Whistling Past Your Graveyard


Denninger on DeutscheBank’s imminent collapse.


Forbes: European ‘Freak Show’ Deutsche Bank Could Crush Emerging Markets

Systemic fraud and insolvency.

In both finance and government.

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  2. The question that remains is who are the major counter parties to Deutsche derivatives. Like say, how much is Lehman covering as a % of their holdings? Contagion is surely afoot.

  3. I my humble opinion, our government has “legally” allowed a private institution to rob our country of its wealth. They can print currency out of thin air without impunity (2T and growing) and now owns every material thing in the U.S. They can confiscate or repo everything we own whenever the time is ripe. It is actually happening in one form through zero interest rates and inflation.

  4. One of the things I enjoy nowadays is watching the leftists and other clueless pathological liars parrot the line to each other that “the economy is doing great, and talk of a bubble is ridiculous”.

  5. Hear that funky noise?
    That’s the tightening of the screeeeeeeeews.
    Feeling kinda hurt sitting in the dirt.
    And all I hear is doom and gloom.
    All is darkness in my room.

  6. The most amazing thing to me is that Wall St. got away with this thievery on such a massive scale and no one blinked. The combo of SSRI, flouride and whatever shit they spray into the atmosphere these days must be some truly remarkable stuff. If you want to understand the mechanics of what happened watch the movie “the big short”. That sht really happened and no one gives it a second thought. Instead of millions of homeless americans there should have been thousands of dead scumbags. Shit they had robots signing documents so they could keep up with the theft level. Then when it all exploded, they foisted it onto America AGAIN. Jesus wept, and now we know why.

    I hope Douchebank rots in hell. This appears to have been planned for some time now, one of the key drivers of this impending collapse being the FUSA is requesting billions to compensate for the fraud that happened back in 07/08. You know they’re pressing the payment right now as the big systemic shit box circles the circular throne right? In 2014 their derivative exposure was estimated at $75 Trillion USD. Have a nice day Angela!
    Should be a real good time in Germany when the atm’s stop spewing and the million mooselimbs throw a party eh?

    • I second the movie recommendation. We’ve read what happened but this was done well and pulled it together. “Too Big To Fail” is another good one. I think TPTB thought they could get way beyond the moment of impact in hopes the people would forget (as dolts usually do). But they’re all complicit regardless of party affiliation and denial of such. In the end I’m not sure they’ll get away with it. Anyone who has been watching, when it all comes crashing down and those that have lost everything will having nothing left to lose. Ann B. has talked about the amount of derivatives equaling more like $1.5 quadrillion. I can hear Gordon Gecko now, “Welcome to the party pal”.

    • I give it a second thought every day.

  7. Even though it looks as if Trump will win now, he will inherit catastrophe. Europe is collapsing due to economic terrorism and Douche bank is its first victim. The socialist have run off all manufacturing in Europe and decided to rely on tourism. But then the brain dead EU decided to import millions of ungrateful muslims who have gone on a jihad rampage that has destroyed tourism in Europe. The economic damage from violent muslim jihad has been much bigger than the physical damage, so far. And remember, Europe is Amerika’s biggest economic partner, they buy more goods and services from us than any other entity. Even a mild recession will cause a massive lay off of fire and police personal in Illinois where literally every single municipal entity in the state (see pension tsunami) is completely bankrupt.
    The next economic shoe to drop is Obamacare. The worst of Obamacare was legislated to come into effect AFTER this election. Catastrophic price hikes on consumers are due in early 2017. The whole system looks to be in rubble by March with the last of the insurance companies that actually sell Obamacare demanding a bailout or they will fold.
    And that’s looking at the good side. Obama and Hillary’s campaign looks to be trash talking us into a war with Russia, a war no one can win, especially us. Expect violent contact between out forces and Putin’s within the fortnight.
    Even if Trump wins, he inherits problems no man can solve.

    • “Even if…” Trump’. “Even though…”. Trump. Wrong. Trump is a louse and con artist. Scum like him ARE the system. If he wins, we lose: another 4- 8 years of patriotard claptrap, same as Bush 43. If Hiligula wins, she’ll bring this country to the edge of political/racial internal war w/in 6 months, and debtPonzi collap[se will push us over the edge. THEN we can win.

      • Globalists win either way. They love Hiligula, she is one of them. With Trump, they get to crash the dollar and blame it on his ilk, saying to us… “see I told ya you should have elected Klinton”. Evil ain’t stupid.

        The problems are not “solvable” in the ordinary sense of the term because they are intentional. They are “solved” by creating the chaos which establishes the globalist satanic NWO.

        I don’t think we “earth people” win when pushed over the edge. The only winners in such a scene are the globalists. This has been planned for a LONG long time.

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  9. The Keynesians lose AGAIN, along with anyone who thinks that way. If DB goes tits up in OCT… the “counterparty” contagion spreads to the U.S. in OCT. Probably less than 30 days prior to 8 Nov. Bank BAIL-IN’s will be the order of the day and the law allowing bail-ins has already been passed by Congress and BHO.

    I agree the U.S. is fomenting a damn war with USSR. The Russians and US have recently said they would not rule out a first strike. Yet douche bag Kerry is threatening them because of bombing ISIS in Aleppo. So BHO wants a war with Russia, Why? No election, no worries about Hitlery’s health and a replacement, and no worries about Dems losing.

    October is shaping up to be spicy.

    Grey Ghost

    • wrong. The Uniparty fake-election is “on” no matter what. It’s how the Judeo-globalists keep the Whites participating in the System, while the System destroys them. I continue to be amazed by how many here still believe they can vote their way (“Trump!”) out of a kosher Culture of Death/open-borders demographic deathtrap that has already snapped shut, and this in spite of the daily illumination we get from CA and the blogposts he puts up. We’ll have to kill our way out of it. There is no other way.