Porretto On What Must Be Done

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…To prevent Leftist anger-in-discourse from gaining its objectives, we must meet anger with anger – and our anger must be of incomparably greater magnitude.

There’s already a perceptible movement in that direction. Whites are sick and tired for being blamed for the myriad failures of American blacks. Christians are sick and tired of being persecuted de facto for their beliefs. Men have pretty much had it with feminists and their endless shrill denunciations. And so on.

It’s a start, but only a start. It must grow, and become vocal, and to the extent required by circumstances – girls, hold onto your boyfriends — it must meet violence with superior force.

That will be a sticking point for many, who prefer to leave “that sort of thing” to the politicians, organizers, and commentators (and the superior force part, of course, to “the authorities”). However, dealing ourselves out because we’re private persons who “just want to be left alone” is no longer viable…especially as “the authorities” are tacitly complicit in the Left’s tactics. Consider the “official” reactions to the rioting in Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte, and Milwaukee.

— Fran Poretto, The Anger Gambit


As noted here, this is the situation today in FUSA, circa Fall, 2016:

…[I]mplicit in the TINVOWOOT statement is the statement that future governance will be – can only be – decided by the application of combat power or the threat thereof.

Think about that today.

By any means

12 responses to “Porretto On What Must Be Done

  1. “Think Gurkha style with redneck flair.” – WRSA Reader

    Hell yes, you tyrants have mistaken a quiet simmer and a lack of violence as fear and it WILL be your undoing.

  2. The Saxon has definitely begun to hate.

    I can’t remember where or when I read it (over the last couple of days), but I recall reading on the ‘Net that BLM’s antics are designed by “our betters” to spark a violent response that wipes out the blacks, not the whites.

  3. “Disarm Hate”. The radical left has a new strategy to end the First and Second Amendments in one stroke. One more leftist Supreme Court justice and it’s law.

  4. It’s amazing to me that someone at this level still sticks with the government created-and-approved left-right paradigm (as if the right has anything superior to offer us).

    The two wings of the same bird of prey… The world does not split left vs right. It splits between the oligarchy and the peons; the parasites and the productive.

    The video was pointless, idiots screeching at idiots. Why get upset over something like that? The world will always have an ample supply of such people. They are best ignored.

    But yeah, someone gets in your face, a punch in the nose should be the result. It will come to that in time – as soon as cops and authority figures see disincentives for getting involved in something that is not their business. Such as getting shot…

  5. MichiganderJim

    “…[I]mplicit in the TINVOWOOT statement is the statement that future governance will be – can only be – decided by the application of combat power or the threat thereof.”

    I can’t find any failure in logic there and logic always holds. ‘Course there’s the possibility of absence of government; that would make the logic irrelevant. So either we’re going to combat or we’re going to try absence of government.

    Or maybe both. Gotta go with what you know, and what we know is that no voting can possibly fix it. A constitutional or democratic oligarchy is still an oligarchy.

  6. Beware the Fury of a Patient Man.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Well, I’m already about as angry and fed the hell up as a man can possibly be… couple million like that ought to be enough.

  9. Anyone planning on meeting violence with superior violence will want a plan to “correct” various figureheads of the MSM when they report the matter lopsidedly.

  10. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Note who keeps peddling the “violence is WRONG/solves NOTHING!” & “w/o laws there’d be ANARCHY/ANYONE who disobeys The LAW is a selfish ANARCHIST!” lines, while simultaneously creating exceptions for themselves, & you’ll have a pretty good idea of cui bono.