They Hate Us For Our Freedom


Read for an example of civil forfeiture.

Not to worry.

I am sure that the procedure wouldn’t ever be used against someone like you.


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  1. hello were here from the government and were here to help ………………….

  2. Asset forfieture has been abused from day one.
    I personally know two commercial fishing boat captains/owners who lost their boats,houses,trucks,personal fishing boats, hunting gear-including rifles,bow and arrows just because a deckhand or other crew member had an insignificant amount of weed in one case,and cocaine in another.
    Both guys eventually won on appeal-7-10 years later,after all their shit was sold at auction.
    Niether one got any of their shit back and got paid a fraction of what they lost was worth.
    This happened to these guys in the late 80’s or early 90’s.
    The other thing that went along with taking all they owned is loss their captains licenses- just for a decade or so-no big deal right?
    You can not be a commercial fishing boat captain with a felony conviction-kinda hard to get any other good paying job too.
    Both guys I know had been in the business long enough that they just worked for other captains-but it was a hell of a pay cut-about a 50% pay cut.
    I heard that DEA and Coast Guard stopped doing that shit-but wouldn’t put it past ’em to do the same shit or worse to anyone TPTB tell ’em to.

  3. “….A Saginaw assistant prosecuting attorney, the late George Best…..”
    I like the sound of that.

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    ILLEGAL FOLKS!! This can happen to YOU!


    For eight years, Michiganders Gerald and Royetta Ostipow have been fighting the seizure and forfeiture of hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of their property.

    Last month they prevailed when a judge ordered the return of virtually everything that had been taken from them. But the Ostipows’ victory was short-lived, for they soon discovered that the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office had sold their property years ago, while their forfeiture case was still being actively litigated.

    Over time, the original narrow focus has expanded to allow for the seizure of property from virtually anyone for a host of alleged crimes.

    So, it’s back to court for the Ostipows. The couple filed a federal lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, seeking damages for the wrongful theft of their property.

    This case should be a clear call to all Americans that it’s long past time to rein in our nation’s abuse-prone civil forfeiture system.

    That system started off with the best of intentions. In the 1970s and 1980s, the federal government and the states began to turn to civil asset forfeiture laws to enable the seizure of property used to facilitate crime, and to target the ill-gotten gains of the worst offenders – drug cartels, kingpins, and money launderers (think Tony Montana).

    Over time, however, that narrow focus has been replaced by a broad grant of authority to seize and forfeit property from virtually anyone for a host of alleged crimes.

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  6. Law enforcement agencies are like liberal politicians; they want what you’ve got.

  7. Not so sure they even consider something so esoteric. There is a weakness in our system which can and will be exploited. I just think we see much more exploitation of our country than we’ve ever seen before.
    We used to vet people and ask how an immigrant will support themselves and their family. We used consider how this immigrant could add to our country. Now we don;t do that anymore.
    Countries dump their sick, disabled, and psychotic on our shores. Scam artists come here to steal. There are many ways to steal what we have. Sometimes it is money we already have, and sometimes it is future earnings. Societies can be destroyed, to benefit them – perhaps this is what people see when they say that “they hate our freedom”.

  8. Read this:
    “…James Comey appeared today before the House Judiciary Committee to answer questions about the FBI’s decision not to recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton regarding misuse of classified emails – and in the process told members that once the politics stopped circulating, the FBI would again be seen as the institution “you know and love”

    This hyperbolic statement certainly set the tone for the larger hearing which saw Comey testifying with unusual emotionalism, adding at one point that people ought not to see those involved in the decision as “weasels.”

    “You can call us wrong, but don’t call us weasels. We are not weasels,” he said. “We are honest people and….whether or not you agree with the result, this was done the way you want it to be done…”


    Key phrase from above: “we are honest people” “Don’t call us weasels”
    Pray tell, what else then James Comey do we call you and your FBI?

    Ruby Ridge?
    Fast & Furious?
    That FBI hit squad comes in mighty handy for a lot of things I bet.
    Who will ever know if Oklahoma City really was about hiding the disappearance of the paper hard copy archives of the Clintons organized crime syndicate.
    Was 911 just for the sake of crisis as a means?
    Lot of dead bodies there big fella
    For what, because you in somebodies back pocket?

    Then watch this over to Brock’s place. LeVoy Finnicum death was a set up. Through and through. The evidence as presented is so bone chilling cold blooded you will be at a loss for reference in a rational world. But it is not a rational world. This is country run by monsters. This below is sanctioned Premeditated murder in no uncertain terms. Somebody at the very top order it. It was payback for dirt people defiance. Imagine where we will be after November. And look at how local and state “law enforcement” is absolutely complicit in the FBI’s death squads operation.
    Make you want to puke with utter disgust:

    ‘MUST VIEW: Forensic Analysis of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum’

    They hate us for our freedom?
    It’s more than hate.
    They murder us for our freedom.

    • Money Quote: “This country is run by monsters”
      On my best day, I couldn’t add to that. +1,000 brother.

    • MichiganderJim

      Hard truth there, just the way it’s gonna come. Might as well try to enjoy living through it, cuz most of us won’t. I lived as I chose, pretty sure I’ll die as I choose, given the options. Can’t see how it gets any better than that.

      • Yup. Got that right brother. The moment you choose liberty, you have liberty. That’s the only way it works and no other. Nobody or nothing is going to do that but beginning with each of us. Nobody is coming to save you, but you. It only works if you work at it, that is how it becomes something tangible. It is joining the honorable resistance.
        What is there to be afraid of but a monstrosity of totalitarian scale? It is crazy to be afraid of such an impersonal leviathan. It is only made up of men that put their pants on one leg at a time. Men whose chief weapon relies on fear of them.
        Look at what they had to do to execute LeVoy Finnicum, and attempt to murder his friends in that truck. Notice something in the phone videos? Notice LeVoy? None of them where afraid, sure they where scared, but there was no fear in them people.
        I’ll bet a left nut those scum involved in executing LeVoy Finnicum are afraid. Afraid of us dirt people. That is because of the power of our will and our indomitable spirit, motive power that is un-extinguishable. For all the “power behind them, all the money, equipment, the politics, untouchable by any man made law, there is a tell that is gargantuan in scale and scope, that they had to resort to murdering LaVoy Finnicum and putting everyone who stood their ground on principles of primal freedoms and rights at the Bundy Ranch and up in Burn’s in the amerikan gulag system, because they fear people who refuse to bend a knee to them. It is not complicated. There is three choices here, comply with the ultimate indomitable will of the sovereign dirt people, or try to kill all who resist their “power”, or lock them up.
        Me, I know in no uncertain terms the reality at a certain point there is simply physically not enough of them to kill or imprison the defiers of their tyranny. What they did over the Burns rebellion to try and quell revolt is not possible on a larger scale, it can not be scaled up without a myriad of unintended consequences that exacerbate on a logarithmic scale, if not a cascading failure of the illegitimacy and plain simple criminal behavior of the actors of the leviathan.
        In crude terms for all their contemptible heinous arrogance, they are behind the eightball. At some point the gloves will by nature have to come off, all pretense and fig leafs, the charade of “legitimate” use of force to force people to comply against their consent. Which you can not do. You can niot force people to consent. Only can people give consent. Consent is unique in all activities of the human race, it is a singular component of the natural rights we are all inherently born with. Consent can not be taken, it only can be given. It is the tyrants ultimate conundrum. Only the person can give or withdraw consent, even if it is given out of fear, it is still given, nobody owns it but the person with it.
        Consent and withdrawal of consent of the governed is that which the foundations of America was built upon. The power of consent goes beyond this world, it is the enduring thing, the indomitable thing. And every day the regime creates more people who grok it may not be so bad to resist, to defy, to live free, and win. And every day people join the honorable resistance, they stop being afraid, they become manifest in themselves.
        What is a regime to do?
        In the larger picture, executing LeVoy Finnicum, imprisononing his fellow Patriots under Bills of Attainder, is small potatoes in the scheme of things, not because the operation to murder LeVoy was small, or not the horrible thing it is, nope, it is all they got and no more. All they got is threat of and use of force to back up the rancid illegitimacy they wallow in and thinks gives them special privileges.
        It’s empire. Empires are inherently unstable. They almost outrace their illegitimacy, so it is a constant effort to survive that illegitimacy. Executing LeVoy Finnicum, is the regime at the stage where almost everything it does, it consumes, is suborned to the purpose of them surviving their own illegitimacy. It is a crisis that not only doesn’t stop, but becomes logarithmic in it’s requirements.
        While us dirt people, we got it made legitimacy wise. And everyone of us who join the honorable resistance, we force multiply that power we have.
        Look what it took to kill LeVoy.
        Multiply that by 1 Million LeVoys.
        Not self respecting tyrant in their right mind wouldn’t fear that.
        And it doesn’t require the bravery and courage to jump out of your truck knowing it is an FBI hit squad who are there to kill you because some politicians are butt hurt they are being defied and their profit margin on the sale of our seed corn will drop by a paltry million or so.
        It is the fact we do exists, that by becoming the honorable resistance, we become a force that must be felt with, eliminated, but a million, 2 million, maybe more, it’s gonna take a lot of FBI hit squads.
        And among all this, nobody has begun to shoot back.

  9. America’s in a sad place. The Woodpile Report posted yesterday contained this quote.

    Brett Stevens at Amerika takes a more comprehensive view:

    Let us look at African-Americans and their situation, with compassion. There is no possible solution for African-American angst in America. No matter what we do — trillions in welfare, lawsuits, benefits, affirmative action and draconian civil rights laws — they will always know that this society was founded by people other than them, designed for people other than them, and that African-Americans are only here because they were sold in Africa to slave traders for use as farm labor here. No matter what we do in response to this latest shooting and the resulting riots, nothing can ever be done that will make African-Americans happy, because the condition of their unhappiness is created by diversity.

    How’s that ever going to get worked out?

    • As he said, it won’t. Get ready.

    • Jackson,

      For starters the unhappy American negro could emigrate to Liberia. Or, he could decide to be part of the solution rather than the problem.

      There will be much bloodshed if they continue attacking innocent Caucasians. The bastards are going to find themselves in an “L” ambush and there will be no getting out of the kill zone. It is coming if the negro persists. I hope people wise up.

    • Agreed, and I agree with Dan III as well. I would not say their condition is created by diversity. Their condition is created by an identity crisis. Diversity is SUPPOSED to be the promotion of other cultures and understanding their relevance in relation to your own. Okay, no problem in theory. The problem is that Blacks in America have no culture. They were removed from their native land and they lost the racial /cultural memory that those who came here willingly preserved. That would not have been an issue either until the late 50’s early 60’s. Post civil war blacks had adopted the European culture of their former masters and were integrated into the overall conditions in America with much fewer problems. See the essay “When we were Negros” for a good rundown of that. All of this went to shit when the Marxist Black Liberation movement and others like it began to convince Black people that to adopt the European culture was to sell out their own. Blacks have spent their time since those movements came to provenance inventing cultures and identities. They have to constantly re-invent it because they have no family foundation to pass on what they have come up with. None of that is going to change, and it has set them on a path of physical destruction. They will not fair well in the coming collapse.

    • Brett Steven’s is like Dr, Codevilla: brilliant genius insights, and able to put into words the really critical concepts and ideas of liberty us dirt people are hard pressed to express in eloquent, and most critically timely accepted fashion. After the fact is useless.
      But I’ll tell you, having stated those facts of reality breathing down all our throats as clearly as I’m able on their blogs, they haven’t quite reckoned with TINVOWOOT yet to it’s full profound spectacular truth. It’s almost like they are afraid to acknowledge the fact we are about to have a real party called civil war on a million fronts, like in our front yards, thank you very much, because if they got the reasoning and logic to state the obvious truths of whats going down now, it isn’t rocket science to figure out the logical next stage. In other words, don’t need a to be a professor or political scientist to know where it is all heading.
      Not a fault on their part in a way, it’s just they don’t fully appreciate why having arms and the primal fundamental use of those arms in self defense and to fight for one’s liberty is the fundamental basis of everything happening. It is gun’s stupid. Where power grows and ends, out of the barrel of guns. Duh!
      But if they got a lick of common sense, they will.
      Because somebody is going to come for them, because intellectuals always get the dirt nap when this shit goes down.
      Lets hope these thought leaders are cognitive of those truths before it is too late. Because truth be told from another direction, we all who be free men need that kind of thought leader. Like the pen is mightier than the sword?
      Though when the lead starts flying and the blood and guts mix with the mud, it is too late and those words and thoughts are about worth a bucket of warm spit.
      But, if you got your shit together, you already know nobody is going to save you but yourself, and by that it all starts with each of us.
      Re-set Bitchez!

  10. And now you know why I hate cops so much – Michigan.

    I traveled around the country back in the month of May, as I returned to MI on the friday of Memorial Day weekend, I seen more state, county, and local cops in one day in this state, than I seen in 18 other states combined in nearly 3 weeks on the road. The only other poLICE states that compare to MI for the presence of cops, is OH, KY, GA, and FL. – in my observations. Must be the drug trafficking. Disband the CIA, FBI, ATF, EPA, BLM, FDA, DEA, de-criminalize drugs, and allow Constitutional Carry for fucks sake. Let the idiots self-exterminate or be subject to community justice. We don’t need no stinkin badges.


    • Dude, you been had. Cops and what is going down with them is a shiny object. Look! It’s Haley’s Comet, sucker!
      Sure it sucks ass. The whole idea is the cops are being used as useful dupes like the BLM for larger ends. And by extension your vehemence for law enforcement makes you a useful idiot. I’m not calling you an idiot. I imagine it is correct to state none of us like being played for a sucker. But you might want to consider another perspective on the matter.
      Ask yourself why civilian law enforcement has been co-opted into becoming the overt violent criminal gang it is. Who benefits from this. Whose interest does this serve. What is the end game purpose for it. Why are the BLM and cops going at each others throats? Why civil forfeiture to begin with? Why not with a stroke of a pen has our “elected officials” not nullified civil forfeiture outright? Which there is nothing stopping them from doing, right now, today, this motherfucking minute, but possibly something that benefits them at our expense. Who among us in our right minds would stop them from totally outlawing civil forfeiture?
      Think about it.
      We all been had big time.
      Listen for the Dog that doesn’t bark.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Ask yourself why civilian law enforcement has been co-opted into becoming the overt violent criminal gang it is.”

        Isn’t it more a case of simply switching flags? Police forces used to do their dirt to enrich themselves (think prostitution/drunk “fines” in the 1800s), now they do it (or also do it) to enrich their masters.

        • I think your right. It is a social disease really, a parasitic symbioses. The one requires the other and vice versa. It is allegory of what we know call government. It is a relationship which is part and parcel of what began as usurpation of republicanism and will of the governed, never mind rule of law, probably not to long after the ink was dry on ratification of the USC. It has just taken a couple hundred years for the cancer of administrative tyranny to metastasized into the tumor it is today.
          The patient is terminal. The tumor has grown beyond removing to save the patient.
          But it has also grown past the symbiotic relationship of enforcer/master, I think because the needs of the collective political class has made the transition from from old fashion banana republic style corruption to Marxism. Sure they still need to shake the productive down to fund their corrupt lifestyle, but it is gone into the realm of ideological tyranny, where pogrom and liquidation of the enemy of the state is preimminant. And useful dupes such as cops and BLM are just tools to those ends.
          Not for nothing, civilian law enforcement stuck their dicks in a cultural cleansing machine eyes wide shut because the political class dangled a worm in front of them, in the form of free money, toys galore, and a promise of protected class status. but all they ever have been to their masters in the end is cannon fodder of an agenda.
          Cops lost sight of where their roots lie, where the money really originates, and like the niggers who want race war, who their only friends in all this have ever been. Us dirt people.
          Nobody else in this obamageddon are trustworthy fellow American’s. but us dirt people. And now they are forsaking that last bastion of goodwill. once that is toast, it’s on like Donkey Kong, because it is us dirt people and our tolerance that is all that holds it all together. But time is growing short for that goodwill.
          Believe me brother, lot of people say shit like American’s are sheeple, we are a nation of cowards, resistance is futile, blah blah blah.
          Sure, you get every flavor of the rainbow in a nation this large, and that’s just it, there are sheeple and cowards, that has no bearing whatsoever on those who are definitely not sheeple or cowards.
          Cops, BLM, the political class, they have had it easy. Nobody is shooting back to kill, or worse.
          Think about the ramifications of that.
          Something is going to give here pretty soon if this cultural marxist bullshit don’t back off. I think it is safe to say, we all who know who it is we are and our potential, know what we are about, the terrible things we but for the grace of God we dare not go. But go we must, then all limits are swept off the table. It is an all or nothing kind of thing. Once unleashed there is an element to dirt people that don’t know the word quit or say die. We ain’t America for nothing. Guarantee it. Cops, BLM, political class and the shit stirrers of elitism, they got nothing on dirt people with a bone in their teeth when it comes to bringing violence to the equation to solve the problem. Just dirt people don’t need violence to solve problems, until the problems are only as an ultimate last resort only solvable with unlimited unrestricted violence. It is why we are dirt people. We got common sense and innate tolerance of turning the other cheek for the sake of maintaining peace, a civil polite society.
          You see anybody in the entire equation got that kind of virtue and first principles?
          Fuck no.
          If ya got a lick of sense, pissing off the dirt people to the point of no options is a bad mistake. And you richly deserve what you got coming to you, because, the only people who mattered and gave a damn in the first place you made into your worst enemy.

      • FAIL!

        Eliminate the cops and all you have left is sissy ass metro-sexuals who wish they could get people to listen and obey them.

        You need to get your head straight before you write “War and Peace” length novels.

  11. Where’s the GoPro from all those “good shootings”? Nothing. Not a damn thing. The crap phone video I’ve seen from NC is not going to cut it.

    A LOT of cops WILL lie to cover their ass every damn time, just ask Detective Frank Serpico, NYPD.

    Grey Ghost

  12. In the past when I have run into corrupt political types my “reply” is what I call “Constipation”. Take a couple of 2 liter bottles, cut off the tops leaving a 3 inch diameter opening. Fill the bottle with dry ready-mix concrete and than go to the targets home, office, business etc. Open the sewer clean-out plug and dump in the concrete powder. Whenever they flush the toilet or let any water run down the drain, they are causing the concrete powder to set up and thus the name “Constipation”. It has worked each and every time I have done it. When the toilets start overflowing on the floor they just might begin to think something is wrong. It takes just a couple of seconds to dump the concrete and they usually learn in a day or two that something is not right.

  13. The State is very good at collecting MONEY, any underhanded so called “Laws” they make up ON THE FLY and Totally Illegal, against the bill of rights etc. NOT laws at all.
    I had the Cops try to civil forfeit our property, took a year and a half and we got it ALL back. Cops- Enforcers and collectors for the State.

    Really looking forward to seeing dot govs GO WITHOUT. And some Hanged out of their offices for their crimes.

    Taxation IS Civil Forfeiture…………..

  14. Asset forfeiture has turned law enforcement into sanctioned highwaymen. I’m honestly surprised we haven’t already seen a spate of cop killings based on this “legal” form of theft. What wont surprise me is when cops, nationwide, whine about it when it does happen and, It WILL happen sooner or later. They’re going to rob the wrong man.

  15. I’ve seen personally, the abuse of civil forfeiture. However I don’t think profits from unlawful endeavors, should be released back to drug dealers, or other criminals.

    I dam sure don’t support the state and the Feds, taking the money either.

    Maybe the cash should just be burned publicly. That way nobody gets a cut, it’s just gone, period.


    • Mala prohibitum “crimes” exist solely to promote the State. Why support that?

      No victim – no crime – no seizure.

      “Asset forfeiture” began with the coast guard seizing ships & cargo in the 1700’s, for the “crime” of avoiding tariff extortion.

      Why continue the wrongs of the past?