Codevilla: After The Republic


It is done.

And what follows will be much worse.

It already is.

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  1. That is so dead on, it almost made me want to print it out and run around stapling it to people’s foreheads. Utterly fabulous.

  2. Oh it will be much worse. But I have noticed a factor that Leviathan always follows — The Course of Least Effort. The IRS would rather confiscate $15k cash that have to pick 50,000# of tomatoes at twice the cash equivalent. EPA would rather write a rule, than go after someone in court. Treasury would rather deal with a couple of monopolies than 100,000 free businesses across the fruited plain. If it looks like work they avoid it. As an economic defensive measure attach work to all you posses as an asset.

    • Avoid “point-n-click” type of assets (accessible by anyone at any terminal -bank/broker/ATM), or understand that these are at-risk of not being under your control at any moment.

      Banks exist to “clear” deposits and pay on-line transactions effectively, not to store my savings. As a depositor, you are junior creditor in a BK/re-org of the bank, which is a crime committed by the US Congress.

  3. Gives you a warm fuzzy dont it?

    Wait that could be the fire that is burning all around us.

  4. Brilliant essay by Codevilla. Us ” deplorables ” are trying to correct the direction of this ship and get it to return to port so that the needed repairs can me made. We do it with our voices, but the media and elites go to great lengths to quiet our voices by assassinating our character..but not the message. We try electing those who can carry the message, but soon they get sucked into the machine. We try peaceful assembly and protest, but only to be put into the ” terrorist” data base for interment. Our priest, bishops, ministers, even the Pope have join the rank and file of the progressive left. Meanwhile ammunition and gun purchases are steadily increasing and the political elites and their cronies continue with the implosion of this country……what they don’t get is that us old fighting dogs will come to a point where dying for faith and honor will take precedent over fear of negative press releases and chastisement by the progressive left and their political elitism……. game on.

    • you expect to win? When you’re incapable even of calling a communist a communist, and instead employ their own self-euphemism (“progressive”) not once but twice? That’s what neo-conz and cucks do: concede the linguistic battleground from the get-go. And then go right on losing. On purpose.

  5. In a supposedly free Republic, the encroachment of leftist bullshit has been destroying what works, and what is good in it. When some one comes along to stop that process, and reverse it, the leftists will prove even more reactionary than they claim the other side is, and the demand from most people to stop that reaction will lead to civil war. In the end, you wind up with a speedy succession of rulers who promise an end to the turmoil, until the “strong man” ie: Dictator appears to finally shut the whole thing down, brutally, and claim a bit of peace. In the meantime, the surviving masses learn nothing about integrity, and the remaining nation-state is no better off than before,and only on it’s way to destruction. It all evolves from a lack of integrity, the one thing that a Republic cannot live without. Enough of us have become liars, so that the nation is rotten.

  6. Read this thread over on Above Top Secret. Details some very interesting connections with some an old Clinton friend.

    • Akin to self-licking-ice-cream-cone, eating steroids like candy whilst jacked-up on meth, with a post-graduate degree in Corruption and a minor in Malfeasance.

      The interesting part was the mention of immunity being handed out like party favors as a preemptive maneuver to prevent any potential conspiracy charges.

      You gotta hand it to these people. They’ve taken criminality, lawlessness, and banana-republic-style-governance to the NEXT LEVEL.

      • Just wait til HRC issues an ultimatum to Putin in Syria and backs her play with a limited theatre nuclear weapons use.

        The next 48 hours after that will be quite exciting.

        • Spicy prospects on the horizon…

          We are in BIG trouble.

          After reading Gren’s link, I can’t help but assume there’s too much money/power riding on the HRC train to go down without the fight of its life.

          • Or one heck of an urban bbq…..

          • Yeah its to big to fail! The Hillary train is is packing so much corruption and money transfers that it would take a score of diesels to move it. Once you get that much mass moving its hard to see anyway it just sputters to a halt. They cant just let that go its the golden goose.

          • What you said right there Mike.
            Codevilla is right, smart dude, but he doesn’t know how right he is.
            Like CalsDad said below.

          • Funny to see Comey Grilled in Congress yesterday on this very situation. The fact that he granted 5 individuals immunity, the 5 people who beyond a doubt broke the law, but yet that produced not a single criminal charge.
            You grant immunity to get to the bigger fish. Mills was on the receiving end of one of those immunity grants and yet nothing was gained from those deals….. Peter is absolutely correct when he said this country died on July the 5th. Mills could not be more up to her blowhole in corruption flipper in flipper with Hillary and yet nothing comes from this investigation.

  7. Codevilla always seems to be dead on. It’s scary when “intellectuals” start to confirm the things that the “deplorables” have been voicing for quite some time.

  8. “And what follows will be much worse.”
    Things I am planning on within 5 years, obamacare turning into national healthcare and anyone who cant afford private care will be subject to whatever effects on them that govt healthcare has(like death panels), a real estate crash because the limited opportunities to increase income become reality and causes housing market all over to drop, increasing areas that whites go at their own risk, some food and gas shortages that may run up to a week from time to time and likely a repeal of the tax advantages for Christian organizations and these are if things go well; it could go and likely will be much worse.

    • 5 months? better start planning on dealing with issues in about 5 weeks.

      My take: cancelled elections because of “national crisis”. barry’s wild party is about to begin………..

  9. What’s next after November no matter who wins IMHO;

    Chaos, death & destruction for sure but it will only get worst once complete tyranny steps in to rearrange the chairs on the deck of our titanic.

  10. As Benjamin Franklin said over two hundred years ago: “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom”.

  11. We need to organize. None of us can stand against what is coming on our own. You guys should check out

  12. Some wag once suggested that a declining nation is one where the coolest things can be found in museums. We are here.

  13. Quote from the linked piece:
    “Had Cruz become the main alternative to the Democratic Party’s dominion, the American people might have been presented with the option of reverting to the rule of law.”

    The author defeated his own argument. Ted Cruze was a dual Canadian/US citizen the he was elected to the Senate just a few of years ago. He only renounced his Canadian citizenship when he decided to run for President. Once cannot meet the standard of “natural born” while holding dual citizenship. Jeepers, ya think Teddy didn’t know this when he renounced his Canadian citizenship? Maybe nobody told him? Maybe his Constitutional Law classes didn’t address it. Maybe he just never gave it much thought.

    We are well and truly fucked.

    • That sentence about Cruz caught in my craw too.

      His wife is Goldman Sachs.

      Cruz = Constitutional fidelity….not.

  14. “An Englishman called Tim Worstall (who chooses to live in Portugal but at least for a while was the Press Officer for the closest thing there is in Britain to a conservative party, UKIP) pretty much summed it up not long ago when he observed: ‘When the desirable jobs are spending other people’s money, reporting on spending other people’s money and lobbying to spend other people’s money, then you know that the society is f***ed’.”
    –Mark Steyn

  15. Ya want freedom? Then take it by God, right now.

    • That’s the thing, right there. ^^^^^^^^^

      Be free. Your choice and you know what the other one is.

      • Seriously?

        It should not be necessary but… from those who would rule, rob, imprison and kill you for resisting. Free from the conditioning: apathy, fear, immorality and compliance/complicity with which you have been bombarded and programmed from childhood.

        I, and many another here, could go on at length but perhaps you get the idea.

        Or, more likely, you were attempting to be glib and clever and damned well know it.

        How ’bout you be free from… you?


    “Regardless of the elections outcome, the Republic established by America’s Founders is probably gone.” Angelo, paisan’, please read HOLOGRAM OF LIBERTY by Kenneth Royce. There was really no “Republic”. It was a pipe dream. It was a Bankster/Rothschild/Federalist scam. Patrick Henry and the Anti-Federalists “smelled a rat” even before the charade of Philadelphia got going.
    Little Jimmy Madison had to cobble together a Bill Of Rights just to mollify the states to ratify the: “…foolscap put together by atheists”(H/T to SFC Barry).Then, John Marshall and the Supremes put the nails in the coffin with Marbury v. Madison. THEY would decide what was “Constitutional”.
    We have lived in a Judicial Dictatorship since then. When Chief Justice Taney decided that what The American Lenin(H/T to L. Neil Smith) was doing was unconstitutional, “Honest Abe” tried to throw him in jail.
    Just look at all of the hype surrounding the Broadway musical: HAMILTON. It is all bread and circuses brought to you by TPTB who have controlled the FEDGOV, since George and Alex put down the Whiskey Rebellion. But, try teaching that in a US History class in a public high school. The school board and the Kool-Aid drinking parents will have your scalp. Facts be damned.
    Angelo, you have written some good stuff. But, the time for debate is fast drawing to a close. Stash some hard currency. Get proficient in the use of firearms. Store needful things. Have a plan. Bleib ubrig.

    • Gary North has also written extensively about this.

      Conspiracy in Philadelphia – Origins of the United States Constitution:
      Hamilton’s statements at the time were quite frank about all this.

      When Madison and Jefferson opposed the plan, Hamilton bought them off by promising to support the swamp today known as Washington D.C. as the nation’s Capitol. This was done at a private dinner with only the three in attendance. Jefferson later wrote about it.

      Here was the outcome:

      The Treasury Department quickly grew in stature and personnel, encompassing the United States Customs Service, the United States Revenue Cutter Service, and the network of Treasury agents Hamilton had foreseen. Hamilton immediately followed up his success with the Second Report on Public Credit, containing his plan for the Bank of the United States — a national, privately-operated bank owned in part by the government, which became the forerunner of the Federal Reserve System. In 1791 Hamilton released a third report, the Report on Manufactures, which encouraged the growth and protection of manufacturing.

      By 1791, Hamilton had created a vast Federal debt and the nation’s first central bank, owned privately.

      He had planned it from the beginning. That was why he promoted the Constitution. This was why he wrote most of The Federalist Papers.

      The anti-Federalists predicted accurately what was coming in 1787. It came.

      There was a conspiracy in Philadelphia in 1787. It was successful. I have written a book on this: Conspiracy in Philadelphia. You can download it for free here.

      To understand the expansion of Federal power in 1788, consider this. In 1786, the Federal government’s total army was 1,200 men. It was too small come to the rescue of the state of Massachusetts in putting down Shays’ rebellion. This was a rebellion by rural counties against the state government’s decision in 1786 to pay off state debts in silver, collected from the counties. The governor and most of the members of the legislature had bought these debts for pennies in fiat currency. Now they were about to get very rich at the expense of rural taxpayers, who had little silver. A lot of counties revolted.

      That was the trigger that got George Washington to attend the Convention, which he had previously refused to agree to attend. He had been completely misinformed about the motives of the protest. A former general of his sent him letters that concealed the politics of the revolt. Read my article on this revolt: “John Hancock’s Big Toe.”

  17. Codvilla is just another CONservative Lincoln bootlicker who actually thinks there was a “good” Republic under Lincoln. His analysis of the last 50 years is ok but as I’ve said for several years now, the Constitution and BoR was “destroyed” a long long time ago. The last 7 years was just putting the proverbial last iron in the fire for the coming unpleasantness. His analysis of Ted Cruz is bullshit. Ted Cruz had NO CHANCE, especially with the cowardly lying Lincoln bootlicker Glenn Beck prancing around the country like Elmer Gantry at a tent revival on Saturday night.

    Funny how some people “wake up” when things get spicy out in the hinterlands. Codvilla is right about one thing… whatever happens, the ruling class has brought it upon themselves by thinking they are better than the dirt people and not doing what they were elected and obligated to do.

    Grey Ghost

  18. Stealth Spaniel

    The interesting thing: as we go into freefall, the rest of the world joins us. The Elites of the world think that this freefall will pass them by. Newsflash-we will make sure that you join us at the funeral pyre.