Huma’s Daddy


Dig those shades and that pipe, Daddy-o.

I’m sure Ms. Abedin did not adopt any of her father’s views.

Or those of her mother.



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  1. Love the hashtag….

  2. thesouthwasrght

    Most people have no clue as to the levels of infiltration the moslem has accomplished in American government. Most notably heading up key departments in DOJ, DHS, and State. But hey we gots da Foosball on this weekend bc Murica will always be murica.

  3. Wait, crap next you’ll be telling me she’s some kind of Muzzie Brotherhood agent or something. I’m going to my safe space inside my bacon bunker. Call me when it’s safe again.

  4. Mike Savage’s show was pulled off air live Monday on WABC, New York.
    He was discussing Clinton’s health issues 6 hours prior to the debate.
    First Amendment being taken down w/ a big, in your face FU.
    The Second Amendment is next. Get right with God and Family.
    And if you must take you leave, exact a substantial price. eom

    • (((Mike Weiner))) and his let’s-all-die-for-Israel neo-con crap is “off the air”? Such tragedy. And the “Second Amendment” is “next”? That’s just words-on-paper. If “they” actually come for your guns, shoot them in the face. Deeds, not words, actualize freedom.

  5. The Usual Suspect

    Thank Dear Leader for the advancement of those who would
    murder America.

  6. at some point a new modern cursade will need to happen. sure hope I’m not too old to participate in the cleansing. been there seen the evil and fond it hard to believe we are importing them in.

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    Dude’s a major hep cat.

  8. But let’s be honest, how many of us would kick her out of bed?

  9. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for Huma. She has sacrificed alot to be next to the potential seat of power. Not the least of which is being clawed at by those cold clammy hands. I wonder if she has been promised that when it is time, she will be the one to shove the pillow over Hellery’s face. Her eyes do not tell of a happy and content Soul behind them.

    • Muslims are taught that anything is permissible in the service of jihad, even things that would otherwise be sinful and forbidden. Maybe she is willing to play as Hillary’s lesbian concubine as long as doing so ultimately serves jihad. Seems the most likely explanation to me.

  10. Needs pipe and shades, because “professor”. Liberal, smarty pants, holier-than-thou…. as for the “kicking her out of bed”; it’s called ‘standards’ and ‘values’. She and her ilk should be kicked out of the country.

  11. just plain todd

    dopey sand nigger bitches need to be dry fucked up the ass with a bacon wrapped cock. imho.

  12. So Huma’s mom agrees that women should not be president? So shes voting for Trump I guess.

  13. “And furthermore, I consider that Islam must be destroyed.”

    Ann Barnhardt… and everyone else in America and Europe with three remaining, firing triangulating synapses.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Interesting scenario, though. As collectivism further takes over thew West, will people rebel by turning to Islam. Say what you will about its spiritual tenets, it channels rage better than just about any system ever.

      • But first it creates an artificial rage with which to control and use the morons.

        We have plenty of evidence, justifiable grievance, simmering toward equally justifiable redress, BAMN. And as to channels, just confirm your zero, harden your heart and gather intel… then channel your cold, calculating anger in the right direction.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. 1960. Provincetown,Massachusett’s.Dad would give each one of his nine kids a dime and turn us loose in the penny candy store. Small brown paper bag with ten pieces of candy.Five Bazooka Joe and five Squirrels.Stand on the sidewalk with my six brothers and two sisters, eat candy and stare in amazement at the bongo playing beatniks. That guy,Humas’ father,sucked at poetry.I remember him.He became a professor.

  16. I bet Huma’s snatch smells like Funyons, broccoli, and latex dildos.

    I wouldn’t get within 47 miles of that gash.

  17. Justbereal, Thanks for the comic relief.

  18. Looks like the good professor dressed like Hillary back in his day. 😀

  19. An update from your Muslim masters which probably deserves its own post:

    “Guards of Saudi royals are authorised by the French interior ministry to bear arms, which is not the case for private security guards of French nationality, bar rare exceptions.”

    “The world’s top female chess players have reacted with horror after being told they must compete at next year’s world championship wearing a hijab.

    Within hours of Iran being revealed as its host country, the prestigious event was plunged into crisis as it emerged players taking part face arrest if they don’t cover up.”

    “Her portrait was taken as she sat on a wooden bench in front of a bullet-riddled American flag.”

    “Earlier this year Playboy announced it was ceasing to publish nude photographs of women.”

  20. She is one nasty,ugly horsefaced taquiyya bitch.

  21. He got those shades from Jim Jones. Drink the kool aid.