Live Matter” in white areas, and holding up “All Lives Matter” in black/leftist/racist areas. Take a look on how it came out, as if you don’t already know….

        Now… repeat this experiment, but this time have 1/2 dozen (two dozen would be better) ex-Marines/Spec-op types, with AR-15’s slung over their shoulders and see what happens.

        Actually, where this can be done, it should be done.

        We need push back on all levels–against leftist Judges, politicians, academics and public agitators… up close and personal, just to let them know there will be “consiquences” for their actions.

        There was meaningful push-back at Bundy Ranch a couple of years ago–but all of this publicty and political capital has been shitted away with the abject abandonment of Budy et al (even though they were dumb) up in Oregon (see my comments on FJIA activism).

        A short personal story… blacks (referring to hood rats) in the Los Angeles area push white people around as a matter of some sort of organized policy–they do this because whites are trained here like sheep to submit. While at a local market, a female hood-rat slammed me out of the way and laugh as she did it. Then she came back for another pass and attempted the same thing, but this time I gave her a line-backer hit to the torso and sent her flying into a display case, which collapsed upon her. As she lay there screaming, I calmly walked out of the store, and heard nothing more about this matter (statue of limitations have passed BTW). Case in point–push back. Don’t let yourselves be ground down.

        Leftists will slam in to you in every way possible knowing full well that the sheeple conservative will tuck their tails and run in terror.

        • I like a sign that reads ALL LIVES MATTER (that’s why I’m armed). I am a paralyzed Veteran in a wheelchair and I carry concealed every time I leave the house. Would not hesitate to cap some nitwit but since the Mooslimes started getting frisky I started packing extra ammo on me.

  2. The Left plays for keeps…no cucks allowed

  3. The Left seems to be “at home” and completely comfortable in the physical world; their end justifies their means, (lie, re-define, memes, cheat, steal, abortion, etc.), where much of the Right is most likely being “held back” from winning because their means justifies their end, their actions (and inactions) are geared to better-suit the after-life.

    Both sides have been programed to think & act the way they do.

    I’ll probably get in over my head with one this but here it is anyway:

    Nietzsche exemplified this same weakness of the Right by showing how Christianity was misinterpreting “The Nazarean’s” (Christ’s) divine message, examples, goals, and purpose. The “church” venerates self flaggelation, guilt, poverty, atonement, penance, and repentance (when the Gospel of Grace differs 100%) to get into heaven; by supporting nicoalaism.

    Editorial comment: When was the last time anyone seen or heard of a man being publicly-venerated for making money, taking care of himself, and his family? Fucking never! End.

    Look how Charles Dickens screwed so many of us over with Mr Scooge in his book “A Christmas Carol”……little Timmy would never received his medical care (and he’d still be limping) if the Scrooge had not been a penny-pincher and saved his money. Dickens and the Left would rather have us all poor and limping.

    Nietzsche’s hyperborean refuge (fictional but it arguably exists virtually) illustrates that helping people/society can be better-accomplished by not giving handouts; rather it’s the handouts is what makes society weaker; for that, they labeled him an antichrist.

    If more of the Right had the intestinal fortitude of Nietzsche or if they truly believed in the Gospel of Grace (not salvation by good deeds), they might emancipate themselves from all forms of worldly guilt, and possibly be unbridled enough to actually win something while we are here on earth.


    • That is one fine comment, Sir. Just so.

      Couldn’t agree more re: Gospel of Grace and personal responsibility/no altruism, and the usurpation/cultural destruction of same.

  4. They win because:
    1. They brainwash all the children in their public screwl system
    2. They NEVER give up and ALWAYS double down to move the window to the left,
    3. They don’t GARA about the law or rules,
    4. They lie at every turn and opportunity
    5. They ruthlessly obliterate their enemy with no remorse
    6. They have fun doing #5.
    7. They have a continual drumbeat that everything is done for the good of the collective and that capitalism has failed even though it hasn’t been used in over a hundred years in this country.

    Grey Ghost

    • Jimmy the Saint

      8. On the big points, at least, they are all on the same page.
      9. They are organized
      10. They are funded
      11. They have logistical support to get people where they are needed

  5. that’s a good analysis of Leftist psychology and operational code, but less so on the complimentary idiocies and failings of what currently passes for the Right. There have been times, and not so long ago, when the Right resisted and defeated the Left – cf. Spain, 1936-39, and Reagan’s crushing of the Left International during the early thru mid-1980’s – with fire and sword. Then, something happened. That something was, of course, the “ex”-Trotskyite communist Jewish neo-con takeover of the Right during the later 1980’s and 1990’s. With the complementary wings of organized Jewry – Reds and Zionists – now in control of the entire conventional political spectrum, it’s no surprise that the Left embarked on a long winning streak, while the neo-con’d/cuck’d “Right” rolled on every issue….except, of course, the Pentagon budget and the corollary care and feeding of Israel. However, combine the current rise of the hardRight (never mind the “alt-Right”, whose luminaries still think they can vote their way to victory and cut a White survival deal with the Jews) with the eventual collapse of the debtPonzi through which the Left has bought consent, and it could be that the Left in particular – and Jews in general – are in for a hard fall. This would, incidentally, conform with the long-term pattern of Jewish history, a series of dramatic heights and equally dramatic nemeses.

    • Scary thought: Haxo is closer to the truth than most here. 🙂

      There is no left vs right. There is only parasite vs the productive. Left vs right is a device intended to distract us from what is really going on.

  6. The Left always wins because there is no Right.

    The best “patriot” is a shameless Communist.


  7. colddeadhandsdays

    And when I say that we need to take heir advances against our basic liberties the same way as threats of violence because ultimately that’s EXACTLY what they are, I’m scolded like I’m an extremist by supposed Liberty minded, right leaning, Constitutionalist patriots. It’s incredible. I was taught if someone is threatening you end the threat. Seems there are a lot of sheep even on the right.

    It’s exactly by doing nothing or apathy that the left wins because yes, they DO play to win at all costs. We really need to change our paradigm.

  8. “Why Does The Left Always Win?” Because people are nice and trusting and don’t like to make waves and don’t push back . Happens throughout history and the usa is no different.

  9. Here’s a link on revelations of who is the Ms Piggy character Hitlery accused Trump of insulting during the debates. Gotta wonder how much traction this will get through the news media’s…


    • Good God.

      With this link you have convinced me that in order for any of this to change, there will have to be a MASSIVE die-off. The analogy appears to be cancer treatment: Killing off the cancer cells just before the patient dies. Or perhaps “epidemic control:” breaking the chain of infection until the pathogen is no longer able to spread.

    • HA!
      So the debate turned into Mexican Wrestling after all.

  10. Because the right = the left. It’s just one “brand” of authoritarianism versus another.

    A more effectively framed question would be why does authoritarianism always win? Answer, because people are brainwashed away from liberty through the mass use of fear. Fear is an amazing motivator. Most everyone watches the mainstream news. It is a literal fear factory as is much of the alt-news.

    2 Tim 1:7… “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

    Example: Fear of muslims equal wanting to destroy them, equal the perpetual war machine. Blame them for an atrocity like 9/11, remind people daily that “they can and will strike again” anytime and anywhere if we don’t “take the fight to them” and there’s your fuel cycle for the fear fire. Both Trump and Hiligula perpetuate the same meme.

    Should “average Joe” ever realize that he has been lied to on such a massive scale, that muslims didn’t attack us on 9/11, all that pent up fear would finally find a productive outlet and begin to move in the correct direction. He would no longer fear, he would be correctly angry at the correct target. Armed with truth, a mans most powerful weapon, he could effectively fight the actual enemy.

  11. “The left” wins because nobody on the right has the guts to shoot them.

  12. Here is how it was done in back in 1917…

  13. They play to win. It’s as simple as that.

  14. 100-200 million….

  15. William Wilson

    Hitler and Goebbels couldn’t get their message out until they started kicking the shit out of Reds. This is where “we” are at. Did you see Trumpites stomping jew-paid thugs at Trump rallies? No. Trumpites are “conservative” and “law abiding.”

  16. wealthy farmer

    I know we are all busier than a one-legged man in a kickfight, what with preparing, training, studying AND the activities of ordinary reality: family, business, etc. But I strongly urge and recommend that, if possible, people get and read a copy of “Mao: The Untold Story”. It is THE roadmap/playbook for leftist tyranny over a large, diverse and inherently conservative country. The horrors, the butchery, decades of guerrilla war, and of course, Mao himself, in all his effete paranoid glory….The one area that we seem to be pioneering here in FUSA is the operation of weaponized demographic change. The seriously xenophobic chinese could not (and still cannot) conceive of such a thing as deliberately flooding one’s homeland with millions of utterly incompatible foreigners. Liquidating millions of their countrymen,no problem.

  17. Good observations but I think it has less to do with the actors than it does their positions.

    The Left has the affirmative position. They don’t have to follow rules/morality because they are not fighting FOR something they love, but rather AGAINST something they hate. This is why gays and Third Wave Feminists will gleefully partner with Islamists.

    The Right is in permanent defense mode fighting FOR something. We believe we have to win the right way or risk that something.

    Digging mass graves in the US and filling it full of Communists in the 1940s/50s would have insured victory (McCarthy was right after all). The hippies wouldn’t have happened. They wouldn’t have come to power in the 90s in education/government. Obama would have stayed in (his likely native) Kenya or Indonesia and never met Bill Ayers. Ayers would have been content living on his daddy’s money rather than being curb-stomped in 1972 (as he should have been).

    But do any of us want to live in that world?

    And so we wait for the Left to commit actions that justify doing the hard and necessary things with our moral superiority intact, while dancing around the efforts to prevent us from having the means to do those things (free speech, gun control). And most of us have bills to pay in the meantime too which means giving the Left the resources to win (taxes/gov/Corporatism).

    While we wait, they win.

  18. Why Does The Left Always Win?
    “The uncontested absurdities of today are the accepted slogans of tomorrow. They come to be accepted by degrees, by dint of constant pressure on one side and constant retreat on the other – until one day when they are suddenly declared to be the country’s official ideology.”
    So saith Miss Rand. And that tomorrow is now.

    That constant retreat? The so-called conservatives are mere shadows of the left, indicating perhaps the value of allowing others to represent your interests and define your values.

    A circumspect unwillingness (me too) to respond with violent, disproportionate action to collectivist provocations emboldens leftists beyond measure. Prudent self preservation enables self destruction, in an indirect manner.

    The leftists of course are the army of satan and thus have no moral, ethical or (observed) legal restraints upon their actions. A collective of degenerates, the criminally insane, the perverse, the corrupt, the klintons, obamas, bushes, gates, et al- they are all rewarded for their values and actions. For a time.

  19. So is 0bama importation of millions of moslems……

    to serve as the future executioners of millions of Americans in the future?

  20. They win because they control the information that the people are allowed to have, thus controling their thoughts, opinions and votes. Truth is their silver bullet but they never put one or allow one to be placed in the gun…. Which they lost somewhere along the way.

    They also always have an excuse for every occasion when they are wrong or found to be incorrect, the first being to ignore it if possible.

  21. Alfred E. Neuman

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  22. Shinmen Takezo

    One thing I failed ot mention above–the leftists are numerically inferior…. also they are mostly comprised of snow-flakes. Unarmed snowflakes for the most part. This is why they are eager to seize control of courts, media, and governmental levers, so they can by “color of authority” enact their will.

    What they mainly have at their disposal now is “the media” and willing dupes/accomplices who propell their disinformation and propaganda on every level imaginable…. and thus they appear strong.

    The alt-right, the liberty movement et al, vastly outnumbers the leftists at every turn. We possess superior numbers (that is people who would actually stand up and do something) over the leftists. The III% is more like 5% to 10% –that’s 17 milllion to 32 million. versus the 2 million (they are banking upon–LEO’s/Military) to follow their orders.

    The leftists are falsly betting on the fact that the organs of state power will fall into line with their dictates (and the sole reason why they are trying so desperately hard lately to install 3 to 5 star wonks at the top of these command chains)–which is largely a pipe dream, because half or more of them (rank and file) will walk away in disgust and join FREE-FOR (bringing all sorts of material and skills) when pushed ot the edge during the time of their manufactured chaos.

    Might I point out the fact that the 2nd Russian Revolution (Bolshevik) was accomplished with less than .2% of the population. A similar dynamic is at play here in the USA–with a small number of leftist (or all sorts) appearing stronger than they actually are (using governmental bully tactics, misuing the law, etc and using their wonks in the media).

    We have all the guns, the ammo, the veterans, the hearts and minds of most of the rank-and-file military and LEO’s. The left has the media, bluff and bluster, leftist judges, movie stars and other assorted snowflakes…who think they can vote tyranny into existance without being contronted.

  23. SemperFi, 0321

    Another thing I’ve noticed with the progressives, many of them are of the limp wristed kind, leaning towards bi-sexual (with no survival or fighting instincts whatsoever!), and almost all, very narcissistic in the idea that the world revolves around them and their commie philosophy.
    And a complete intolerance for those who confront their way of thinking.
    Which brings us back to FMJ-101, there is no rehab program available for them.
    The good thing?, it’s happening all across the globe, people are fed up with this shit universally. There is hope.